Where to install air conditioning

Where in the summer to hide from the heat, if it's hot everywhere? What to speak about our apartments, which are unbearably stuffy. In this case, the purchase of an air conditioner can be a great help. Immediately you need to decide where to install it. Take the 2-room apartment as an example, as the advice given in this article is also suitable for those who live in a private house. So where to install air conditioning?

What influences the choice of location?

Everything, of course, depends on what design the air conditioner itself is, after all, there is window equipment, and there are more modern split-systems. If this is a window, then it will not take long to wrestle. If the window air conditioner, then you need to decide in which window - in the bedroom window, and maybe the room? However, before puzzling about this, it is important to know that window air conditioners can only be installed on a window with a wooden frame. On metal-plastic windows such installation is not provided. However, if you really want, you can build in the metal. Only for this will have to order a new window, adapted for the future installation of window air conditioning. Think it worth it?

It is not possible to imbue the wall either, since the window monoblock must “breathe” - blown with air. But even if we assume that you still managed to install the window wonder-technology, over time you may regret it. The fact is that when the device is in operation it produces a lot of noise. So in the house you will be cool, but noisy. A kind of microclimate, which can be called "cool noise." Therefore, as a conditional situation, choose a split system.

So, you became the happy owner of the air conditioner of the modern class. What is a split system? From 2 blocks: one is external, and the other is internal. Installation begins with mounting the indoor unit and in a place where the air flow will not fall on you. Otherwise, you risk lying down with a sore throat, or, good, with pneumonia, with all the ensuing complications. Everything must be carefully thought out and executed in accordance with the recommendations set out.

Selection Criteria

The place where your indoor unit will be installed should be the most suitable. Where can I install it? For example, in the bedroom.

As for this repository of peace, you have to break your head on which wall to install it. You can, of course, hang over your head - at the head. And you can on the opposite wall. Where is the best? And in fact, and in another case, cold flows will not bring you any harm only if the air conditioner is not located above the bed itself. If there is no other suitable place, then take care that the air flow does not fall on you.

If you decide to install an air conditioner over your head, then get ready for the fact that you will not be able to fully protect yourself from the flow of cold air.

If you choose the right place, refreshment in hot weather will be guaranteed. And yet you should not relax - there is still something to think about.

First, the furniture. If the bedroom is loaded with bulky furniture, this creates the danger of dusting this room. The fact is that if the unit is close to, say, a cabinet, the omnipresent dust that is on it, while operating the air conditioner, may be in your lungs and, most unpleasantly, in your bed, which will always create a feeling of discomfort instead of the expected pleasure. Please remember, the distance to the furniture must be at least 70 cm.

Secondly, the interior. The indoor unit air conditioner should fit nicely into the overall interior. Therefore, it is not necessary to mount it opposite the bedroom door or high to the ceiling. It's not beautiful. The distance from the ceiling should be 10-15 cm.

It is impossible not to say about such a nuance as curtains, tulle and blinds. Some people somehow manage to drape the wall unit of the air conditioner with them, which significantly impedes the movement of cold masses emanating from its vents.

Now let's talk about the second room. She, in addition to the bedroom, also claims to be the coolest room in the apartment. Here the movement compared with the bedroom more active. It is clear that anywhere in the room the unit is not pritulish. As already noted above, it should fit nicely into the overall interior and not blow off everyone who is there with its cold streams.

Do not forget about communication. Most likely, they will be external and hidden in the cable channel. Remember, the longer these communications, the more expensive the installation of air conditioning will cost you.

Too long a link between the external and internal unit will significantly reduce the efficiency of the entire unit.

Yes, and imagine how the entire wall of your room crosses the white stripe of the cable channel. Will it be beautiful?

It will turn out a little more expensive, but the housing will look more elegant if you make a strobe and build communications in it. If there is a possibility, then it is best to enter the communications into the apartment directly near the indoor unit.

Fasten the external unit

Now it is logical to move to another part of the split-system - an external unit. There may be a lot of questions here too. But in general, where can I fix it?

It is strictly prohibited to mount the device on a wall made of hollow bricks.

If you install it on a bare wall of a 16-storey building, while you live on the tenth floor, then prepare to lay out a rather large amount from time to time, first, when installing it, and second, during preventive maintenance. An ideal place for mounting an external unit may be, for example, a balcony or another convenient place.

It is strictly forbidden to install an outdoor unit on a balcony if it is glazed and it is impossible to open the windows wide. This can create obstacles for the heat to escape from the unit, with all the ensuing consequences.

It is undesirable to install the unit on the sunny side. Direct sunlight will heat the device, its effectiveness will decrease, and it will fail faster. The unit is better to install on the leeward side of the wall. With a strong wind, the removal of heat from the room will be difficult, which will lead to failures in the fan. Unfortunately, not all residents of apartment buildings can follow these recommendations, since the windows of their apartment most often face one side and it may turn out to be sunny.

It is forbidden to install an external device in such places:

  1. Next to the tree.
  2. Close to the ground.
  3. Not far from gas communications.

First, if the outer part of the air conditioner is installed next to the tree crown, the heat exchanger of the unit will be periodically clogged with leaves and other debris flying in the wind from the trees. In addition, the branches can constantly beat on the body of the unit, which sooner or later will lead to its breakdown. If there was no other place where an external unit could be installed, it would be necessary, despite the love of nature, to shorten the crown of a nearby tree.

Secondly, if the air conditioner is fixed at a low height, then it will constantly be contaminated not only by the ground itself, but also by snow. If the reasons for this installation are due to technical necessity, then you can purchase or make a special stand yourself.

Thirdly, the air conditioner should not be installed near the gas pipe. In the event of a gas leak, this may cause an explosion.

It is necessary to take into account such a nuance - this is the removal of condensate. Of course, the condensate itself is displayed on the street. Water must not be allowed to fall on the wall. In order to avoid such wetting, a sewage system is mounted, which, in principle, will slightly increase the cost of the equipment installation project.

We can not say that the question may arise and ethical terms. An external device generates noise during operation, which will create some inconveniences for people living in the neighborhood. You can not get away with trouble, if it will monotonously buzz over the window of your neighbors. Trouble may also arise if condensate from the tube regularly drips onto the heads of passersby.

Due to the conditioner in your apartment there will be favorable conditions for the whole family, but it is important to remember that in a hot weather not only the devices designed for this purpose create a comfortable microclimate, but also respectful relationships with people living next to you.

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