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Modern housing is rarely without such mandatory elements of the layout of the apartment, which is a loggia or balcony. This explains our desire to inform you in more detail about how to cover the floor on the balcony.

Open balcony

Since the floor on open-air balconies is constantly exposed to the sun and weather, you should focus on special coatings that can protect it from these troubles. The best option for arranging the floor in this case involves building it up at the expense of the screed layer, on top of which the chosen type of coating is applied. The following options are possible:

  • waterproof paint coating;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • use for covering the floor of plastic materials.

The floor on the balcony on top of the screed can be simply painted with a special paint used for external construction works, which will provide you with the opportunity to do without repair for about 3-4 years. In the event that you decide to thoroughly reinforce the floor - you will have to use other methods of protecting the coating, involving the use of materials of increased stability.

You can close the floor on the balcony with ceramic tiles or thick linoleum. Thereby you can protect the screed from damage caused by high humidity and precipitation.


Preparation of flooring on glazed balconies is usually done in a strictly defined sequence:

  1. Making concrete screed.
  2. Laying over screed plywood sheets (fiberboard).
  3. Arrangement of coverage of the selected type.

The most simple and affordable coating is considered linoleum. A huge range of products of this class, differing not only in design, but also in color, greatly expands the possibilities of choosing the material for the improvement of the balcony.

Laminate coatings can also be considered as an option for arranging the floor on a closed balcony. In addition, it is allowed to lay and ordinary wooden floors or parquet well known to all.

Features of the use of ceramic tiles

Before you cover the floor on the balcony with a particular material - we recommend that you pay attention to ordinary ceramic tiles, which are particularly resistant to the effects of most damaging factors.

In the most general case, when using ceramic tiles, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. We must not lose sight of such significant indicators of protective material, which are the coefficient of moisture absorption and frost resistance. This is due to the fact that even for closed-type balconies, temperature and humidity drops around the floor can reach significant values.
  2. In preparation for the work should pay attention to the quality of the tile and select samples with a rough surface.
  3. Another indicator that determines the choice of coating for balconies of any type is the specific weight of the material. The use of lightweight samples of ceramic tiles reduces the load on the base of the structure and increases its reliability.

Regardless of the type of tile used, flooring materials on the balcony should be purchased with a small margin. Some of its quantity will “go away” to waste, and part of the stock is useful to you in case of unforeseen repair.


How to lay tiles on the floor, see the following video:

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