Vintage style in the interior

Literally everything connected with France has always attracted the attention of people who follow fashion trends both in clothes and in the design of their homes. The interior style vintage has a unique charm, as it is from France. He undoubtedly attracts especially close attention of the owners of country houses.

From the history

It is known that the word vintage was not originally interpreted as a certain style of interior decoration. From ancient times, French winemakers so called their excellent wines of many years of aging. Somewhat later, this word became more widespread in the areas of fashion design, interior design, music, and other areas of culture and fashion, which can be characterized by one feature - it is aged. Any item of the category "retro" can be safely called vintage. Today, everything ancient has become incredibly popular, and to meet such huge demand, entire industries are created for the production of things, furniture, clothes, knick-knacks and interior items stylized as aged.

Interior features

  1. Charming, filled with warmth and sincerity, vintage style allows for the presence of modern items along with antiques.
  2. Its characteristic feature is the lack of luxury, the simplicity of the interior.
  3. This style corresponds to easy negligence, a kind of creative mess.
  4. Vintage is not devoid of romance and involves the predominance in the design of rooms in a calm color range of gray-blue, light green, beige, pale pink and other noble soothing shades. In the event of the desire to make individual bright accents in the interior, it is best to resort to the use of royal colors: burgundy and purple. The combination of nobility and warmth of a color palette will make the atmosphere of the house cozy and extraordinarily relaxing.
  5. A distinctive feature of the vintage is the presence of subtle inscriptions on household items, as if they are erased by time.
  6. Floral motifs must be present on the wallpaper, curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths.

It’s unlikely that you will be able to create an interior in one day, because you can receive a thing as a gift from relatives or friends, buy something in a store, and you may have to go to a flea market for a certain cute thing. Only over time the situation in your house will become truly complete and harmonious.

Interior details and materials

To create a vintage interior should fill the room with things with traces of antiquity, for example:

  • hang a mirror on a wall in a frayed frame or a picture with a bouquet of flowers;
  • arrange antique figurines of copper boxes;
  • install a wooden table with cracks;
  • no less relevant will be curtains with floral pattern;
  • the presence of antiquity well underlines the decor of paint layers of various colors;
  • the beauty of the vintage interior is elegantly emphasized by the clock with a pattern of bouquets of roses or lavender printed on them;
  • looks good in a ceramic or metal vase dried flowers or a bouquet made up of fresh seasonal flowers; It is advisable to give the bouquet a somewhat disheveled and casual look; the flowers should not be perfectly matched and look strictly in a vase.

Important Tips

  1. In no case do not pick up for the design of vintage interior all items and things in the same style. In this case, you should exclude the “museum”, because the created interior should be home-like cozy.
  2. This style allows for the most incredible combination of ideas, a flight of fantasy, creativity, experiments. This is a free and multifaceted style in which you can reflect your taste and a piece of your soul.
  3. Old rag dolls, soft toys, porcelain figurines inherited from grandmothers, old rugs - all the things that you may unexpectedly find abandoned in the attic of your country house will undoubtedly be wonderfully suitable for a vintage interior.
  4. Pay special attention to the aged design of the floor (it must always be wooden - boardwalk or parquet), the ceiling (must be whitewashed or painted white) and the doors (must be painted white).
  5. Always remember the details. The interior should look complete, and details like vases, figurines, caskets, watches, antique photographs in frames, openwork napkins, tablecloths and many other nice things will help.
  6. Despite the abundance of parts, you should create in the interior a feeling of non-clinging, cleanness and airiness of the space.


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