Step-by-step instruction on the construction of a corrugated

Inexpensive and popular material for the construction of the fence is profiled. It has several advantages over brick, concrete and mesh. This material is virtually universal. However, there are several varieties of corrugated board. In the article we will give step-by-step instructions on the construction of a fence made of corrugated board, but first we will look at the merits of this material.

Advantages of fences from a professional flooring

There are 6 main advantages of corrugated board:

  1. Absolutely impenetrable. The grid chain-link or lattice cannot hide that occurs on the seasonal dacha, and the professional flooring can. In addition, fences up to 6–7 meters high are erected from this material, if desired, by the owner, so it is almost impossible to climb such a fence.
  2. It is built very quickly. In this case, even the construction experience is optional. To work it is enough to have a minimum of knowledge and the most simple working tool.
  3. There is no need to hire specialists to work with decking. Any special technology is also not required.
  4. Decking is very durable. The fence from this material can stand up to 30 years. In case of destruction, the material is easy to replace.
  5. Decking is an excellent sound insulator, so it will not only cover the site from prying eyes and protect it, but also reduce the noise level.
  6. Unlike concrete, this material is inexpensive. And this will save money for other needs.

What professional flooring for the fence is better and how to choose it - professional flooring varieties

Profiled - steel sheets with a wavy surface. They may have different thicknesses and coatings. First you need to choose the material itself.

  1. Classic decking. Such material is certainly galvanized. It is very cheap, but it is great for fences. Serves this material for about 20 years.
  2. Decking with PVC. The PVC coating makes the material very resistant to various adverse factors. However, it is better to use such profiled in zones with a temperate climate. Because with strong heating, the surface of the material quickly becomes unusable.
  3. Corrugated with polymers. The polymer coating makes the material very durable and durable. The service life of such profiled flooring is about 30–35 years. The optimal combination of price and quality makes the material very popular.

For the fence it is necessary to choose profiled sheeting with a thickness of at least 0.5 mm and a height of corrugations not more than 20 mm

Installation of a fence with columns of pipes

  • The first stage is the determination of the required amount of material. To do this, you must first carry out measurements on the perimeter and determine the height of the future fence. In the drawing it is better to mark where the entrance gates and the gate will be located. Only after that you can purchase the material itself.
  • It is also necessary to purchase posts and crossbars. The columns are located around the perimeter with a step of about 2–3 meters from each other. You can take a step less than two meters. At the same time it is impossible to increase it more than three meters.
  • For the fence will require a foundation. Therefore, it is necessary to make pits about one and a half meters deep and about 15–20 cm wide.
  • Pipes can be used as pillars. Bars can be both round and angular, it does not matter.
  • At the bottom of the hole it is necessary to pour gravel. It is advisable to take the gravel of the middle fraction. The layer of this material should be about 20 cm. On top of the gravel is poured a layer of concrete with sand. Then a column is installed in the pit, the upper end of which must be closed to prevent moisture from entering. Installation of the pillars must be carried out using a plumb line or level.
  • To prevent the columns from tilting during the concrete hardening process, they should be strengthened with metal rods or reinforcement. The rods are welded to the side, so that the pillar stands straight.
  • When the posts are strengthened, you can install logs. To do this, use a profiled pipe. Lags are installed at the bottom, top and in the middle of the fence.
  • Before you install the profiled sheeting, you must cover the structure with a layer of soil to prevent corrosion.
  • At the final stage the professional flooring becomes stronger by self-tapping screws. If desired, you can paint the design.

Aesthetics fencing

For corrugated board has a special paint that is sold in cans. It can be found in the store where the material is sold. You can paint the fence to your own taste. If the surface material defects began to appear, the paint it is necessary to protect the metal from corrosion.

Only galvanized self-tapping screws should be used for fastening, because the unprotected material will quickly be destroyed. Do not forget about it during construction.

Self-tapping screws are better to paint in the same color as profiled sheeting. So the fence will look much more aesthetic.

To install the gate is to buy the columns thicker. You must also purchase loops. When the fence is ready, you need to check how the gate opens. They should swing open easily and without jams.

Installing the gate, we must note that in the future there may be a desire to replace them. If the gate of corrugated board, then for them it is necessary to strengthen the lags a little differently. The design of the gate is welded separately. The pipes can be installed crosswise.

Tools for the installation of sheeting

For the work will require:

  • Bulgarian;
  • welding machine;
  • plumb;
  • bourgeois.

From the materials should be purchased:

  • professional flooring;
  • pipes for posts;
  • pipe for the gate;
  • lies;
  • medium gravel;
  • concrete.

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