Sink over washing machine: instructions for choosing and

Washing machine is not a luxury item for a long time, but it’s difficult to find a place for it, especially in a small apartment. However, even if there is enough living space, a stand-alone washer does not always fit well into the interior. You can solve the problem if a specially designed sink is installed in the bathroom above the washing machine.

Advantages and disadvantages

Using such a specific shell has both advantages and disadvantages.


One of the most important advantages is the opportunity to save part of the free space in the room, in addition, the design of the room remains very attractive. The benefits end there.


Unfortunately, there are more disadvantages than advantages:

  1. Now even began to produce machines specially designed for installation under the sink, but their capacity is within 3.5 kg. Capacious washing machine has large dimensions.
  2. Fastened to the wall, and if this surface is not designed to withstand such a load, then you have to work hard to strengthen it.
  3. Such sinks are equipped with a specific flat siphon - this is a significant minus. If it fails, then purchase it separately is almost impossible.
  4. If furniture is installed around, then in case of a need to clean the siphon, the washing machine will have to be moved aside.
  5. The lily sink with side drain is often done without a slope, which prevents the water from completely draining. In this case, it will have to drain a rag.
  6. The machine does not come close to the sink.

Some disadvantages may be significant for one person, and they do not interfere with another. At the very least, you need to weigh the pros and cons to make a final decision.

How to choose

Due to the fact that there is not much space above the washing machine, the design of the sinks is also relatively small. In addition, you need to consider not only the dimensions of the product, but also the dimensions of the room.


It may seem that all the shells are of the same type, but this is not so. If desired, you can choose a product for the design of the room not only in color but also in shape.

Sinks can be:

  • round;
  • with rounded corners;
  • rectangular;
  • oval;
  • square;
  • non-standard.

As for the material of manufacture, it is also possible to choose:

  • acrylic;
  • composite;
  • ceramics;
  • glass;
  • литьевой мрамор;
  • a natural stone.


If you choose a sink under the existing washing machine, you will have to take into account its dimensions, color and shape.

Many manufacturers of washing machines and plumbing agree and produce sets in which everything is tailored to each other, so such an acquisition would be the best option.

The sink of a suitable size can be selected only for a small washing machine, but there are also limitations here:

  1. Should not be at the same washing machine.
  2. Should not come forward.
  3. It may be flush, but it is better if it is even wider by 2 cm - this will protect the equipment from water ingress. For example, if you purchased a 51 cm wide washing machine, installing a 50–50 cm sink will not do any good. The best option would be the size of sanitary products 60? 60 or 60? 50 cm.


How to find out which brand is better and which manufacturer produces high-quality products? We will not impose our point of view, but only provide information, having read it, it will be possible to have a clearer idea about the choice of suitable plumbing.

It is important to know that manufacturers do not manufacture their products according to uniform standards, therefore, choosing a reliable manufacturer, you need to familiarize yourself with the parameters of its products in order to make sure that the sink fits in shape and size.

When choosing a manufacturer, we recommend paying attention to the following criteria:

  • What material is used in the manufacture.
  • Whether quality coating is applied.
  • What equipment at the factory.
  • Product popularity and cost.

It is no secret that eminent manufacturers make exorbitantly high cheat on the real price of the product. Sometimes this is justified, since the products are of really high quality, but in many cases less well-known companies sell cheaper products that are not much lower in quality.

Latvian company PAA

The products of this manufacturer are known not only in the Baltic countries, but also far beyond its borders - in Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. All this became possible thanks to the innovative approach of the company to the development and production of its products. In addition to standard white sanitary products, production of colored appliances and collections of cast stone was launched. The product range is constantly updated.

Finnish company IDO Bathroom Ltd

The history of the company began in 1873. The Arabia porcelain factory was founded in Helsinki, but after 9 years it was renamed, receiving a name that has not changed until now. The plant has an environmental certificate, so we can say that the products of this manufacturer are harmless.

Products are successfully sold not only in Finland, but also in Norway, Sweden, the Baltic countries and Russia. Increased demand provides a rich range of products, so plumbing can be chosen not only for the home, but also for the needs of enterprises.

The plant is equipped with the most modern equipment, which employs highly qualified, specially trained specialists. The products are of really high quality, therefore the management of the enterprise was not afraid to provide a ten-year guarantee for the sinks.

Czech manufacturer RAVAK

Society RAVAK exists since 1991. In a relatively short time of its existence, the RAVAK brand has become widely known, successfully participating in many national and international competitions. Today, products of this manufacturer can be found in many countries, including in Russia.

Ukrainian company Artel Plast

The company produces acrylic plumbing, products made of polyurethane and fiberglass. Despite the fact that the company exists for a little over 15 years, its products have become widely known and are in demand both in Ukraine and in neighboring countries. One of the driving factors was that quality products can be bought much cheaper than its counterparts in foreign brands.

This approach was made possible through the use of raw materials for the work of the English and imported equipment, which employs qualified specialists for a meager fee.

Swedish company Marmite

This company has a branch in Poland and has become widely known for its products from cast marble.

Cast marble creates products not only of various shapes and sizes, but also of colors.

Russian manufacturers

In Russia, there are several companies that produce ceramic sanitary products. It:

  • Oskolskaya ceramics.
  • Akvaton.
  • Swap
  • Suntec.
  • Valente.
  • Sanita
  • Sanita luxury

Despite the fact that many plants exist since Soviet times, they have not only changed their name. The plants have modern equipment, and products in Russia are sold at an affordable price. Sales are not limited to the domestic market.

Italian companies

It makes no sense to list Italian companies, since each of them produces high-quality products that can only be purchased at a high price. Shells are not only reliable and beautiful, but sometimes look like works of art.

Products from China

Recently, many people have formed the opinion that the Chinese and the bad are one and the same. The opinion is erroneous, since branded Chinese products are quite competitive - the main thing is not to get a fake. Pay attention to the following companies, as they occupy far from the last place in the plumbing market:

  • EAGO.
  • Diana.
  • Fray
  • Door.
  • Imex.
  • Arcus.

When choosing a sink, it is important to consider its type, and there are only two of them - Yuni and Light. Unlike light, the Yuni type comes with a hole for the mixer, but its shape is less elegant.

When purchasing a water lily sink, it is imperative to pay attention to how the drain is arranged. It can be both horizontal and vertical. Another negative point when the drain and siphon are above the washing machine: any leakage can cause great trouble - from the failure of the electrical circuits of the device to the shock of the one who at that moment will be nearby. This fact is a weighty argument to choose a sink with a horizontal sink that goes to the wall.

As for the shape, in a small bathroom, a rectangular or square sink would look best. If space permits and there is a need for this, then a sink with a side table top on which to place toiletries can be a good purchase.

We select the washing machine

If a suitable washing machine has not yet been purchased, then the task is somewhat easier, as you can choose a product that comes with a sink or choose everything to your liking. Consider the list of devices that are suitable in size.


Cаndy Aquаmаtiс 1D835-07.

Production - Italy.

Assembly - Russia.

Depth 46 cm, height 70 cm.

The number of programs - 16.

Weight of loaded items - 3.5 kg.

Spin (rev / min.) - 800.

Цена - 17000 р.

Zanussi FCS 1020 С.

Production - Italy.

Depth 52 cm, height 57 cm.

The number of programs - 16.

The weight of the loaded things - 3 kg.

Spin (rpm) - 1000.

Цена - 34000 р.


Production - Poland.

Depth 52 cm, height 57 cm.

The number of programs - 15.

The weight of the loaded things - 3 kg.

Spin (rev / min.) - 1300.

Цена - 36000 р.

Eurоsоbа 1100 sprint.

Production - Switzerland.

Depth 52 cm, height 57 cm.

The weight of the loaded things - 3 kg.

The number of programs - 19.

Spin (rev / min.) - 1100.

Leakage protection - no.

Price - 51000 р.

Candy АQUА 1041D1/2-S.

Production - China

Depth 44 cm, height 69 cm, width: 51 cm

The weight of the loaded things - 4 kg.

The number of programs - 16.

Spin (rpm) - 1000.

Цена - 20000 р.

As practice shows, people very rarely use more than three programs, so this is not the main criterion for selection. Pick a washing machine in size, given its cost (if it is important to you). One of the important moments to which it is worth paying attention to how the machine behaves in the spin mode. Ask the seller to demonstrate whether it will vibrate. When the machine is all trembling and jumping, then, most likely, it has an uncentered drum. If other models of the same manufacturer behave in the same way, then select a product of another brand.


If there are no problems with the installation of the washing machine - you need to set it up and plug it in, then you need to fix the sink. Consider the progress of the work in stages.

Stage 1 - preparation

  • To install the sink in the bathroom should be enough space, so do not be lazy to make all the excess.
  • Now you need to dismantle the old sink and take it out. If you purchased a domestic water lily, you can check whether it will not be possible to fix it on the fixtures remaining in the wall.
  • The washing machine is installed in its place, and a mark is made on its upper edge on the wall. Now it can be moved aside or completely removed from the bathroom.
  • Let's try on the sink - the distance between its bottom point and the lid of the washing machine should be at least 3 cm. Having placed it, make marks through the mounting holes on the wall. If the design is mounted on brackets, then the markup is made for them.
  • After marking, the device is retracted to the side, away from the installation site.

Stage 2 - Installation

  • So, on the wall there is a clearly visible markup. Check its horizontal building level, and, if necessary, correct.
  • By markings, you need to drill holes for the anchor bolts and insert an anchor in them, after which you can install the product.
  • If the sink comes complete with a bracket, then it is attached to the wall, but when an additional mount is not provided, it will be necessary to mount directly to the wall. To do this, you can use fasteners provided by the manufacturer.
  • So that the water does not fall behind the sink, silicone or sealant is applied on its end part.
  • We press to the wall and fix it in this position with fasteners. Regardless of what material this sanitary product is made from, so as not to damage it, fasteners should not be clamped tightly.

Stage 3 - water and sewage connections

  • Assembling the siphon is usually not difficult, as there are few details, and the instructions are attached. It is important not to forget to put in place the rubber pads.
  • The collected siphon is attached to the sink. It is not necessary to make great efforts, since it is possible to spoil the plastic parts.
  • Using a corrugated hose, the siphon is connected to the sewer pipe.
  • If the faucet is installed on the sink, its connection is performed by flexible plumbing hoses.
  • Water, you need to check that there is no leakage anywhere. If there is a suspicion that some kind of compound is poorly connected, try compressing it slightly or bruising it a little, brushing rubber gaskets with sanitary sealant.
  • It was the turn of the washing machine - you need to install it in its place, connect it to the sewage system and connect it to the water supply. Now the machine is level by level, and it can be used.
  • Connecting to the mains, run the machine in the spin mode and check that it never touches the sink itself or any pipeline.

It remains to restore order and enjoy the work done.


The most common and familiar to most people are the ceramic sinks, for the manufacture of which used faience. The material itself is inexpensive, but to give it an aesthetic look, a layer of special glaze is applied to the product. Such products are the cheapest.

Porcelain products have a harder, smoother and non-porous surface, unlike products from faience, which affects the cost - they are more expensive.

Sinks made of artificial marble are made of special polymer concrete, which can be added to the dye, so you can get products of different colors and shades. Externally, this product is very similar to natural marble. Special care is not required. As for the cost, it is somewhat higher than that of the devices described above, but it corresponds to the quality of the product being purchased.

Marble products are the most fashionable and very expensive. Natural marble of various colors is used for their production. Such shells are very beautiful, but unlike artificial marble, they need careful and painstaking care. The fact is that in natural material there are a lot of micropores, into which dirt and grease get clogged, and it is rather difficult to remove.

Many brands make their own cheat, so the cost depends not only on what material was used for its manufacture, but also on how well-known the manufacturer.

In the table you can see a description of some types of shells, with an indication of the approximate cost.


Characteristics and cost

Shape: square.

Dimensions Ш?Г?В: 600?600?96 мм.

Material: artificial marble.

The location of the washing machine - bottom

There is a hole under the overflow.

The location of the drain hole is in the center.

Product color: white.

Price: 14 thousand rubles.

Shape: rectangular.

Dimensions: Ш?Г?В: 600?590?175 мм.

Material: faience.

The location of the washing machine is below.

There is a hole under the overflow.

Product color: white.

Price: 12 thousand rubles.

Shape: rectangular.

Dimensions: Ш?Г?В: 1160?650?165 мм.

The location of the washing machine? left or right.

Material: Ceramics.

There is a hole under the overflow.

Product color: white.

Price: 20 thousand rubles.

Shape: rectangular.

Dimensions: Ш?Г?В: 600?500?130 мм.

The location of the washing machine? below

Material: Acrylic.

Hole under the overflow - there is (can be purchased without overflow).

Color of a product: white, pink, red, green.

Price: 7 thousand rubles.

Shape: rectangular.

Dimensions: Ш?Г?В: 600?500?110 мм.

The location of the washing machine? below

Material: cast marble.

There is a hole under the overflow.

Price: 13 thousand rubles.

Shape: rectangular.

Dimensions Ш?Г?В: 600?550?110 мм.

The location of the washing machine? below

Material: Ceramics.

There is a hole under the overflow.

Product color: white.

Price: 6 thousand rubles.

Shape: rectangular.

Dimensions: W? D? C: 605? 515? 175 mm.

The location of the washing machine? below

Material: Ceramics.

Hole under the overflow - no.

Product color: white.

Price: 7 thousand rubles.

Having learned the features of pricing, you can more efficiently approach the choice of this sanitary product.

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