Retractable bed do it yourself

The podium is a modern solution that allows you to delimit living space. And if under the podium equipped with a retractable bed with his own hands, the functionality of the raised platform doubles. Plus, there is a place for small lockers for storing small things. Do not assume that such a structure can be done exclusively in small apartments. Such a solution will revive any interior even in a large room / apartment! Moreover, an extra bed will never hurt in case guests or relatives arrive. This design can be assembled in a rented apartment, because there is no need to raise the floor and make an opening in the wall. So what preparatory work needs to be done to make a pull-out bed and how is the manufacturing process itself?

Preparation is the key to success

The design of the retractable bed may be different. Consider an example of the angular location:

  • Supporting wall frame.
  • Frame podium, which was mounted on a vertical strong side.
  • Retractable bed with a mattress on the rollers. There can also be several drawers for bed linen, books and the like.
  • Several additional corner and side drawers.
  • Ladder from one or two steps.

In this form, there will be a ready-made design with a pull-out bed.

It is necessary to consider the size of the purchased mattress.

In fact, the place above the bed and next to it will be a kind of dead zone, since it must be pulled out freely for the night. The height of the mattress and the flooring will be 45 cm. This height is sufficient, as the standard apartment has 2.30 m height. A man of medium height will feel completely comfortable. And from above you can easily place a computer table and chair.

We collect materials and tools

To work should all carefully prepare. By making preliminary calculations, you can buy material. You will need:

  • Timber 40? 60 mm 25 m.
  • Furniture shield: thickness 22 mm, size 600? 3000 mm in duplicate.
  • MDF plate: thickness 19 mm, size 2070 × 2620 mm in duplicate.
  • Furniture castors two pieces.
  • Screws and dowels.
  • Acrylic paint and furniture varnish.
  • PVA glue.

The dimensions indicated here are conditional. In your case, the dimensions may be different!

As for the selection of tools, then you will need:

  • jigsaw,
  • electric saw
  • drill,
  • milling machine,
  • screwdriver and screwdriver,
  • Structin,
  • roulette,
  • ruler,
  • pencil,
  • grinding machine,
  • sandpaper,
  • brush and roller.

Installation of the wall frame

First, a support structure is assembled, which is installed along the wall. It should die out straight. Directly on the floor marking is performed for the bed. These measurements can be traced. In order for the support rails to take their place, dismantle the plinth. Now along the entire perimeter of the flooring vertical stands of timber are mounted. Depending on the expected load, adjust the pitch of the racks.

If you have two or more children, then, of course, you cannot drive them away from the podium. For this reason, place the racks in 40 cm steps.

As for the height of the uprights, it should be less than the site exactly on the thickness of the timber. Mount the horizontal bar on these supports from above. All this construction must be attached to the wall with dowels. As a result, a sufficiently rigid and sturdy construction will be made.

Next up bed

Now it's time to make a bed. The front rounded edge and the bed frame itself should be cut out of 19 mm chipboard. The lower sides and the lid must have sufficient rigidity and strength, which will allow it to withstand the weight of several people. For this reason, the elements of the cover and side wall is better to cut out of the shield 22 mm. All elements cut out according to the made drawing. So, here is the manufacturing sequence for the retractable bed:

  1. On the shield and MDF panel, the bed is marked. From the slab, you will need to cut the following elements: the lower base of the bed, which will be rounded at the front. To do this, use an electric jigsaw. The cover for the podium can be cut from the furniture board. Each saw cut is recommended to clean, so as not to drive a splinter.
  2. To strengthen the flooring of the shield cut the sides. According to the markup, these bumpers are attached to the floor of the podium. Next, from the timber 40? 60 mm to the edges of the flooring paste stiffeners. The board will have a height of 430 mm. Wall bed 130 mm. Mattress height 200 mm. As a result, the height of the bed with a mattress will be 330 mm. In order to avoid difficulties when rolling out the bed, the side of the flooring can be additionally reinforced with stiffening ribs: crosswise or longitudinally.
  3. Clay should dry well. After that, cover the sides with a layer of varnish and only then install the structure on the legs.
  4. Under the load bar, it will be necessary to select the grooves. They will serve as a support for a triangular niche cover.
  5. At this stage the rack grate for the mattress is assembled. Screw the chipboard strips to the rack base. Assemble the facade of a semicircular shape from two pieces of the slab. Each of the segments should be secured with screws. Between the frame of the bed and the rounded front of the bed, insert the stop, which is cut out of the remnants of MDF.
  6. It now remains to fasten the furniture rollers to the lower base of the recumbent seat. And the details of the timber attach to the front bottom of the bed. The bed is ready!

Finally, cut out the step and fasten it with screws. Triangular covers should also be cut into the corner niches. When all this is done, you can check the bed for functionality, rolling it out. If everything is working properly, you can continue to work.

Screw the side ends of the flooring to the wall frame timber. In the finished grooves glue the carrier rail, which is necessary for laying a triangular cover. In addition fasten all this construction with screws.

In niches located in the corners, it is better to store seasonal items. Since access to these niches is required only a few times a year. In these places it will be possible to install furniture.

At the end there is a ladder and the work is completed.


Made the frame should be beautifully finished. To do this, the entire surface must be treated with a primer on wood, for example, linseed oil. The surface should dry. Then paint the surface in two layers.

If you do not like painted surfaces, then you can put carpet on the floor of the podium. To do this, evenly distribute the carpet on the surface of the podium. Over the entire length, press it with a heavy object. Then make a markup that will exactly repeat the outline of the whole structure. In places where the podium bed has rounded seats, work extremely carefully and carefully. For cutting the carpet, use a sharp knife. Each edge can be further processed, for example, braided cord or something else. When you fully fit the carpet in size, it should be laid on the glue so that it does not move.

This is how the pull out bed is made. Literally on four square meters you can organize a workplace on the podium and a pull-out bed under it. As you can see, making a pull out bed is not so difficult. It just takes a little patience and effort.


See how the wooden frame podium is built in the apartment:

A photo

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