Pond at the dacha

A small pond made by hand will give the suburban area an original look and make the pastime in the country more fun and exciting. Especially if you fill it with fish and aquatic plants. Pond on the dacha will look very picturesque and natural, perfectly fitting into the landscape. A composition with a fountain will look very organic, around which you can relax on weekends, removing the fatigue and stress of the work week.

The order of execution of works on the construction of a water body

The location of the site, the climatic conditions of a certain area, have a fairly weighty value in the construction of the reservoir. The purpose of the water body will have a serious impact on its design decision. The decorative fountain will differ from a reservoir filled with fish or a stream, decorated on the banks with plants and decorative bumpers. The design, the addition of decorative elements and so on depends only on the imagination and financial capabilities of the site owner. How will look one or another reservoir can be seen in the photo.

To give the reservoir naturalness and beauty will help some tricks based on the various properties of water. For example, we all know that water reflects objects, this effect can be enhanced by a dark lining on the bottom and side walls of a pond or pool. Direct sunlight on the water will create a rainbow above the surface of the reservoir. A water object located at a slight angle will have a sky-blue color and refresh the territory with its twinkling and modulations.

Accessibility of the pond from all sides is one of the basic rules for the placement of a reservoir. The paths leading to it laid out by paving slabs will look very nice. The presence of trees in proximity will, of course, give the desired shade for a hot day, but falling leaves will litter the surface of the pond. For plants and fish, the cut-off solution must be carefully analyzed.

It is better to construct a pond on a flat surface that does not have large hummocks and depressions. The shape of the reservoir is determined according to the overall design of the villa or land. The pond can be made in the correct geometry or have natural uneven beaches. After the owner of the dacha has decided on the location, shape of the water body and its depth, you can start digging up the earth. Here, it is also necessary to take into account several nuances.

  1. The bottom shape should be gentle to prevent fast silting.
  2. The bottom surface should always be cleaned from debris: stones, roots and glass.
  3. Evenly made vaults of the coast, will not allow the earth to crumble into the reservoir.

After the formation of the pit, you need to lay a waterproofing film, the thickness of which varies from 1.5 mm to 2 mm. Material after laying should be masked, for this there are many ways. When all the work relating to the construction of the pond has been completed, it will only be necessary to fill in the water and begin decorating the shores of the reservoir: planting plants, decorating, installing fountains or waterfalls and much more.

Algorithm of work

Creating an artificial reservoir in the summer cottage itself is not so difficult. To do this, just follow a certain algorithm of work and listen to the recommendations of professionals involved in landscape design. Experts can give useful advice on the installation of water structures and its decor. The main points of the work on the creation of a pond with their own hands have already been described above, we will try to deal in more detail with some of them.

Cooking territory

The first step is to select a flat surface area for the location of the pond and prepare it, thoroughly cleaning it from unnecessary litter, grass, bushes, roots and other things. If this is not done, the reservoir can quickly become unusable:

  • the growing roots of trees and shrubs will violate the integrity of the banks of the reservoir, which will lead to their deformation and crumbling;
  • sharp stones and debris can break the tightness of the waterproofing layer;
  • weeds, grass and bushes will quickly tighten the area around the pond, which will disrupt the attractiveness and well-groomedness of the site, as well as affect the silting of the bottom.

Materials needed for the construction of the pond

The modern construction market offers a huge range of high-tech and high-quality materials that can be useful in the construction of the dacha reservoir. To create a pond of concrete, you need some materials, a small pond from the bathroom will require other components.

We make the project and the estimate

The project and the estimate of the work must be made before the start of their implementation. Carefully thought out details of the construction, the calculation of the consumption of materials will help to significantly save financial costs of the owner of the suburban area. You should also make a decision on the involvement of specialists at one of the stages or to perform the full cycle of work. If a person who wants to transform his country house, having built an artificial reservoir on it, does not have enough knowledge and experience, then the creation of a professional project and the execution of installation works by experts will cost much less in the end.

Technology of construction of an artificial reservoir

During the construction of the reservoir, it is necessary to determine the main parameters and equipment of the water body. If the owner decides to build a more economical version of the pond, then in the future he will need to periodically strengthen it, make changes and additions, carefully decorate and decorate, trying to hide defects and blemishes. Creating a capital structure, including summing up communications, including lighting of the reservoir, planting suitable plants, adding decorative elements, the site owner will end up with a functional and attractive reservoir that will serve him for many years.

In more detail, the project and estimate can be made based on specific data: size, location, soil composition, site parameters. But knowledge of the theory can help a person who wants to build a water feature in the country, coordinate his actions and calculate forces.

Example of the construction of the reservoir

Creating a reservoir, it is necessary to define its style: regular or landscape.

Landscape style provides a natural view of the pond, therefore, more simple to implement. It is necessary to dig a pit, revet it with a natural or artificial stone, plant the plants and fill it with water.

The reservoir, made in a regular style, has the correct geometry, decorated with borders and paving tiles. The material for it are containers, the volume of which depends on the preferences of the owner, or a waterproofing film.

Tanks are used to create small ponds, their volume varies from 100 to 1000 liters. The material for the manufacture of such containers is plastic, which is resistant to temperature extremes and exposure to sunlight. The tanks are usually equipped with special devices for connecting the pump, fountain, filter. They have multi-level offices for planting aquatic plants. Their advantage lies in the simplicity and speed of installation. The disadvantage is a fixed form that does not allow the desired changes to be made.

Strengthening the pond film will be a great solution for people who love change. It perfectly takes any desired shape and is amenable to correction. Apply waterproofing film of polyethylene, PVC, butyl rubber for the construction of reservoirs of different sizes. The life of the material exceeds 10 years, and a variety of sizes will do without gluing the pieces. When purchasing a film, you should remember a small stock of material that is needed to firmly fix the edges.

Filling a reservoir with water, it is necessary to pour sand, which will fix the container or film. The walls of the excavation dug under the film must be multi-tiered. The material is laid on a previously made drainage layer of fine gravel and geotextile. When adding water to the finished reservoir, it should be ensured that the air remaining under the film gradually comes out. Once the pit is filled with water, the film must be fixed in any convenient way.

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