Making your own bathroom

Bathroom is considered one of the most visited places in apartments. That is why everyone tries to give her such a look that she looked attractive and pleased the tenants with her comfort.

When arranging the bathroom, close attention should be paid to the following details:

  • selection of appropriate color solutions for interior elements;
  • plumbing preparation;
  • the choice of illuminators;
  • selection of furniture and auxiliary decor.

Selection of colors

Proper selection of color tones for the interior elements of the bathroom is of great importance for its design and allows you to create the appearance of an increase in the volume of the room, limited in size. The following techniques can be used for this:

  • the surface of the wall opposite the entrance to the bathroom is best painted in bright colors, which will affect its visual perception and allow artificially increasing the volume of the room;
  • the presence of bright borders (from tiles, for example), dividing the room into separate zones, contributes to the correction in the direction of increasing the visually perceived size in width and height;
  • the use of light tones to decorate the space also visually enhances it, and the introduction of cream and sky blue tones (or shades of young greenery) into it will give the whole room a feeling of freshness;
  • the use of bright and saturated colors (magenta, scarlet, lemon color or aqua) in the design of the room, on the contrary, contributes to the visual narrowing of spatial forms.

The main thing is not to overdo it with bright colors, the number of which is usually limited to two colors, while the rest are used only for support.


Plumbing and tile colors do not have to be the same, since contrasting solutions often look much more original than plain colors.

Lighting options

When arranging lighting special attention should be paid to the safe execution of lamps. As for the choice of models of lighting devices, options are possible here.

First of all, you can use ordinary ceiling lights, shaped like tablets. The range of luminaires of this type offered by the domestic market is so large that finding the ceiling that is suitable for you is not difficult. One of them is usually located at the front door, and the second - directly above the mirror.

Another option for the preparation of lighting involves the use of typical spotlights, hidden in the volume of the suspended ceiling and divided into groups according to the same principle as tablet devices. Not bad will look in the bathroom and lights, made in the form of glass or plastic flowers on long metal stalks, corresponding to the design of most accessories.


Particular attention in the design of the bathroom should be paid to the details of the situation and various accessories that can tell him extra comfort. At the same time, the furniture items installed in the room (cabinets, posts, etc.) should correspond to its overall design. In addition to decorative features, such lockers will allow you to hide your cosmetics from prying eyes, as well as detergents and other bathroom accessories.

An important role in decorating this room is, of course, the mirror set. When choosing a mirror (or a set of mirrors), preference should be given to products of oval or other original shape. They can be fixed both on the walls and on the ceiling, which will increase the overall illumination of the room and contribute to the expansion of the visually perceived space.

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