Installation of wall panels do it yourself

When repairing inside a dwelling wall panels are actively used. Unlike standard building materials used for wall decoration, they have better characteristics. In addition, to carry out the installation of such finishes on your own is not too difficult task with careful attention to the matter.

The attractiveness of this finish is due to the following factors:

  • professional skills are not required;
  • ease of installation due to compactness and low weight;
  • low cost relative to other building materials;
  • wide range of design.

Most often on sale are the following options for wall panels:

  • wooden;
  • plastic;
  • from chipboard, MDF.

Wooden panels are an expensive and at the same time elegant option for finishing the room. For greater safety, every detail is covered with a special wax designed to protect the tree from various environmental influences.

Chipboard and MDF are an economical option for those who would like to use wood in their apartment or house design. Chipboard panels are much cheaper than analogs from MDF, this is easily explained by their not-too-good quality.

Plastic has high strength properties, while their cost and reliability make them attractive to most buyers.

General installation moments for MDF, chipboard and plastic panels

Before you finish, you need to make a wooden crate, which will hold the finishing material. For battens, wooden slats are usually used, with a cross section of at least 10x30 mm and at most 25x50mm. In addition to them, you will need: plastic corners, platbands and baseboards.

Before installation, you need to prepare:

  • hammer, fasteners, screwdriver;
  • pencil, building level, saw or hacksaw;
  • construction stapler, glue, waterproofing materials or insulation.

You can install in the following ways:

  • staples and nails;
  • only staples;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • klyamers

The work surface that needs finishing panels, you need to mark the sheathing. Using a drill and screws, you should carefully attach the crate to the wall surface.

At the prepared place one of the selected methods begin installation. The first panel is usually begun to be installed from the corner in such a way that it is fixed on at least two parallel rails of the batten.

For plastic, chipboard or MDF, it is necessary after the end of the finishing to use special frames, which will give such wall finishing materials a more aesthetic look.

The final stage of finishing the room will be mounting skirting.

Video footage for mounting MDF panels:

Installation of wood panels

  1. Before installation, you must unpack the panels and leave them indoors for a day. In this way, it will be possible to avoid deformation of the material during installation due to the difference in moisture values ​​of the wood and the room.
  2. When using wood finishing material, make sure that the wall surface is as flat as possible. If there are irregularities, they must be removed before the start of all work.
  3. Initially, you need to make a wooden frame of the rails, on which the finishing material will be installed.
  4. The fastening starts always from the corner. A special plastic corner is put on the first wooden panel, and it is tightly attached to the crate with the help of fastening elements - self-tapping screws. The next one is inserted into the groove first.
  5. The final step will be the mounting of baseboards and trim, if necessary.

Installation on glue requires a lot of attention and concentration. Therefore, operations of this kind are not recommended to do independently, if there is no experience.


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