How to visually enlarge the room

If the room is very small, then you can increase it with the help of visual techniques. To do this, you just need to know some design tricks. In this article, we will describe how to visually enlarge a room using various methods (wallpaper, curtains, colors, furniture).

Using wallpaper

Most often for the walls and ceilings of residential premises used wallpaper. They also affect the interior design and even the visual perception of the room. Drawing wallpaper can visually expand or reduce the room.

It is better to give preference to the wallpaper of light colors. At the same time, it is important to take into account that drawing also affects visual perception. Thus, a large image narrows the space, while a smaller one, on the contrary, will make the room more voluminous. Therefore, in small rooms look great wallpaper with small ornaments. Also excellent results can be achieved by combining wallpaper.

  • A large pattern on the wallpaper brings the surface, and, therefore, reduces the room. If such a picture is placed only on the back wall, the room will visually be shortened.
  • Small pattern on a light background creates the illusion of volume.
  • The cross strips on the wallpaper as if pushing the walls, because of what the ceiling seems to be lower. Just as in the case of the location of wallpaper with a large pattern on the back wall, the room will be visually shortened.
  • Vertical stripes on the wallpaper increase the height of the ceiling. Wide bands enhance this effect.

Visualization methods

To align the narrow and long room you need to use wallpaper with a horizontal pattern. At the same time, to bring the far wall closer you can use wallpaper of warm tones.

Bright and wide wallpaper conceals the height of the ceilings. Therefore, bright wallpaper can only be used for placement of accents. The room looks very impressive, the small walls of which are covered with wallpaper with a large pattern, and the large ones, on the contrary, are small. Large patterns can successfully divide the room into functional areas.

Small dark rooms with low ceilings can be enlarged by gluing darker wallpapers at the bottom, and as light as possible at the top. The joint can be closed with a suitable horizontal bar or left as it is, without placing emphasis in this place.

A photoобои тоже могут расширить пространство. Есть только одно условие – ими нужно оформлять только одну стену. На фотообоях должен быть перспективный рисунок. Например, с дорогой уходящей вдаль, горными хребтами, полем или водной гладью и т. д.

To increase the height of the ceiling should be glued wallpaper close to him. If you plan to put a baguette between the ceiling and the wall, it should be narrow.

Another option is to remove the ceiling - stick the wallpaper on the walls and "go" on the ceiling, 15-30 cm. In this case, pasting wallpaper should start from the ceiling. In small rooms, overlapping ceiling should be minimal and vice versa.

The depth of perception is created by the wallpaper without a picture or with a barely noticeable image. So, you can successfully emphasize interior. The light colors of these wallpapers increase the space and allow you to decorate walls, for example, with paintings or photographs, drawings or paintings.


Before proceeding to the decoration, it is necessary to figure out which colors increase the room, and which make it smaller. Increase the space contribute to the bright colors. White color helps especially, therefore in a small room it is better to make ceilings white. It can be paint, wallpaper or tension structures.

Cold colors help to expand the room, as well as warm. However, too bright, like a rich red, squeeze the room.

Small details on the walls help to make the room big. But the bright large pattern hides the space.


Furniture занимает очень много места в помещении. Поэтому, если подобрать правильную мебель, можно увеличить пространство не только визуально, но и реально. Освободившись от ненужных громоздких конструкций, можно создать дополнительное место для проживания.

For example, built-in wardrobes are perfect for small rooms. If you have a bed here, it is better to have a national team or a transformer. By the way, transformers perfectly solve problems with a lack of space and space.

No need to clutter the room with heavy furniture and massive chairs. Better to make the situation in the style of minimalism. Perfect for small high-tech spaces. Glass, chrome, metal - all this allows you to create an airy atmosphere.

Before you make drastic changes in the interior, you need to remove all the trash and unnecessary things. The room will look much more spacious.

The smaller items, the more free space. You can make a rough floor plan and distribute furniture in it so that it does not clutter up the place.

Interior details

Very much the visual size of the room depends on the light and the size of the windows. Large windows increase, small squeeze. If possible, make windows without partitions. Solid glass changes perception.

When finishing the floor is better to take a uniform coating. Various cubes, diamonds and other decorations on the floor will take away space. There is also no need to lay a multicolored carpet on the floor. Especially if the carpet has a large pattern. The effect will be the same as with non-uniform floor covering. Linoleum also should not contain explicit patterns.

If the ceiling is too low, then you should not do additionally mounted structures such as a stretch ceiling. Also, do not raise the floor. This will entail a reduction in room space. The color of the doors and frames should not stand out too much. It will be great if the doors match the shade with the walls.


Do not make out the windows with heavy curtains. They should be light and bright. It is better to remove various decorative elements, lambrequins, complex structures. If possible, window openings should be expanded. When the windows are large, the room looks different. Her space is expanding.

When installing frames, choose the classic white color. Bright frames will work against space expansion. The same can be said about the bright color of curtains.

Other ideas

One of the interesting ideas that works fine in small rooms is based on the mirror effect. It is noted that a large mirror on the wall can create the illusion of additional space. This does not mean that it is necessary to install a mirror surface on the entire wall. However, the more such an element, the better.

If desired, you can create multiple mirror surfaces in the room.

Very often in the apartments you can find heavy massive shelves with books. This element must be immediately removed from the room. Because such shelves not only steal space, but also, time after time, prove how small it is. In small rooms, the host and his guests will constantly stumble upon them.

Well affected by the presence of lamps. This is especially true for embedded designs. Such lamps do not interfere and create additional lighting. When choosing furniture, one should dwell on the one that has smooth rounded shapes. Such designs visually have much smaller dimensions.


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