How to pull a dowel from the wall

The organization of repair in an apartment implies, as is well known, a thorough preparation of all its surfaces for finishing, including the removal of old fasteners with subsequent alignment of their location. To the number of such elements in the first place should be attributed to the previously used and more unnecessary dowels.

Before you pull the dowel out of the wall, we recommend that you carefully read the procedure for organizing work of this type. Also note that competent dismantling of old mounts is possible only with the following parts and tools:

  • threaded fasteners (screws);
  • the usual corkscrew and well-honed knife;
  • pliers (nippers), chisel, hammer and awl;
  • special punch and nail puller.

In addition, in some cases in the course of the work you may need an electric soldering iron and a Bulgarian.

Dismantling procedure

In order to get the dowel from the wall, you will need to act in accordance with the following instructions:

  1. To remove a conventional plastic base for fasteners, in the simplest case, a self-tapping screw of suitable diameter is used, screwed into the dowel approximately two thirds of its length. Due to this, it is possible to securely fasten it in the part to be disassembled, after which it will be possible to hook the head with pliers and pull it out along with the dowel. In some cases, instead of a self-tapping screw, an ordinary corkscrew can be used.
  2. In the event that with the help of pliers (pliers) it is not possible to pull the dowel from the wall - try to pry off its cap with a nail puller. By increasing the pressure lever, you can easily remove even the tightly stuck old mount. In this case, the main thing is that the working part of the screw is rigidly fixed in the removable fastener element.
  3. Self-made wooden dowel is dismantled, as a rule, in parts. It cracks along wood fibers with a chisel with a thin sting and a hammer. The fastener split into several parts is then removed from the wall with the tip of a well-sharpened knife or with the help of awls.
  4. To dismantle the mount with the remaining piece of the screw in it, you will need a well-warmed soldering iron. With it, you can melt the plastic body of the dowel, after which the fastener chip is easily removed using the same pliers or pliers with sharp sponges.
  5. Metal fasteners, hammered into concrete walls using a construction pistol, should be loosened with sufficiently strong hammer blows. After such preparation, they are relatively easy to remove using the same nail puller.

If the metal dowel cannot be loosened - try to drill several holes in the vicinity of it (or use a metal piercer to make them). Such an operation will allow you to “stir up” the dowel a little and make it much easier to dismantle. In the case of an unsuccessful attempt, simply cut off the protruding part using a grinder and level this place in any way convenient for you.

In the event that removing a dowel from a wall requires you to expend effort disproportionate to the task, it is allowed not to pull it out at all. Simply cut off the part of the attachment protruding above the surface of the wall with a sharp knife, then cover the hole with plaster and align the walls well.

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