How to make a wrought fence with your own hands

The hallmark of any private house is a fence. Due to the huge amount of materials and innovative technologies, anyone can build not a simple fence, but a real decorative element that will add to the attractiveness of landscape design. One of those is a wrought-iron fence that will look most impressive: the graceful lines and the openwork weave of metal rods captivate with beauty. Naturally, if you order such a fence from professional craftsmen, it will cost quite expensive. You can make such a construction yourself, since this is a quite feasible task, despite the complexity of the processes. It is enough to take into account all the main points of the assembly and the question of how to make a wrought fence with your own hands will be solved.

Features and benefits of forged fencing

There are undeniable advantages of the forged fence over its counterparts, made using a different technology and from other materials:

  1. Reliability. As you know, metal is one of the strongest and most durable materials. If it is processed according to all the rules, the design will easily withstand changes in air temperature and high humidity. With proper care, the life of forged fences will be unlimited.
  2. Appearance. If we consider other types of materials from sheets of metal, they will have a different appearance. Forged fence, regardless of the style of the house and landscape design will always look modern and noble.
  3. Variability. Thanks to the flexibility of the metal, any shape can be created from it. This directly affects the completeness of the infield. The design will give it luxury, inaccessibility and elegance.

Core technology

Many believe that to create a wrought fence it is necessary to attract craftsmen and professional blacksmiths. In addition, the majority refuses this idea because of the need to work with special equipment, which requires special skills. But today you can get a wrought fence in one of three ways:

  • welding is an affordable way for every person;
  • forging - involves the combination of all elements of the fence manually, because it requires a lot of time and effort, as well as the acquisition of certain skills;
  • combined option - combines the first and second technology, therefore, necessary equipment and skills.

Fences made of forged elements are considered to be a real work of art, as they are created by metal artists. Due to the variety of decorative elements, as well as metal processing techniques, everyone can choose a suitable option for themselves. It is worth noting that today the most common are sectional fencing, which can be bought in specialized companies. They are quite easily and quickly mounted without the involvement of professionals.

Solving with your own hands to make a fence from forging, you can save money, and also get a fence, an analogue of which will be difficult to find.

Necessary tools for work

Before you start work, you need to pick up all the tools:

  • Bulgarian;
  • welding machine;
  • vice;
  • a device for twisting metal rods (longitudinal and transverse);
  • spray gun with compressor;
  • other small tool.

To protect the forged sections from the effect of precipitation, it is enough to open them with paints and varnishes. In most cases, use a combination of black and gold hues.

Making a wrought fence at home

No matter what material was chosen for the base of the fence, it can be supplemented by spans. from finished items forging. So, very often you can find a combination of brick and stone with metal. At the request of the fence can only be made of forged elements.

Each span should be fixed on the support pillars, which are set during the formation of the foundation. The gate and the gate must also be made of forged elements. This will complement the given style.

Like any other fence, forging requires a reasonably solid foundation. In its role stands the foundation. It is enough to use tape technology, which is quite simple and does not require the acquisition of any special skills.

Features of the construction

On which side not to look at the fence with elements of forging practically has no flaws. There is only one - the high cost. But, if it was decided to do it yourself, then this problem is solved. Today, innovative technologies can solve almost any problems associated with home improvement. The same applies to fences. Forging can be performed in two ways:

  • hot
  • cold

Hot technology is used only by professional forges, so newcomers in this issue should better prefer the cold production of forged fences. To begin work with the selection of the picture. To do this, you can use a huge number of options and ideas of the masters or develop your own sketch. If this is your first time contacting such technologies, then you should not dwell on complex and jewelry-requiring versions.

After the pattern has been selected, you can start marking the future fence. It is important to maintain the same distance for spans and support posts. This will allow you to calculate the number of sections and calculate the necessary materials.

If you can, you should ask for help from a blacksmith or a professional who will show a few basic techniques and also give lessons for beginners.

Preparatory work for the implementation of the combined technology

Runs made of forging will cost much less than their decorative counterparts. After all the calculations have been done, and the markings have been applied to the territory, you can start the preparation.

First you need to do the base. The depth of the foundation trench should not be deeper than 30 cm. Also, do not forget about the sand cushion, waterproofing and formwork. During the pouring of the foundation, reinforcement is laid for greater strength, and metal reinforcement is removed for the pillars. The most durable and reliable option is to install the pillars in a trench, followed by welding them with a reinforcing frame and concreting.

The support columns of the fence should be installed strictly vertically, so you need to constantly check the clarity level. During construction, the tops of the pillars are covered with a film so that water does not get into them before construction is completed. For greater protection, you can purchase decorative waterproof caps.

With wrought spans very well combined brick and concrete pillars. You can also consider the option with a simple metal support structures.

The main stage of work

During the freezing of the foundation, it takes about a week, you can do the manufacture of forged spans. To do this, using the grinder cut pieces of metal of the required length. All of them will be smooth, and to give them the desired shape, you need to use tools for cold forging. Subject to technology and accuracy, all elements will be the same in shape and size. Particular attention should be paid to the ends of the parts, as they have an acute shape. To solve this problem, you can use two methods:

  • round them in;
  • use metal balls.

Balls can be purchased or made yourself. The optimal size will be a diameter of 2 cm. When all the elements are twisted according to the picture, you need to expand and view them all. This will immediately determine which parts are too different and require rework. The assembly of the structure begins with the creation of a frame, for which pipes with a cross section of 25x25 are chosen (size 30x30 is also allowed). After the frame is fully welded, it is necessary to lay out all the elements, this will allow you not to get confused and to accurately draw the picture.

At the end it is necessary to check the span for errors in the form of large seams. If necessary, everything is cleaned with metal brushes. It is advisable to do this with the entire product. The final stage involves staining, but before that they carry out the degreasing and priming, so that the paint lies in a uniform layer. The paint will protect the metal from corrosion, as well as give completeness to the fence.

Experts do not recommend to collect runs on weight. For this fit the table. During welding, the main elements are welded first, and then decorative elements are added to them. Painting is done after the installation of metal spans between the pillars.

It is enough to set aside a little time, apply imagination and strength, study this article and be patient with making an original wrought fence. Thanks to this, you can significantly save costs, since when ordering such a fence in specialized companies, the amount will be several times higher.

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