How to install blinds on the windows

Not so long ago, blinds on windows were installed only in office premises, but over time, these convenient and original designs were increasingly installed in apartments, replacing the curtains and curtains, which were usual for us.

This explains our desire to talk about how to install blinds on the windows. A wide range of products of this class will allow you to choose blinds for household use, suitable for almost any modern interior. Products offered to the domestic consumer may differ significantly in their design and have the following versions:

  • classic vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • roll type designs.

Blinds belong to the category of curtain products of the assembled type, the installation of which requires the contractor to take a responsible approach to all the operations performed during this.

From that, how competently installation will be carried out, depends both convenience of the treatment of them, and the maximum term of their operation.

Responsible approach to the arrangement of curtain systems involves a careful study of individual nuances concerning the installation of structures of this class. This should take into account not only the shape and features of the window (balcony) opening, but also the surface structure of the walls and ceiling, on which the shutters are supposed to be fixed.

Installation Methods

Installation жалюзи в быту может быть организован с использованием следующих приёмов:

  • installation mechanism in the window opening;
  • installation of blinds separately for each window sash;
  • installation inlay.

Unlike ordinary curtains and curtains, this type of design can be mounted in windows of arbitrary design (including in slanted skylights of windows).

The choice of installation option for window blinds is ultimately determined by the design features of the window being closed with their help, as well as by your personal preferences.

Marking of attachment points

At the initial stage of work, it is necessary to make measurements of the window block, the results of which will determine the design of the blinds suitable for your case. In that case, if you choose the option to install in the window aperture, then when removing the dimensions of the canvas, you must retreat a couple of centimeters above and below (to avoid contact with the window sill).

When installing using the “inlay” method, you should do quite the opposite - add about five centimeters to the width of the window from each edge. When choosing the option of installation on separate doors, it will be enough just to measure their width without taking into account the areas occupied by the fittings.

For windows with irregular geometry it is recommended to select blinds, the configuration of which at least approximately corresponds to the contours of the window. Thanks to this, it will be possible to achieve the necessary efficiency of their use.

When marking the attachment points, special attention should be paid to the fact that during their lowering and raising the edge of the canvas could move freely along the window. In addition, it is desirable to provide additional mounting at the location of the adjusting cord.


Independent installation of blinds implies the obligatory observance of the following order of operations:

  1. First of all, the fixing elements of the structure are mounted, which should be reliably fixed on the wall or ceiling with the help of dowels and screws.
  2. After that, a cornice is installed on these elements, to which so-called runners and special lamellae should be attached.
  3. After checking the mechanisms for performance, installation can be considered complete.

Before installing blinds on the windows consider some features of the installation of various types of products of this class. When installing the classic vertical, you must first determine the place of fastening the eaves of the structure (on the wall or on the ceiling). At the wall mount, the cornice is mounted just above the window opening, and at the ceiling mount - directly on the ceiling.

All subsequent operations are performed according to the previously described scheme, including fastening the cornice and installing runners with lamellae on it.

Care must be taken to ensure that the lamellae are installed exactly in the sequence in which they were packed in the package.

Horizontal blinds are mounted, as a rule, on the wall or directly on the window. In the case of fastening to the wall, the mounted structure covers the window opening completely. In the second case, it closes each of the window sash separately.


After viewing this video, you will learn how to measure and install horizontal blinds. 

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