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Repairs did almost everything. And then there may be various difficulties and difficulties. For example, with the choice of material for finishing. How to decorate the ceiling in the house, walls or floors? What's better? Such questions arise constantly. The article will discuss the finishing of ceilings. What are the options?

Use paint and whitewash

Painting and whitewashing ceilings is a long-known method. The surface is leveled with various construction mixtures. Then it is covered with water-based paint or whitewash.

This method has its advantages and disadvantages. The first include low cost and simplicity (of course, if the surface is fairly flat). And from the minuses - it's a lot of dirt. This especially applies to whitewash. You will have to cover something or remove all the furniture from the room, close the floors and windows. Otherwise, everything will be covered with stained whitewash.

Apply wallpaper

There is another inexpensive and fast way - this is the use of wallpaper. A roll of such material can be bought inexpensively. In addition, today on sale you can find wallpapers produced specifically for stickers on the ceiling.

You can use liquid wallpaper that looks much more beautiful than usual. They are applied to a primed surface. The ceiling should be dry and dust-free. Wallpapers are applied with a float or spatula. If applied with a construction spray gun, you do not need to rub them.

The use of liquid wallpaper allows you to create drawings on the ceiling. This design will look original.

Use of suspended structures

Today, instead of conventional wallpaper and whitewash come modern materials. For example, suspended structures are found in many city apartments.

The basis of such structures is the frame. It is attached directly to the draft ceiling. Then panels are mounted on the frame. You can use a wide variety of materials. On sale there will be panels from plastic, a tree or metal.

Wooden lining looks good and is an environmentally friendly material.

Wood is afraid of moisture, so it is better not to use it in the kitchen and bathroom.

Plastic panels can be placed in any room. They last a long time and are easy to maintain. Even suspended mirrors can be found in suspended ceilings. Such designs look respectable, but are expensive.

The most popular sheets of drywall. Such material is inexpensive, and easy to mount. The ceiling of plasterboard can serve with proper care for many decades.

Suspended structures have several advantages and disadvantages. To the first can be attributed:

  • The ability to arrange a multi-level ceiling. This species has recently become very popular.
  • In the inter-ceiling space, you can hide various communications. All wiring and ventilation systems will not be visible. In addition, it is possible to place the built-in lights anywhere on the ceiling.
  • Facilitated repair design. If for any reason you have damaged one panel, then it can be easily replaced. In this case, the rest of the design can not touch.

The disadvantages include reducing the free space in the room. Suspended construction takes from 7 to 12 cm in height. Therefore, if the room has low ceilings, then perhaps it would be better to do with whitewash or wallpapering.

Stretch ceiling

A wide variety of ceiling design options allows the use of tension structures. You can easily match the color to your interior. The canvas can be a variety of colors. In addition, you can mount suspended ceilings with a glossy, matte or mirror effect. It is also possible to place a drawing or a photo on the ceiling.

Themselves design of stretch ceilings are also diverse. You can make multi-level or tent, tiered or wave structures.

In addition, the canvas is not afraid of moisture and is easy to maintain. Such a ceiling can be mounted in any room. It is fireproof. Stretch ceiling protects your home from flooding. If the neighbors from above are filled with water, the canvas will be able to hold up to 100 liters of liquid. Then you only need to drain the fluid and dry the structures.

Installation is carried out in just a few hours (of course, if the wizard works). Baguettes are fastened around the perimeter of the room, onto which the canvas is stretched (using a heat gun).

Such a design will only take 3 cm from the ceiling height. At the same time, wiring can be placed in the interceiling space.

If we talk about the cost, it will depend on the choice of material. On sale there is a cloth both import, and a domestic production. The second option is cheaper, but the quality is not always at a high level.


Master class on finishing the ceiling with liquid wallpaper:

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