How to equip the bathroom

Every new morning begins with a bathroom, the appearance of which can set the mood for the whole day. And after a long busy day, you can relax and enjoy it. It is one thing yellowed bath, collapsing tiles, protruding pipes and always the current faucet, and quite another thing - the harmonious combination of a bright and clean room with new fixtures and a warm floor. So, how to equip a bathroom so that it gives only positive impressions?

When deciding exactly how the bathroom will be designed, you should pay attention to three main criteria:

  • functionality;
  • individuality;
  • comfort.

It is important to select plumbing and furniture, based on their degree of reliability and moisture resistance. And, of course, the interior of this room should come in harmony with the general interior of the apartment or house.


The most popular and durable material for decoration is tile. Due to the variety of textures and colors, you can create something exceptional, even stylized. Ceramic tiles can mimic a variety of natural materials. The main range is represented by representatives of Russia and Europe. Today, designers are opting for modern styles and eclecticism. But, of course, everyone makes their own unique choice.

Any combination of colors and themes are possible, but floral and floral designs are the most popular. Slightly less maritime theme. The combined finishing is always actual: various top and bottom, borders, division into zones.

The most interesting material is mosaic. This is the easiest way to bring a highlight to the interior.

Now fashion trends incline consumers to the use of environmentally friendly materials, it has spread to the interior of the bathroom. For facing walls and floors can be used wood, processed according to special modern technologies. Also used for cladding are marble, granite, travertine slabs, sandstone - and this is not all possible options.


Today, the possibilities of choice are almost unlimited, you can use whatever your heart desires.

  • The classic style implies subtle tones, majestic marble and granite surfaces, Venetian plaster and decorated panels and borders.
  • Ethno style is a combination of stone and wood, wicker accessories and natural natural colors. The most common ethnostyle in Russia is Japanese - it has impeccable colors, smooth surfaces and a clearly structured space.
  • Provence style provides warm colors, “antique” furniture, floral floral ornaments and only natural finishing materials.

  • The minimalist style presupposes the presence in the interior of only the most necessary with the use of glass, steel and plastic.
  • The Art Nouveau style is an ideal option for small rooms with the use of various lighting and stylized mirrors.
  • High-Tech - is, above all, convenience, automated to unreality.

Color palette

It has long been proven that the color of the interior has an impact on the well-being and perception, it is very important in the bathroom, where it is customary to relax. Therefore, the arrangement of the bathroom should take into account the basic rules of color combinations.

  1. Warm tones, for example: yellow and orange are more energetic, while cold (blue, green) colors have a calming effect.
  2. Often, bright colors based on contrast are used, such as a combination of white and black, orange and blue, yellow and purple.
  3. Neutral tones are always relevant: beige and cream, with bright accents on accessories.


If the size of the room allows, you can always arrange a bathroom with a chandelier, beautiful sconces, upholstered furniture - small sofas or armchairs, additional bookshelves, fresh flowers. This gives extra comfort and makes the bathroom more cozy.

Хорошо, если помещение просторное, а что же делать тем, кому не так повезло? How to equip a small bathroom комнату? Вариантов много…

How to equip a small bathroom

In most apartments, bathrooms differ by a small area. You can save space in many ways:

  • light colors are preferred;
  • shower instead of the bathroom - a small cabin, tiled and with glass doors, visually expands the space and takes up less space;
  • A small-sized washing machine located under the sink with a side drain fits perfectly into a small bathroom;
  • it is better to choose lockers high to the ceiling and narrow ones, preferably built-in, they take up little space and accommodate a lot of small things;
  • combined bathroom;
  • wall lights with diffused light visually give a feeling of spaciousness;
  • minimum accessories that will attract attention and make the room close;
  • Different versions of the mirror surfaces will visually enlarge the room.

When planning the arrangement of the bathroom, it is important to remember its special purpose. Its design should cause a feeling of comfort and coziness, and at the same time be practical and individually planned. A bathroom is necessary for relaxation, solitude and cleansing, both literally and figuratively.

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