How to dilute silverfish

Serebryanka is an aluminum powder or fine powder, which gives the coating on which it is applied, the characteristic shine of steel. Although the name of the material is quite eloquent, it has nothing to do with silver. Grinding is divided into 2 categories: PAP-1 and PAP-2. The first category differs from the second in that it has a larger metal particle size. However, this factor does not affect the quality of the diluted silverfish. If you correctly combine the powder with varnish or linseed oil, you get a paint of a pronounced metallic hue.

If the powder is diluted with a special heat-resistant varnish, you get a heat-resistant mixture.

In stores, of course, ready-made paint is sold, but if you doubt the quality of the composition, then it is better to buy powder and figure out how to dilute the silverfish yourself.

Preparation of the dye composition

To initially dissolve the silver PAP-1, it is necessary to pour 2 parts of the powder into the mixing bowl. Then 5 parts of varnish are added to it, with the abbreviation BT-577. The mixture should be homogeneous.

When mixing powder and varnish in a ratio of 2 to 5, you get a pasty mixture. To dilute it, you need to use turpentine, solvents or solvent.

In the process of breeding material PAP-2 for 1 portion of silverfish there are 3-4 parts of varnish. In this case, synthetic varnish can be used instead of lacquer (the use of powdered varnish of natural origin is unacceptable). The mixture should be brought to homogeneity. For this purpose it is best to use a construction mixer.

When diluted with silver, white spirit, solvent or turpentine, you need to add a tool in accordance with the method of applying the material. So, for painting with a spray gun, a solvent is added 1 to 1. For painting with a roller or a brush, 2 to 1. That is, there should be less solvent.

Being in a hermetically sealed container at positive temperature, silverfish ready for application can be stored for about 6 months. In any case, before using the composition must be thoroughly mixed.

Secrets of demand

Serebryanka gained its popularity in the market for a long time. The material has proven itself from the most advantageous side. What is it remarkable?

  1. The paint will be an additional layer of "skin" for the surface to be covered with it. When applied, it forms a neat, thin and uniform layer that reflects the texture of the surface.
  2. It has a relatively long service life: up to 3 years in water, about 7 years in the open air, and even more in an enclosed space.
  3. The material does not exfoliate, is very durable and resistant. Disadvantage: the coating is difficult to remove when absolutely necessary.
  4. The paint is not picky, so it is applied not only to the metal, but also to the concrete, wood.
  5. It reliably protects the surface from corrosion.
  6. The material is non-toxic, dries relatively quickly, is not afraid of high temperatures.
  7. Color turns silver, if you experiment a little, you can achieve several shades of metal. For this purpose, special pigments are used.

Silver powder is explosive, which is its significant disadvantage. Because of this, it should be stored in a dry place, in a tightly closed container and away from electrical appliances and fire. It must be protected from direct sunlight. Items that easily absorb odor, including food, must be kept away from the material.

The paint and varnish industry offers powder, to which special impurities are added, which make it non-combustible.

Do not mix the powder with oil or alkyd paints. Serebryanka can not even be applied to surfaces painted with these compounds. It can also not be applied to surfaces previously exposed to paints NBH and nitroenamel. The paint does not adhere well to such surfaces, and soon it will simply disappear, it may even swell. Therefore, the above compositions should be completely removed from the surface.

Now you know what to dissolve the silverfish for painting. Adhering to such simple tips, you can easily prepare such paint and apply it to the surface of concrete, metal or wood.

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