How to choose biopreparations for cesspools

To ensure a comfortable living person in a country house, you need a sewage system. However, sewage means that the wastewater is somehow disposed of. The simplest solution is a sump facility and the use of special biological products. This method is cheap and works quite effectively. This article will discuss how to choose biological products for cesspools and what you should pay attention to at the same time.

Features of biological products

Preparations that are produced for the treatment of wastewater in septic tanks and cesspools are colonies of living bacteria and contain some enzymes. Getting into a favorable environment for themselves, namely in the impurities, the bacteria begin to multiply and recycle wastewater. As a result of their vital activity, relatively clean water and various substances are obtained that are safe for the environment.

Such bioactivators have the following characteristics:

  • do not affect the environment. Microorganisms recycle sewage, while the resulting substances do not harm nature.
  • do not allow unpleasant odors to form.
  • harmless to humans. Even if the biological product gets on the skin, it does not harm the health.
  • As a result of the vital activity of microorganisms, organic compounds are formed, which can be successfully used as fertilizer.

For bacteria, as for other living organisms, a certain environment is required for life. So the efficiency of the use of biopreparations is highest when the temperature is in the range of +3 to + 40 degrees.

Microorganisms poorly tolerate exposure to chlorine-containing substances. Therefore, their entry into the sewer is extremely undesirable. As a result, the whole colony may die and additional funds will have to be spent on the purchase of new biologics.

In what form are produced

Bacteria for cesspools are available in various forms. It can be tablets, powder or liquid. According to experts in wastewater treatment plants, the release form has a significant impact on the effect of biologics. Two forms are most common:

  1. Fluids. This is a concentrated solution of live bacteria. Most often, these drugs are used to clean large volumes. One liter of some liquid biopreparations can cope with the cleaning of several tons of sewage.
  2. Powder preparations. In their composition, mainly, includes optional saprophytic microorganisms. They can independently develop and have an increased effluent treatment efficiency. It is powder preparations that are most often used for cleaning cesspools.

For small volumes, you can use biological products, produced in tablets. Such means are often used for cleaning pits and septic tanks in the dacha plots.

In tablets (as in powders) the bacteria are dormant. After entering the environment suitable for life, the microorganisms quickly begin to come to life and "get involved in the work." Before use, such preparations are placed in water (it is better to use rainwater, but it can also be from the tap, the main thing is that it does not contain chlorine), then it is kept for a certain time (according to the instructions for the preparation) and only after that is placed in a cesspool septic tank

In addition, there are special cassettes on sale; they are produced for certain types of autonomous septic tanks. Self-dissolving bags with anaerobic bacteria are used for industrial wastewater treatment. There are other, less common forms of release of funds for wastewater treatment and accumulated fecal masses.

Tips for choosing

If you decide to clean the effluent in the cesspool in the garden, you can choose any biological product. Everything will depend on financial opportunities and preferences. There are no special rules when choosing drugs. The most important thing is to strictly follow the instructions attached to the tool.

When first used, you can use some recommendations from experts:

  • If, as a result, you want not only to clean the cesspool of accumulated impurities, but also to obtain fertilizer for the garden, it is better to use tablets. The bacteria used to produce them live a very long time and eventually settle to the bottom in the form of sludge. That it is used as a fertilizer. In addition, microorganisms used in tablet biopreparations easily cope not only with fecal masses, but also with other impurities (for example, toilet paper).
  • If you do not need fertilizers, it is better to use powder preparations. Such funds clean the drains by almost one hundred percent. The water obtained after cleaning can be used for watering or technical needs. Eating or feeding animals with such liquid is not recommended.

When choosing a drug, you should carefully read the information about its purpose. For example, liquid products are often used on an industrial scale. They can even be used to clean ponds. Such a powerful tool is not rational to acquire for the treatment of wastewater in small quantities.

There are also drugs that are aimed only at eliminating unpleasant odors. Such funds are not suitable for cesspools. For example, “Micropan” is used to remove unpleasant odor in places of accumulation of garbage. He will not cope with sewage treatment.

Before you buy or start using a biological product (if you have reserved it for the future), pay attention to the recommended period of use. Microorganisms quite tenacious. But if the drug lay too long, then to begin their effective work will need to wait a long time. Fresh products begin to work immediately after entering the habitable environment.

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