How to choose a ceiling plinth

To give completeness to the ceiling finish and put the final point, use the ceiling plinth. This element allows you to emphasize the style direction of the entire interior. Because of the wide variety of shapes, reliefs and colors, you can get confused, so it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with the recommendations on how to choose a ceiling plinth so that it blends in well with the design of the room and complements it.

Types of ceiling plinths

Starting to study this topic should be with consideration of all the varieties that today the market offers. All skirting boards are primarily distinguished by the material of manufacture, and then by external features. Let's talk about the materials.


Due to its practicality and affordability, the ceiling baguette of foam plastic belongs to the budget options. It should be noted simplicity in gluing and processing of the plinth.

Note and disadvantages:

  • fire hazard;
  • low strength;
  • due to the porous structure, the crystals become visible traces of mechanical action.

To cut the foam plinth, it is enough to use a sharp kitchen knife or stationery knife.


In contrast to the above described variant, the plinth made of polystyrene by extrusion from raw materials has a more distinct relief with a smooth matte surface. Also noted:

  • high strength;
  • hardness;
  • plastic;
  • reasonable price, which is somewhat higher than that of foam plinths;
  • does not sustain combustion, but burns in a flame;
  • not crumpled by touch;
  • cut with a sharp knife;
  • not afraid of moisture.

One type of polystyrene baguette is an injection molding plinth.


These models have higher strength and flexibility, unlike their counterparts. This was made possible by the incorporation of rubber. If it is necessary to trim the ceiling with a large number of curved and broken lines with the ceiling plinth, you can safely choose a polyurethane ceiling plinth.


  • does not absorb moisture;
  • resistant to temperature extremes.

The properties of polyurethane plinth allow to finish the ceilings of bathrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, in which air humidity is high.

Polyvinyl chloride

Another common economical option for ceiling moldings. There are both plain baguettes, and with drawings applied to the surface. You can find imitation of marble and wood. The list of benefits includes:

  • reasonable price
  • does not absorb moisture;
  • ease of installation;
  • wide range of.

The disadvantages are minimized - this is the inability to repaint the plinth, the fear of low and high air temperatures.


Самый дорогой вариант плинтусов для потолка. При этом отмечается достаточно большой разброс стоимости: доступная цена только на еловый багет, а вот резной карниз из красного дерева обойдется в приличную сумму. Tree выделяется такими положительными характеристиками, как:

  • durability;
  • strength;
  • esthetics;
  • environmental friendliness.

It should not be forgotten that wooden baseboards are more difficult to prepare for installation and fix.


It is possible to emphasize the refinement and individuality of the interior with the help of stucco. The material for it is gypsum. Manufacturers make from it and the ceiling plinth, which can be considered a real work of art.


  • high quality;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • the possibility of creating an individual design;
  • durability.

The high price, high weight and complexity of the installation - this is what deter many consumers.

When choosing plaster plinths, experts recommend that you immediately look at the beams and sockets to decorate the room in the intended style.


Having decided on the material, you should decide on which ceiling plinth to choose in width. On sale you can find a baguette in width from 1 cm to 20 cm. Pay attention to such nuances:

  1. A wide band will visually smooth the corners of the room, which means it will look more rounded.
  2. The greater the width of the plinth, the greater the number of defects and flaws hidden at the junction of the ceiling and walls.
  3. To give preference to a wide baguette with a small room is not worth it, since in this case the space will decrease even more visually.
  4. Passing narrow room can be visually expanded with a thin ceiling edging.

Choosing the width of the plinth, it is necessary to take into account the height of the room. If the ceiling is low, then it is better to choose a baseboard at a time so that it does not seem cumbersome.


An important criterion is the color. To make the right choice of shade, remember simple rules:

  1. White color visually expands the space and makes the ceiling higher.
  2. A wide baguette matched to the walls will make the ceiling look smaller.
  3. In the decoration of the room should be no more than 3 primary colors. Otherwise, it will be too colorful.
  4. Baguette in a contrasting color in a room with high ceilings will make it more spectacular and original. At the same time it is necessary that the chosen color is combined with any other element of the interior.

Black color visually makes the room cramped and dark. Despite this, some modern interiors use black ceiling plinth.

The form

Which is better: simple smooth lines or a complex ornate pattern? The answer to this question is quite difficult to find. To facilitate the task itself, you should remember the good taste. The simple form is versatile and practical, so it is easily suited to any decoration. In this case, the ceiling plinth will look good with many surfaces and will not attract special attention.

If the plinth has a complex convex pattern, then it is appropriate to use it in a classic baroque interior. If the interior of the room there is a wooden finish and carved furniture, then similar fillets only emphasize the luxury of the room.

The more complex the shape and relief of the ceiling baguette, the harder it will be to fit its corners.

Plinth for stretch ceiling

Correctly to pick up a ceiling plinth to a stretch ceiling is very difficult. Today you can buy skirtings:

  • foam;
  • polyurethane;
  • plastic.

In addition, some special criteria are taken into account:

  1. Ease. Skirting can significantly weight the structure and fall off the wall.
  2. The plane of the baguette that fits into the wall should be wide enough, from 25 mm.
  3. The plinth material must be not only durable, but also plastic, so that when bent it will not break.

When choosing ceiling plinths for the kitchen, special attention should be paid to the possibility of wet cleaning. Considered more appropriate plastic.


In the presence of a stretch ceiling, the plinth can be mounted as follows:

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