How to build a dock with your own hands

For people living in the neighborhood of a river, or a reservoir, convenient access to water was always a pressing issue. Previously, for these purposes, bridges were built along which it was possible to pass to the tied boat, but now such a device is rarely used. Basically, more serious structures are being erected, requiring great strength and ingenuity, especially when the question is how to build a dock with your own hands quickly and inexpensively. We are not in vain talking about ingenuity, because this is exactly what many craftsmen resort to when creating the pier. Consider several different designs for home-made moorings.

Pontoon type of bottles

Such a device is the easiest to do. The basis will be ordinary two-liter plastic bottles, the number of which depends on the planned size of the pier. In order to start work, prepare 300–350 bottles (when using 1.5-liter bottles, they may require more, as they are narrower). It is desirable that the bottles be the same, not straight, but with a notch, on which the fasteners are fixed securely.

Be sure to check that the plugs are tightly screwed, and there are no holes in the bottle. To do this, prepared to install the bottle, try to squeeze, and if it remains elastic, then everything is in order. Do not make the base of the pier not solid, but from three blocks, 60 to 80 bottles in one section each. Also on the sides you need to make limiters from the bottles.

Now it is possible to make flooring for pontoon from light boards or foam. This floating structure must be securely fastened, otherwise a strong wind can simply carry it. To do this, drive two piles onto the shore, and securely attach this pontoon to them.

This design is not heavy and in winter you can clean the pier.

Pontoon type berth of metal barrels

And now let's see how to build a dock with our own hands from barrels. It should immediately be said that it is better to assemble such a structure not far from the water, since its weight is too large, and to go with

And now let's see how to build a dock with our own hands from barrels. It should immediately be said that it is better to assemble such a structure not far from the water, since its weight is too large, and to go with ней в дальний путь будет не совсем удобно. Для того чтобы сделать такой причал, понадобятся:

  1. Planed boards.
  2. Wooden beam.
  3. 200-liter barrel - 4 pcs.
  4. Nails (or screws).
  5. Rope.

The first stage of the work will be the manufacture of a skeleton from a timber, 2.5 × 2.5 m in size, having a cross section of 100 × 50 mm. Fasteners can serve as long enough nails in order to break through the bars fastened together, they can be bent and make the connection more durable. It will not be superfluous to reinforce the structure by inserting wooden bars into the corners of the frame. To the main frame add additional supports of six wooden bars 50? 50 mm. They must be installed so that the edges of the barrel lean on them.

Now you need to inspect the barrels. Pay attention to tight plugs. For greater confidence that the connection in this place is not depressurized, coat the thread and rubber seal with silicone and then screw it tightly into the barrel.

Do not forget that the metal is susceptible to corrosion, and if you want your pier to serve you as long as possible, then paint the entire barrel, or at least in those places where your own paint is torn off. It needs to be done every year!

Place the prepared barrels parallel to each other at the corners of the frame, and, having drilled 6 holes for each barrel, secure them with ropes. While the design is not very heavy, take it to the water, setting the barrels down. Having securely fastened near the shore, continue to sheathe. The final stage will be the manufacture of the bridge so that you can get from the shore to the pier.

Stationary berth

In the event that you need a more powerful structure, make a stationary pier, for which you will need screw piles.

In order to make such a pier, you will need:

  • Screw piles - 6 or 8 pcs.
  • A corner of sufficient strength, the amount of which depends on the size of the structure, since with a large width of the spans, additional bridges will need to be welded;
  • Planed boards (25-30 mm);
  • Nails, screws or screws with nuts;
  • Drill;
  • Welding machine.

It is better to work in the winter when there is ice on the river, because in order to tighten the piles to a greater depth it will take a lot of effort. You will agree that it will be difficult to do it from a boat, since at first it will need to be securely fastened, and only then deal with piles. Weld the corner to the piles, and with a small gap, which will ensure running off of water and good ventilation, fasten the boards with nails or screws, but better with a screw and nut, placing the washers. If you are not afraid of theft, you can use brass fasteners.

In that case, if the screws are steel, then to prevent rust, tighten the piece of hose moistened with nigrol on each protruding tail of the screw after clamping, otherwise, after the board dries out, you can tighten it. Otherwise, everything will rust, and in a year the boards will roar. Do not forget to treat the wood with antiseptic. Now you will be able to enjoy the quality pier for a long time

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We offer to watch a video about the independent construction of the pier from metal barrels.

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