Furniture for bath do it yourself

When the finishing of the bath is completed, you just need to furnish it with furniture. Interior items in the bath, and especially in the steam room, should be thought out to the smallest detail. Here you should not bring old furniture from the apartment. It is better to deal with the situation carefully. The choice of various items for baths in stores today is huge. However, prices may be exorbitant.

In this article we will explain how to make furniture for a bath with your own hands from wood and materials at hand, we will show diagrams, drawings, photos and video instructions.


Before you make furniture for a bath with your own hands, you must select the appropriate material. Especially carefully to the choice of material should be approached when it comes to objects that will be placed in the steam room. Of course, the choice is made in favor of wood. Only natural materials can be truly safe.

Team Criteria:

  • low thermal conductivity;
  • no defects;
  • no tar;
  • high density;
  • ease of processing;
  • environmental friendliness.

All listed requirements are met by three types of wood. This elite dead tree abashi comes from far away Africa and our native linden and aspen. Abashi is unavailable to most bath owners due to the high cost. However, if you want to make strong durable furniture, then this type of wood will be optimal. Most often for baths choose linden.

Do-it-yourself sauna furniture is also recommended to be made from the listed materials.


Перед тем как сделать полок для бани, надо провести некоторые замеры. Shelves не должен вызывать неудобств. Его устройство может быть как одноярусным, так и трехъярусным. Считается, что на самом верху жар выше. Конструкция напоминает форму ступенек.

After the required dimensions of the boards are determined, you can start working:

  1. It is necessary to mount the frame of the wooden racks. For this, timber is taken.
  2. Racks are fastened together. Even metal screws can be used here, because the body will not be in contact with this part of the shelf. The distance between two racks should be about 50 cm.
  3. The frame must be attached to the walls of the bath.
  4. Then the boards are attached to the frame. When mounting them, metal can no longer be used. The distance between two adjacent boards should be about 1 cm. This is necessary for the water to flow freely. In addition, such a device allows the structure to dry faster.


A bench in the bath is done almost according to the same principle as the shelves. It is desirable that between the boards of the bench was a decent gap. The use of metal elements is almost impossible here. In some cases, benches are attached to the shelf.

For the bench you need to pick up:

  • seat strip (preferably thin);
  • wooden blocks for the frame;
  • fasteners.

Of the tools you will need in the first place a machine for grinding, or sandpaper. It is necessary for work not only with a bench, but also with a regiment. All boards should be perfectly polished, and their edges rounded. Otherwise, the furniture can be hurt.

You also need to make a hacksaw, a plane and a hammer.

  1. Bars are measured. After marking cut.
  2. The frame is knocked out of the bars.
  3. On a frame levels are packed. The distance between them must be at least 1 cm.

It is better to choose wooden nails as fasteners. After the bench is ready, it is necessary to grind all the corners and the surface.

For the manufacture of the average bench will require 6 pieces of timber 45 cm long, as well as 14 - 15 boards 90 cm long.

Other furniture

You can build not only shelves and benches with your own hands, but also a lot of other furniture and items for the bath. After all, there simply needs a font, as well as hangers, shelves for shoes and much more. Do not do in the bath without lamps. It should be remembered that all the items here have one feature: they are uncomplicated and functional. This gives them a special charm.

Hanger and shelf for shoes

Hangers in the bath can be made from knots. To do this, you need to prepare branches with forks and a board.

  1. Branches with Y-shaped plugs are processed. The side that will fit the board should be aligned. The ends of the knots are washed and polished.
  2. The board must be marked.
  3. Holes for fixings are made in knots and board. It is better to make wood fasteners.
  4. Docking the branches with the board, it is necessary to connect them through the holes with dowels.
  5. Then you need to handle the finished coat hanger stain.

The simplest design of the shoe rack is made from a pallet. The shelves and legs are made of boards.


A waiting room is a pretty cool place. In all places of the bath, where there is no high humidity and high temperatures, you can use other materials. For example, here you can place expensive furniture. However, it should be protected from accidental ingress of steam and moisture.

In the recreation room often use magnificent furniture from summer oak. She is so beautiful that she can create a special atmosphere. Relaxing at the table of such material after the steam room is a dream.

Furniture made of plastic is also relevant here. The steam plastic is not used due to the fact that there is a high temperature. But in other places it can be the perfect solution. In the saunas in the rest rooms, you can find chairs with upholstered leather.

Banned pine wood in the steam room is well suited for cool rooms. Moreover, it will distribute a special flavor due to the resins. Resins that are not exposed to high temperatures are very useful. They soothe and give harmony. In addition to pine, you can use aspen and alder. Birch and beech are also relevant. Universal material for any branch of the bath - larch.

In order for the bath to be really convenient and comfortable, it is advisable to place a mirror there. Enough light will also create a good atmosphere.

If the steam issue with lighting is sometimes difficult, then in the rest room you can make high-quality light. As for materials for lamps, it is better to choose a tree from moisture-proof and heat-resistant species.

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