Do-it-yourself garden furniture

Even the most modern exterior can become much more comfortable if there is garden furniture in it. Undoubtedly, country furniture has differences with furniture items intended for arranging residential premises, therefore it can even be made from improvised means. It is enough to study a few tips, show imagination, perseverance, a little work and furniture will appear on your garden plot, which will become the object of the owner’s pride and the envy of the guests.

In this article we will explain how to make garden furniture with your own hands from wood, pallets, metal, we will show drawings, diagrams and photographs, as well as video instructions for making furniture for a garden.

How to choose a material

In order to furnish furniture harmoniously in the landscape, it is necessary to make a choice in favor of natural wood. To do this, you can use branches, trunks or tree roots that will help create unique works.

Natural wood has a variety of forms that allows you to make original furniture items with minimal processing. Choosing materials, you should be creative and try to see the unusual in ordinary things.

If you want to decorate your garden plot not only fashionable, but also reliable items, take a closer look at the table with the base of concrete blocks fastened with a solution of cement with further tiled lining. For the manufacture of countertops, you will need bars of 5 * 10 cm, fixed in frame with glue. In the holes are fastened straps forming the surface of the table.

Stylish and economical products can be obtained from the branches of flexible varieties of trees. Nothing beats beauty with wicker garden furniture. If you do not have experience in this process, stop at the bird cherry branches, which are distinguished by ease of handling and ductility.


So make furniture from tehnorotanga:

Varieties of designs

One of the most popular options for garden furniture is the gardener's workplace. Even if you are not an avid gardener, without an equipped table you will be much more difficult.

If you prefer original solutions, you can make a picnic table in an unusual style.

On a fine summer day, an arbor with folding chairs and a table, which are not only convenient but also compact, will be indispensable. Variety will be brought to the landscape by bright modular structures, such as benches. With frequent family rest, do not forget to take care of the babies and make for them a table and chairs of suitable size.


  1. Beginner carpenters in the furniture industry should give preference to more economical options, not too complicated in execution. That is, those for the manufacture of which you do not need to perform difficult connections. Make a choice in favor of wood, which is easiest to process and purchase at a relatively low cost, and working with it is much more pleasant and easier;
  2. Semi-hard, hard and soft varieties of wood, as well as wood-based materials, are ideal for practical execution of pieces of furniture. Rounded pine blanks are often used as legs, and for seats and backs - boards with a cross section of 2 * 12 cm, the armrests are optimally made of 5.5 * 3.5 cm bars;
  3. The process can be started only after you have made a sketch, either drawn or in the form of a drawing. Before you begin, decide on the dimensions of the future product, and stock up on the following tools:
  •  bolts;
  •  screws;
  •  glue PVA;
  •  self-tapping screws.

You will also need metal corners, pipes, channel bars and other available materials suitable for your chosen furniture as a support for the products. At the same time, make sure that all fasteners are fully embedded in the material, otherwise you can get hurt about them while using the furniture.

Country wood furniture must necessarily be treated with antiseptic and protective compounds that protect parts from rotting and abrasion. If you still have no experience in furniture manufacturing, follow the proven technological advice when making seats: the product should have a slight inclination towards the back, which will make the operation of the bench or chair as comfortable as possible.


In order to make a piece of furniture from the material at hand you will be helped by an old barrel, which will later become an unusual chair with a back. In the short term, you can build a bench, using stones-boulders as a supporting leg and a wooden board as a seat. For the construction of such a bench, you will need tools:

  • рубанок для обработки boards;
  • diamond drill bit;
  • anchor bolts.

Having processed the board with the help of a planer, the boulders are adjusted to the required height, having previously dug a hole and arranged a sand pillow at the bottom. In the board and stones, it is necessary to drill holes for anchor bolts.

The final step will be to tighten the bolts and cover the surface of the board with a lacquer protective layer.

The embodiment of unusual ideas

To create interesting objects to decorate the landscape, you can decorate the table, chairs and benches with beautiful original branches. Such furniture will be a wonderful and appropriate element of the garden exterior and will not leave anyone indifferent.

It is not necessary to use treated wood to create beautiful furniture, with a little imagination attached, you can successfully apply forked tree trunks without prior treatment.

Another option for making a table for giving is with a large cut of the trunk as a support and a horizontal cut of the butt as a cover. The horizontal cut is fixed on a shield made from parts of the trunk. In order to give reliability to its construction, it is necessary to prop it up with logs that have previously been hewn to the top, and fix them on support columns.

From pallets

Pallets are also called pallets. They are trays of sufficiently large sizes, which usually remain from building materials. If you do not have the funds to purchase garden furniture and even blanks for its own production, then we suggest you use pallets for this purpose. Buy them at a very affordable price in the hardware stores. There is enough of this stuff.

Boards in pallets are not laid close, but at a distance equal to half the width of the board. Pallets also have bumpers having a height of 10 to 14.5 cm. There is no uniform size of pallets, but in our country there are usually 100–120 cm and the European standard is 80–120 cm (they may have a continuous laying of boards).

Pallet handling

Regardless of what piece of garden furniture you have to make, they should be pre-processed. First you need to remove the dirt from the tree, then dry it and polish it.

In some cases, in order to avoid getting splinters at the preparatory stage, the pallets are painted with a paint and varnish coating. But, most often this action is performed at the finishing stage of furniture manufacturing.

Tools / Materials

To make garden furniture is not enough just to buy pallets. You will also need thin, not very long nails. In addition, you need to purchase furniture accessories, such as wheels, handles, etc.

You will also need varnish / paint, glue, glass, small lights and fabric. The composition of this additional set, of course, depends on the design of the furniture.

Coffee / Dining Table Making

The easiest option of garden furniture from pallets is dining and coffee tables. For their manufacture you just need to connect 2 pallets, putting them on each other and connecting them with nails. A sheet of hardboard, glass or thin wood can act as a table top. At this coffee table is ready.

For the convenience of moving it on the terrace, for example, you can fasten the wheels to the table.

For the manufacture of a dining table need more pallets. For the table top you will need 2 pieces, and for the manufacture of legs you will need 1 pallet, which you will need to cut into 4 pieces, stretching vertically and nailing at the corners.

Another variant of the legs is to take 2 pallets, arrange them vertically and nail them intact on the sides. So, you get a large dining table. If this height of the table is not enough, then you will have to put another 1 row of pallets.

If you have skills in wood carving, then you can make the legs of the desired shape.


The seating area can be decorated with sun loungers. To make them, you will need 3 pallets - 2 rectangular and 1 square (it will be 10 cm wider than the others).

Put together rectangular pallets and fasten them together with nails. Initially, the pallets need to be polished, and then painted. Now you need to make the back of the lounge chair. At this stage, you will have to work a little more. Disassemble the wide pan: remove the bottom layer and partly the middle layer (1–2 pieces should remain from it). The top layer of the pallet will serve as the base. Remove 2-3 boards from the blank backrest. They are still useful to you, so the disassembly of the pallets should be carried out very carefully, you do not need to break anything. Cut one of the planks in half.

Now place the square pallet at an angle to one of the sides of the rectangular pallet. So, you will form the back of the lounge chair. Secure it with screws removed from the pallet. On the finished product you can throw a thick cloth or mattress.

Making a sofa

Making a sofa is very simple. For its basis you will need 3 square pallets and 2 rectangular ones. As a sidewall, you can use 1 pallet, previously sawn into 2 equal parts so that you get 2 thin pallets. Entire pallets can be used as backrests. Thick screws / nails, metal corners are used for fastening.

It now remains to close the sofa with plywood, which as an option can be put on glue. Sand the sofa and paint it in accordance with the idea.

Make from foam rubber, for example, a mattress for sitting and pillows for a back. So, you get a cheap, but very original sofa.

From wood

Wood furniture is environmentally safe. It is characterized by brevity, beauty and relative ease of manufacture. Not only a man, but even a woman will cope with this task. Garden furniture can be done in many different ways.

It is easier to work with ready, pre-treated slats, bars and planks. There are both simple and complex schemes for the manufacture of furniture made of wood. To organize a recreation area, it is better to make benches with comfortable backs, for a feast you will need a whole headset. From the bench without legs is very easy to make a swing. To implement these ideas, you need to connect the imagination, have basic carpentry skills and acquire the necessary source material.

For the manufacture of furniture will not fit needles. From it stands out the resin, which will soil the clothes of the guests. If at your disposal there is only wood from the needles, then before the start of work, it must be removed from the resin.

To do this, you can use one of the compositions:

  • Mix acetone and water in a ratio of 1: 4.
  • Mix acetone and rubber soda in a 5: 1 ratio.

The surface of the tree should be treated with one of the solutions, and then rinsed with water and dried. Then the wood is treated with antiseptics and varnished.

Logs and stump benches

Monumental shops can be done very quickly. To do this you will need several logs, depending on the required number of shops. The simplest option does not require a great mind - just put a large log and throw a few pillows on top of it. But perhaps, for arranging the garden / arbors / terraces / patios it is better to come up with something more aesthetic and original.

For the organization of a dining area in the garden, you can use hemp. The chairs will be small hemp. And for the table you will need a more massive stump. To eat it was convenient, you need to fix the stumps. For example, they can be dug into the ground or placed on a flat surface - a small platform on the lawn or a pedestal on the terrace.

For the convenience of sitting, sew / order bright pillows for hemp. As a tabletop, you can use a wooden shield. In addition, decorate the back and armrests for stumps with snags and branches.

From cuts

A wood cutter can serve as an original tabletop and even a seat for a chair. For example, the saw cut of a larger diameter can be installed on a stump of a smaller diameter. They can be fixed with waterproof glue or ordinary nails.

From the tools you will need:

  • boards;
  • hacksaw;
  • sandpaper;
  • power saw;
  • varnish for wood;
  • hammer and fasteners;
  • tape measure and pencil.

Pre-obsmmolte tree. How to do this has already been mentioned above. Before installing on the stump the stool cover or tabletop must be sanded. You can make such a simple set right in the garden or in the gazebo. If it is installed in the garden, then take care of mounting a beach umbrella in the table, for example.

Of metal

Metal is more durable than wood, therefore it is better suited for making garden furniture. However, working with him is much more difficult than with a tree. For the manufacture of garden furniture are usually used thick-walled tubes of duralumin / steel. There are two options for connecting metal furniture elements:

  • Nuts / bolts.
  • Weld seam.

Duralumin is not subject to welding, so it needs to be connected only with screws / bolts.

The supporting parts of the table / benches / chairs can be made of square shaped tube. This material has an affordable price. It can be purchased in the household. stores and construction markets. In skillful workshop hands, tubular metal elements of baby strollers, duralumin folding beds and even outdated water pipes acquire the new life.

Method of work

It is easy to assemble furniture made of metal if you use bending elements from pipes or connect their straight lengths. To bend the pipe without damage, make a simple flexible tool from the automotive brake disc. You can look at how he looks a few more times.

To bend the pipe follow this instruction:

  1. Plug the end of the pipe with a cork, fill it with sand, and then plug the cork and the other end.
  2. Place it in the fold unit, pin and pin on the disc.
  3. Bend the pipe to the desired level. For this you need to make a lot of effort.

To make the bending process easier, heat the bend point with a red hot blowtorch.

Details must be the same, so you also need a plaz. It is a sheet of plywood / cardboard with contours of furniture details. After the bend, check the pipe for compliance with the contours on the plaza. If you must have several identical parts, then they will also need to be checked for coincidence with each other.

If you connected furniture elements by welding, they will have to be processed. This can be done with a grinder / file. Before finishing the metal frame, it must be cleaned of rust, if any, and then polished.

Simple frame

To make the simplest frame you will need to prepare the following tools and materials:

  1. Profile tube 20? 40.
  2. Bulgarian.
  3. Welding machine with electrodes (№3).
  4. Grinder / file.
  5. Sandpaper
  6. Square / meter.

Bench sizes depend on your needs. Cut the pipe according to the measurements:

  • 4 children for the frame.
  • 1 child for cross.
  • 4 leg lengths.
  • Paired frame parts: 2 - a length equal to the width of the bench and 2 - provided for in the scheme length.

The length of the legs should be determined depending on the height of the bench.

Metal bench assembly

  • Clean the surfaces where the weld will be. Lay out the individual frame parts on a flat surface in the same way that they will be welded. Connections must be made at an angle of 90 °. You can check their evenness with a square.
  • Mark the middle of the long sides of the frame and weld the cross member.
  • In the inner corners of the frame need to weld legs. They must be welded perpendicular to the frame plane. This is important, otherwise the frame will be uneven, and the bench unstable.

The seat can be made of MDF / thick plywood or boards. If you want the bench to be made entirely of metal, then for the seat, cut the required number of identical pieces of pipe / flat steel. Weld / screw these elements onto the frame.

In agreement with this pattern, the framework can be made not only for the bench, but also for the chair / table / stool. Just resize the frame and think about the additional elements / decor.

Bended structures

The frame of the bench of pipes bent at a right angle in two planes is shown in the diagram.

To work you will need:

  • Bulgarian;
  • tube;
  • dural / steel pipe O22 mm;
  • measuring tool;
  • screws / studs;
  • wooden bushings.

From the pipe of the appropriate length you need to bend the whole frame. This is done by the standards and design, and checked on the plaza, as in the previous case. If you have at your disposal only short sections of pipes, then they need to be bent in pieces, and then joined into a single structure. To do this, the sleeves are pushed into the butt ends. They should be fitted so that they are tight. Then drill the holes for the screws at a distance of 1 cm from the cut and fix the parts. The fastener is screwed into the sleeve through the hole.

Seating frame can be assembled from bars. In this case, it is attached to the frame with screws and corners. In the same way as in the previous case, according to this sketch, you can make a table / stool.

To make a stool bend metal parts in the shape of the letter P. This is necessary for the back, and in combination and legs. The front legs and frame for the seat are made on the same principle as the bench - bending is done in two planes. As in the previous case, it is possible to use pipe lengths, bend them in exploded fashion, and then connect them with bushings.

The front and back of the chair are joined by a weld or screws / screws.

After making the frame it needs to be processed and painted. So, you can create an imitation of wrought-iron furniture that looks very nice and noble. To make a soft seat to the base, fasten the plywood, which is pre-sheathed with foam rubber and upholstered furniture fabric, onto the screws on the corners. In the same way, make a soft back.

Increasing the length of the frame and soft parts, you get a soft garden couch.

If you master the manufacture of these simple metal elements of furniture, then in the future you will be able to make something more complicated according to the corresponding sketches / drawings.

No matter which option you choose for yourself, in any case, the result will be exclusive. And the furniture, created independently, will constantly delight the household, giving warmth, comfort and extraordinary beauty.


A photo

Schemes and drawings

Options garden furniture provided in the diagrams and drawings:

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