Bathroom and toilet combination

Well if the room for personal hygiene is spacious. However, not in all cases it is. Therefore, a large number of residents decide to combine the bathroom and toilet. As a result, you can optimize the available area. In carrying out this work, you should consider some important nuances. It is about them and will be discussed in this article, as well as you will learn about the technological process of combining these two rooms.

Important nuances

Not in all cases of combinations of a bath with a bathroom is possible. For example, if a large number of people live in your apartment. Otherwise, it can trigger bursts. Therefore, in such cases, it would be preferable to leave two separate rooms.

Moreover, consider the fact that when combined, it is necessary to ensure high-quality sound insulation from the kitchen. Otherwise, unpleasant odors, draining the tank, etc. will constantly penetrate the kitchen.

Make sure that the riser does not interfere with alignment. Based on this, decide in advance where the sewer and water pipes will be connected. Often when dismantling the partition, interfere with communication. In some cases, you can solve the problem by installing the installation in a hidden method.

Well, and another, important point that you should definitely take into account is the possibility of reconciliation. Any change in the layout of the apartment, it is necessary to coordinate with Zhilinspektsii. Therefore, first of all, solve all bureaucratic issues with the papers, and then proceed to work with a clear conscience.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of such a solution is the increase in usable area. After all, it becomes possible to install a washing machine and other plumbing fixtures. Moreover, it is possible to install a shower cabin by removing the bath. Or, conversely, install a large corner bath. Among other things, the increase in the area makes it possible to use design skills, making niches in the walls. It is also possible to completely hide the water and sewer pipes.

With regard to the disadvantages of such a solution, the combined toilet and bath can create inconveniences for their use, especially if your family is large. And if people of retirement age live in an apartment with you, then for them such changes will seem like a real disaster. For this, think over and discuss this redevelopment several times.

Redevelopment methods

There are several methods of how to perform redevelopment associated with the combination of toilet and bathroom.

  1. Pool without affecting the corridor. This means complete disassembly of the partition between the bathroom and the toilet.
  2. Combining with the extension to the corridor. In this case, the extension goes towards the living space.

In some houses in the partition are placed the risers of sewage, ventilation and water supply. If it is possible to solve the problem with the latter, then it’s impossible to transfer the sewer riser and ventilation. In this case, the redevelopment is not even worth thinking about.

In the panel house

To dismantle the wall in the panel house can be a daunting task. The wall is composed of reinforcement, which can be cut only by the grinder. Frankly, this is a very painstaking and time-consuming work.

You should not cut the wall itself with the grinder. It is necessary to cut the reinforcement directly. Otherwise, you may suffocate from dust.

To do this, use a hammer drill and bump. To make it easier to take out the garbage, form piles of the dismantled wall so that they are small in size, and so that they can be lifted.

In Khrushchev

A little different things are with the redevelopment in Khrushchev. Due to the fact that the walls are made of brick, the process of dismantling will be easier. Moreover, if the old brick can be removed without damaging, then it can be reused. For example, an old brick can be laid one of the doorways. So, for the dismantling of the brick partition will require a hammer drill and a hammer.

Sequence of redevelopment

Having started redevelopment, it is important to adhere to a specific sequence. The order of work is as follows:

  • First of all, it is necessary to shut off all the taps and, if possible, shut off the water riser.
  • Also carry out draining water from the system, this also applies to draining water from the tank.
  • Further, the dismantling of the pipeline and the existing mounted items, whether a boiler, or lockers, etc.
  • After that, dismantle the old finish from the walls should be carried out.
  • Now you can disassemble the partition.
  • After that, all construction waste from the toilet and bathroom is completely removed.
  • Mount a new water and sewer system.
  • Also you are laying a new wiring with grounding.
  • Provide the combined room with a sufficient number of sockets and switches.
  • The seam in place of the wall must be sealed with facing materials.

If you plan not only the demolition of the wall, but also a complete redevelopment of the room, you will have to make an additional set of works. For example, to bring water and sewage in the right places. Also install the corner bath or shower. If the floor level does not match, then you may need to make a new screed. In this case, you can think about installing a floor heating system in the bathroom. Considering that the humidity in this room is always high, floor heating will be very helpful.

Following this procedure, you can make work on the combination of these two premises successfully and without outside help. Though, probably, the help of qualified specialists will be necessary, making a start from what it is necessary to make the whole complex of works concerning installation of the important communications.

So, now you know how to combine a bathroom with a bath. If you have practical experience in performing such works, your comments will be very helpful. You can also help beginners who have not yet had enough experience. Below is a series of photographs showing redevelopment.


In the provided video material, you will clearly see the method of combining the bath and the toilet:

A photo

The photographs show various options for redevelopment of the bath and toilet:

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