What to cover the roof of the house: the choice of material

Which element of the construction has priority? Select one thing is not possible. Without a strong and durable foundation, good walls, it is difficult to imagine a comfortable home. The roof protects the entire building from the negative effects of precipitation, so it is necessary with particular care and attention to the choice of roofing material and its subsequent installation.

What are the requirements?

Requirements for roofing materials

From what quality roofing material will be laid on the truss system, depends on the comfort of living in the house. It also has its specific requirements:

  1. Strength. The roof must withstand heavy rainfall, as well as the weight of a person during minor repairs on it.
  2. Durability. Climatic destructive factors (temperature drops, humidity, solar radiation, precipitation) actively influence the wear of the coating.
  3. Low weight. The use of special equipment means additional costs, i.e. cheaper to carry out installation work yourself.
  4. Aesthetic appearance. The roof should be not only strong, but also to please the eye.

The modern construction market is able to offer a considerable amount of various materials that meet all these requirements. The choice is great. But still, how to cover the roof of the house?

Short review

Types of roofing materials

Now there is an opportunity to choose a roof covering for every taste and wealth, both completely natural and made from polymers. The materials presented on the market can be divided into several types:

  1. roll;
  2. metal;
  3. shingles

Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Decide what better to use to be yourself. We can only describe their properties in general terms.

Coverage selection

Roll-up roll roofing

The most common and accessible of them is roofing felt. From it it turns out quite a decent roof, in terms of performance, however, it is advisable to use this material on single-sided versions of the roof construction. Over time, when exposed to negative temperatures, the roofing material loses its elasticity and is prone to cracking.



Один из наиболее распространенных кровельных материалов. Обладает хорошими показателями прочности, долговечности и влагостойкости. Положить шифер будет относительно недорого, но привычный для нас шифер имеет довольно большой вес, что значительно увеличит общую нагрузку на стропильную систему, вследствие чего её необходимо будет дополнительно укреплять. Slate склонен к образованию на его поверхности мха, он изначально достаточно хрупок, и с годами эксплуатации это свойство будет только усиливаться.

Profiled metal sheets


Sheet corrugated durable, easy to install and have a light weight. The material is completely unpretentious to use, has a long life. Note his certain negative qualities. The coating of this metal will be somewhat noisy, so you need to carry out additional work to ensure sound insulation of the roof. Waterproofing will also be appropriate, since when the temperature drops on the inner surface of the roof, the process of moisture condensation occurs.

Metal tile

Metal Roof

In general, this material differs little from the previous one. The metal tile itself is thin, it is very easy to bend or damage the integrity of the outer protective layer, which will lead to corrosion and loss of performance characteristics of the damaged section of the roof.

Natural tile

Natural tile

It has been used for a long time. It has excellent performance. The lifetime of such coverage is calculated for decades. Moisture resistance, noise insulation qualities, resistance to UV exposure - all this is inherent in shingles. There is also a downside - this is a relatively high brittleness of the material and a large enough weight. Natural tile expensive, but the classic style and high performance in many characteristics are worth it.

Soft tile

Soft tile

The roof of soft tile consists of plates, visually similar to the previous material. This coating has good performance in many areas. When carrying out roofing work it is necessary to follow certain rules. When exposed to high temperatures, the joints of the individual elements of the roof are tightly melted by themselves. On the one hand, this has the most positive effect on moisture resistance, but on the other hand, it does not allow air to circulate fully. Therefore, the laying of soft tiles is best to entrust experts.


Onduinовая кровля

It has impressive durability and strength characteristics. It has waterproofing and noise suppressing properties. Relatively simple in terms of installation. It copes well with the negative effects of moisture, ultraviolet radiation, negative temperatures and wind. We note the resistance of ondulin to the formation of various kinds of fungi and high environmental friendliness. The coating of it is strong enough to withstand the weight of a person. This factor is especially important when carrying out repairs. Also ondulin sheets do not crack when used during the installation of the roof of nails.

The modern construction market offers a large number of options for roof arrangement that can satisfy any requirements. You can pick the right material, based on environmental friendliness, performance, aesthetic qualities, price indicators or other considerations. Some coatings are quite simple in terms of installation, and you can do this work yourself, for others - the services of specialists will be needed, because the durability of the entire structure depends on the quality of the roof.


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