The technology of mounting a membrane roof: device and

The development of the production of new materials greatly simplifies any repair. In the case of roof guidance, you can choose a variety of options for each case. The use of membrane coatings, whose installation technology is relatively simple, and with some basic knowledge, the work can be done independently, is gaining increasing popularity. The problem may be the need to use special tools.

What is a membrane

Let's talk about the material and its performance.

PVC membrane

Membrane coating is a roll material made on the basis of PVC and having the following characteristic properties:

  • Significant resistance to environmental influences. The roof will be waterproof and immune to ultraviolet radiation, mechanical loads and temperature changes, which allows it to be used in almost all climatic zones.
  • Its service life is estimated in tens of years, therefore, despite the rather high price, its acquisition can be considered a rather economical option.
  • In the case of the use of special tools (which are far from everyone), the installation of the film is not particularly difficult. Tools can be rented.
  • Extremely quickly mounted. In the conditions of private home ownership work can be done in one day.
  • Due to its structure, membrane roofing can be used on roofs of very different shapes and configurations, which makes it very versatile.
Roofing Cake

As for the negative aspects, one can only recall here about some high cost of the material and the use of special tools for mounting, but these disadvantages are more than overlaid with advantages.


Membrane roof mounting methods

Для правильной и качественной укладки необходим монтажный фен. Technology подразумевает нагревание соединяемых частей до температуры более 500°C, поэтому стоит соблюдать осторожность при работе. Суть действий заключается в следующем:

  • First, the continuous lathing of the truss system is mounted. The membrane has no own stiffness, and this determines the specificity of the work.
  • Next, the roll is cut with a simple stationery knife into strips of the required size.
  • After laying the first strip it is fixed with the help of special nails with wide caps (for private households). If a large and flat area is covered, such as the roof of an industrial enterprise or a similar structure, then a mounting device is used that simultaneously plugs in the dowel and fixes the sheet to the roof.
  • After fixing the first sheet, the second sheet is laid down with a 6 cm overlap (when using additional fastening - 12 cm).
  • It is necessary to make a primary fixation by melting the dotted edges in increments of about 50 cm.
  • Next is a complete fixation. A hair dryer with a fixing attachment is placed under the overlap and, heating the material from the inside of the seam, smoothly moves along it. At the same time, the heated area is rolled by a silicone roller.
  • Similarly, all other bands are attached.
Hair dryer with nozzle

The device of such a roof can not be called particularly difficult. For greater clarity and a better understanding of the essence of the work, you can read the relevant video on the topic.

Special machinery

If the installation is carried out qualitatively, the result will delight for more than one decade, in addition, work is carried out quickly.


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