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Since the appearance on the construction market, profiled flooring has become a very popular material with which frame structures are quickly and easily built, walls are sheathed, and roofing is laid. Technical characteristics, small weight and reasonable price allocate the pro-thinned-out sheet among analogs. The range of products of this type includes about a hundred different brands, having various sizes, the shape of the profile and carrying capacity. In this article we will tell you about the C21 sheeting, about the performance of this multifunctional material, as well as how it can be used in construction.

Composition and types

The professional flooring C21 is made from galvanized steel, which is given a trapezoidal profile with a wave height of 21 mm. This material belongs to the wall type, however, the technical characteristics, dimensions, and sufficient bearing capacity of the profiled sheet make it possible to use it as a roofing one. The combination of low price, quality and long service life make this material one of the most purchased types of corrugated board. It comes in the following forms:

  • Unpainted professional flooring of the C21 brand. It is made of zinc-coated steel billet, which increases the corrosion resistance of the material. As a rule, this type of metal profiled sheet is cheaper by 10-100% than analogs with a polymer coating, but it serves much less.
  • The painted professional flooring C21. On one or two sides of this type of profiled steel sheet during the production process, a protective polymer coating is applied that protects the metal from mechanical damage or corrosion. Improved technical characteristics and aesthetic appearance made this material a leader in roofing applications.
The structure of the sheet corrugated Appearance sheet

Important! The quality and size of profiled steel sheet is strictly regulated by regulatory documents. Galvanized corrugated grade C21 produced according to GOST 24045-94 or TU 1122-079-02494680-01. A painted professional sheet with a polymer coating must meet the requirements of GOST R 52146-2003.

Standard sizes

Specifications, внешний вид и размеры профнастила марки С21 регламентируются государственным стандартом на данный вид продукции. Quality material has a current certificate of conformity and marking, it indicates the type, profile height, useful width, as well as the thickness of the steel billet from which the material was produced. It has the following specifications:

  1. The professional flooring C21 has a useful width of 1000 mm, although it is made from galvanized rolled steel 1250 mm wide. The geometric width of the material is 1051 mm.
  2. Due to the technical features of the production, the profiled sheet of this brand can have a length of from 1 to 12 m. Cutting is done arbitrarily or in agreement with the customer. More often, the material is cut into sheets with a length of up to 6 m, since the transportation of oversized cargo is cheaper.
  3. The profile of this brand has a trapezoidal shape with a height of 21 mm, which provides a high bearing capacity.
  4. The thickness of the rolled steel from which the profiled flooring of this brand is produced is 0.4-0.8 mm.
  5. The weight of 1 square meter of material, based on the thickness of the steel billet, is 4.45-8.4 kg, which allows you to create lightweight structures.

Note! For the construction of the roof, it is more convenient to purchase a professional sheet of the C21 brand, the size of the sheet of which is 1051x3000 mm or more. And for the construction of fences and fences more suitable material with a size of 1051x2400 mm. The possibility of cutting sheets on request of the client significantly reduces costs by reducing the amount of residues during installation.

Standard sizes Specifications


Although professional flooring C21 refers to the wall type, as clearly indicated by the marking of this material, it has a universal purpose. Good performance, affordable price, lightness and high carrying capacity allow you to use this type of metal profiled sheet to solve a variety of construction tasks. Profiled S-21 used:

  • For roofing on flat or pitched roofs with any angle of inclination of industrial, commercial and residential buildings.
  • For the manufacture of prefabricated insulated sandwich panels used for the construction of frame houses.
  • For the reconstruction of buildings by covering the walls.
  • For the construction of fences and fences cottages, industrial facilities, construction.
  • For the construction of light frame structures (warehouses, shopping pavilions, cabins).
  • For cladding and wall insulation.

Professional roofing masters say that provided the organization of the correct lathing and the rafter frame, the roof covering made of this type of profiled flooring will last up to 35-40 years, especially if you do not forget about regular maintenance of the structure.

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