Lathing for soft roofing - design and installation

Shingles - a modern, practical roofing material, which is made of fiberglass impregnated with modified bitumen. It has a low weight, aesthetic appearance, resistance to environmental factors and the effects of fungi or other microorganisms. The peculiarity of this roof covering is that it does not have a rigid form, therefore, a solid foundation is necessary for its installation. Lathing under the soft roof is an important element of the roof structure, on which the durability and reliability of the material depends. In this article we will describe how to properly prepare the foundation for the shingles.


A crate is a base on which a roof covering is made consisting of wooden bars or plywood. It is nailed with nails to the rafters of the frame to ensure strength and even distribution of the weight of the soft roof. Shingles - lightweight material, 1 square meter which weighs up to 13 kg, but it needs a reliable basis, as it does not hold the form itself. There are 2 types of crates design:

  • Sparse. Sparse crate is made of wooden bars with a thickness of 3-4 cm or boards. The distance between these bars is called a pitch, for mounting a soft roof, it should not exceed 50 cm.
  • Сплошная. Solid crate изготавливается из листов влагостойкой фанеры или древесностружечной плиты. Она служит прекрасным основанием для настила битумной черепицы, благодаря ровной, гладкой поверхности.
Kinds обрешетки Roofing pie for shingles

Important! It is recommended to use coniferous wood, dried to a moisture content of 20 percent, for making crates for flexible tiles. Such material is more resistant to moisture, fungus and rot, which prolongs the life of the structure.


The batten used for the installation of a flexible roof differs from that used in the case of metal profile flooring. Shingles - flexible material that does not have a rigid form, so it must be laid on a solid foundation. Therefore, the design of the roofing pie for this roofing material consists of the following elements:

  1. Counterbribe. This element is made of wooden slats with a thickness of 2-3 cm, which are mounted along the rafter legs. They are used to fix the waterproofing film and the organization of the ventilation gap, which is necessary to improve air circulation.
  2. Sparse. Sparse crate is nailed along the ramp, perpendicular to the rafters. It is made of unedged or edged boards 150x20 mm in size with a step of 30-50 cm. Sparse lathing evenly distributes the weight of the roof between the truss legs.
  3. Solid. Solid crate used as the basis for the laying of shingles, made from sheets of moisture-resistant plywood or particle board. In addition to the support function, this structural element also performs an insulating function - it plays the role of insulation and noise insulation.

Note! Shingles has a rough, non-slip surface, so in the winter, snow accumulates on it. Reliable lathing will help the soft roof to keep its shape and transfer intensive snow loads.

Design мягкой кровли Solid crate


Crate under a soft roof is made of wood, dried to a moisture content of 20% and treated with antiseptic means of deep penetration. In order not to damage the bottom surface of the roofing material, knots, notches, irregularities should be removed from the boards. Better to crate or oshkurit elements. To base served long and reliably, you must consider the following factors:

  • Snow load in the area where construction is underway. When choosing a structure and step between the bars, it is necessary to take into account the climatic factor. If there is a lot of snow, then the foundation for installing shingles should be strengthened.
  • The weight of the roofing material. One square meter of shingles weighing no more than 13 kg, but in combination with insulation and waterproofing load on the rafters can exceed 300 kg / m2.
  • Roof slope. The smaller the slope of the roof, the stronger should be lathing, since from the sloping slopes the snow does not slide off independently, but accumulates, increasing the load on the rafter system.

Note that even the slightest irregularity on the ground as a result of friction leads to the appearance of tears in shingles. To prevent this, the structure of the batten is made in three stages, and its surface is leveled with the help of a building level.

Requirements к обрешетке Materials for the manufacture of solid crates

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