Broken roof itself

Broken roofs are called overlapping houses, the shape of which is determined by a significant number of broken lines. In essence, they represent a sophisticated version of the gable roofs and are created with the aim of increasing the living spaces that are planned for the creation of mansard rooms. In addition, broken roofs are installed not only for the practical use of increased spatial volume, but also for the simple pleasure that is being tested when visually contemplating the upper part of their own home.

One of the drawbacks of such a roof is cumbersome, but if the house as a whole is architecturally correct to fit into the overall picture of nearby buildings and correctly select the tone of the roofing material, then the broken roof will fit organically.

At present, when the cost of land not only within the city, but also beyond its borders is expensive, it is expedient and advantageous to equip an additional floor in your own house. In a room with a high ceiling, you can always create a bedroom, study, billiard room or sports area. In any case, there are many ways to practical use of additional space.

Of course, to build a broken roof with your own hands is much more difficult than a gable or hip roof. You need to start building with the calculation


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For any type of roof is a calculation consisting of 2 parts. First you need to calculate the amount of roofing material. The second part of the calculation is designed to determine the ability to bear the load of the beams of the rafter system. In the first case, being a savvy man in the field of geometry and mathematics, it is easy to determine the purchasing volume of the metal tile based on the known roof sizes and roof dimensions. Calculate the truss structure on the carrying capacity will be much more difficult. It is better to entrust the design of the construction of a broken roof to a specialist. When drafting the project, he will calculate:

  • how much the roof cover weighs;
  • what is the load from the cover formed after the snow fell;
  • how much the crate weighs, which is made of bars of different sections;
  • at what angle the slopes will be tilted;
  • how much hydro and vapor insulation weighs;
  • what is the length of the span from the overhang of the eaves to the ridge;
  • how much the under-roof heater weighs;
  • what step to install the battens and rafters;
  • what load the construction carries because of temporary stay on the roof of the workers servicing the roof, transitional bridges, aerators, fencing, dormer windows, fans and others.

If you are engaged in the calculation yourself, you will need the help of a specialist to test the chosen structure for strength. Having the necessary data, you should use a special program designed to calculate the system of rafters and determine the viability of the selected structure, based on the parameters, characteristics and sections of parts selected for the designed roof.

To make the broken roof reliable and durable, using the results, you can make the necessary amendments to the technical characteristics of the battens or rafters, as well as replace the roofing material chosen earlier. In addition, using the capabilities of the program, you can make adjustments to the configuration of a sloping roof in a 3D projection.

Necessary materials

Used tree Materials to be used

After the calculation has been done and the cross-section of the batten and rafters selected, it is time to choose the roofing and other materials necessary for arranging the broken roof. For the system of rafters, girders and mowerlat, located around the perimeter of the roof, solid and thick wooden bars will be needed. For rafter legs trim boards will be necessary. For lathing and kontrlatki under waterproofing film, insulation and roofing material, will need slats and parallel bars smaller. For fixing the connections need thick plywood.

Note! Materials should be made of coniferous wood with a moisture content of up to 22% without knots, blue and tree borers. All parts of the wood before installation work must be treated with at least 2 layers of antiseptics to prevent rotting. During the operation of the roof antiseptic work should be carried out with a certain regularity.

The strength of the roof structure is influenced not only by the correct installation, but also by the quality of the wood.

In addition to the antiseptics, the impregnation of the wooden parts of the structure is also carried out by fire retardants, which counteract the burning of the material

Processing of wood parts is carried out in an open area or indoors with normal air circulation in gloves and a respirator. Wood cover solutions in 2 layers with a spray or brush. Before performing further work, the solution must be completely dry.

In addition to all the above-mentioned equipment for the equipment of a broken roof, it will be necessary to purchase in the right quantity roofing material, insulation, hydro and vapor insulating materials. Among the fasteners will need nails and screws, bolts and nuts, studded plates of metal and other fasteners.

Frame and roof installation

Frame and roof installation

Installation of a broken roof is carried out in a certain order:

  • High density cardboard is used to make templates of necessary parts, with the help of which the wooden elements of the structure will be cut at a certain angle. To cut templates like
  • High density cardboard is used to make templates of necessary parts, with the help of which the wooden elements of the structure will be cut at a certain angle. To cut the templates as accurately as possible, and the rafters did not need to be strongly customized, use a ready-made roof drawing.
  • The elements prepared with the help of the template rise to the upper overlap. The side elements are fixed to the mauerlat, to which the upper ones are attached. Sections are fixed to one another at the right angle with plywood overlays.
  • The girder bar is fastened to the upper sections and parts of the gable, after which the fixed bracing bars are fixed.
  • The installation of the rafter system ends with the installation of a vertical rack.
Roof types

After the construction of the frame begins finishing work:

  • Mandatory element of the construction of the roof is its insulation. Without insulation attic in the cold period will turn into a non-residential premises, which makes the conduct of all construction work in an unnecessary venture.
  • Steam and waterproofing of the roof is carried out with a film over the rafters and attached to them with a construction stapler, making efforts to prevent sagging. In this case, there will be not only leakage, but condensate will not form.
  • At the finishing stage roofing work is performed. First, a crate made of wood or metal is mounted above the waterproofing, after which the roofing material of the selected type is installed on it. Making the crate, do not forget that the slopes of the sloping roof have different angles.


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