What you need for laying laminate

Laminated coating of the modern sample is increasingly coming to the forefront. This material is easy to install, affordable price and incredibly attractive appearance. Find out what you need for laying laminate, you can in this article.

Laying laminate. Main provisions

Mounting principle

For this type of flooring is important to have a smooth and strong base. It is necessary to follow certain rules:

  1. Temperature fluctuations in the room can be within 15-30 degrees. Humidity should not exceed 70%.
  2. On the eve of the work on laying the laminate, the selected material should be adapted to the external conditions for 2 days, i.e. leave the material in the room where the laying work will be carried out.
  3. It is important to conduct verification activities regarding the floor surface using a conventional level or rule. A variant of the norm will be readings constituting up to 2 mm of the height difference by 1 m.
  4. Lay out the laminate is necessary on a strong and durable base. To produce laminate flooring on an unstable wooden flooring or carpet is not worth it.
  5. Preferring a particular type of laminated board, it is important to check the quality of the packaging material. He must be whole.
  6. This type of coating is afraid of increasing the humidity, so it is not mounted in rooms where it exceeds the permissible readings.
  7. Laminate is laid on a special base with good sound and heat insulation.

Features of the preparatory work

Components of laminated floors

Laminated coating can be laid on various surfaces - among them wood, concrete, tile. Any of the grounds presented must be prepared for the main works.

  1. Laying out the laminated board on a concrete base is possible only 1 month after pouring the concrete screed. When buying it is important to pay attention to the integrity of the packaging. If possible defects are found, it is recommended to work on leveling the floor surface. To do this, use a special mortar. If an unduly deformed surface is present, a new tie must be made.
  2. Laying the laminate on a wooden base, it is important to provide a solid base mounting to the logs. In turn, these parts must be distinguished by their own strength. The presence of inappropriate lag is reason to replace them. The wood floor can be leveled by laying plywood sheets on it.
  3. When laying laminate flooring on linoleum or tile, made in accordance with basic requirements, you can not lay a layer of vapor barrier.

Set of tools

In order to carry out the correct installation of the selected coating, it is important to use the following tools:

  • pencil, tape measure;
  • square;
  • hammer;
  • kit for laying laminated board;
  • hacksaw with small teeth, electric jigsaw;
  • plinth, corners.

Material laying methods


Traditionally allocate locking and adhesive bonding of the structure.

  • Gluing laminate is carried out in the usual way. The edges of the panels are treated with glue, then they are firmly fastened. In this case, the laminated board acquires the ability to withstand increased loads. This mounting option is rarely used. This is due to the complexity of the installation itself and the ability to dismantle only with significant damage to the outer layer.
  • The locking connection by fastening the spike panels into the groove is carried out with a special Click lock. At the same time when installing it is important to observe the angle of inclination - 30 degrees. As soon as the panel is lowered, you can talk about closing and reliable fixation of the lock. The design of this plan is distinguished by incredible reliability and strength. The choice of good quality material allows you to make the connection points of the panels almost invisible.

Types of castle connections

  • Lock fastener lock designs are designed for a flawlessly flat base. Dock panels should be using a hammer, observing special care and respect for the selected material.
  • Laminate with Unilock locks can be laid in different ways.

Work plan

Layout Examples

The classic version of the installation of laminated boards is reduced to laying the material according to the direction of light. There are the following options for finishing the floor:

  1. The traditional principle is famous for its efficiency. There is almost no waste. Begin the installation process from the window opening. Cropped panels can be successfully used for laying the next row of panels.
  2. The chess order is distinguished by a peculiar pattern, consisting in a special stacking of boards. The amount of waste with this installation option will be somewhat large compared to the previous version. Laying lamella diagonally done in the same way as the classic. The main difference will be in positioning the panels at an angle of 45 ° to the wall.
  3. Any of these options is to offset the side locks when laying the next row. The result is a particularly reliable coating.

The peculiarity of installation

This is how the substrate is laid under the laminate.

Initially, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work to clean the surface. To do this, you can use a vacuum cleaner. The next action will be laying of polyethylene, then comes the substrate layer. Appeared gaps can be closed with scotch tape.

Note! Do not forget about the need for a gap between the wall and the laminate, it helps to cope with the periodic changes in humidity and air temperature. As a result of the active influence of such factors, the lamellae can significantly deform, swell and move.

Installation of flooring

The connection is carried out first from the end sides, then with the already laid panels of the previous row. If necessary, you can resort to treatment with sealant.

Lamella laying pattern

Installation of laminate should be carried out starting from the corner zones. It is here that most often have radiators. To make a hole for pipes, you must use a drill. After that, you can close the hole with a plastic stroke.

Note! If there is an opening that involves opening the door to the room, then the laying of the laminate starts from this point. Or else the door would otherwise have to be removed. In order for the drawing of the laminate to be solid, it is important to lay entire panels in the doorway.

Piling in the doorway

Spreading the last row, you need to trim the final slat to the appropriate size. Then you can install plastic skirting.

Plinths are fixed to the wall with dowels, screws or special fixings.

Once the main work steps have been completed, the floor will be ready for use. The exceptions are materials, glued with a special composition. The base will take time to dry completely. Used in the work of quality material and a serious approach will help make the floor beautiful, strong, reliable, cost-effective.


Tools for laying laminate and working with them:

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