What is better laminate or linoleum

The modern market offers many floor coverings that have a ton of advantages. When choosing a material you should pay attention to practicality, sound insulation, sound absorption, environmental friendliness and other characteristics. The list of flooring parameters is individual and depends only on the requirements.

Quality linoleum costs no less than laminated board, but the appearance of the latter is recognized by many buyers to be more aesthetic and natural. The service life of a laminate is slightly less than that of a linoleum coating. Moisture on the floor will damage only the laminated board, no matter how long it has served.

Which flooring to prefer? What is more practical? By what parameters to choose and how to care, so as not to harm the material? It is very difficult to give an objective answer, because the type of room, the preference of the owners and the care taken care of are important.

By linoleum, almost all are biased. Most people consider it to be outdated flooring, but it is not. Before buying a material, it is worth making a list of the characteristics that it should possess, and not make impulsive and emotional acquisitions.



Linoleum имеет и второе название – ПВХ-покрытие. Именно это словосочетание прекрасно отражает суть современного покрытия, потому что оно полностью искусственное. Натуральный линолеум должен состоять из природных компонентов, таких как льняное масло, известняковый порошок и другие.

If you want to buy a natural linoleum coating, then you will have to look for it, since it is not everywhere. If you are looking for something cheaper, then this is not the material, because its cost is several times higher than that of an artificial counterpart. The material that is so often used in many public organizations is PVC coating.

Of course, comparing the natural flooring and artificial floor is meaningless, because they have too many differences. When considering the characteristics of both materials, we will rely on the fact that they are artificial.

Linoleum classification

Linoleum classification

PVC coating can be divided into several types, based on the scope and strength. For example, commercial linoleum is distinguished by high durability, while household linoleum is distinguished by a variety of textures and patterns, in semi-commercial, quality is combined.

Commercial linoleum - high strength flooring. Such material is used in public places with high attendance, such as educational institutions, trading floors or medical institutions. Commercial linoleum has another important characteristic - the top layer is treated with an anti-slip agent, which increases the safety of the material several times.


Domestic линолеум можно использовать лишь в жилых помещениях из-за невысокой прочности. Преимущество такого покрытия в разнообразии расцветок, которые позволяют подобрать материал под любой интерьер. Domestic линолеум может имитировать дерево, плитку или другие материалы.


A variety of colors boasts semi-commercial linoleum. The strength of this material is somewhat higher than that of the previous type, and therefore it can be operated longer. Such a coating can be laid not only in residential premises, but also in public. For buildings with high traffic, such as factory shops or supermarkets, it is best to use commercial linoleum. Semi-commercial linoleum is chosen more often because it is more practical.

The benefits of linoleum

The benefits of linoleum

  • Low price.
  • A variety of colors. This advantage will allow you to choose linoleum for any interior solution.
  • Laying. The simplicity of this process allows you to lay linoleum coating without much effort. Anyone can do this, because you need only a little strength and patience.
  • Low thermal conductivity. This flooring is chosen because it is warmer to the touch.
  • Not rotting. Putrid processes can not damage the material, as it is made of synthetic components.
  • Noise isolation.
  • In many varieties of linoleum there is an anti-slip coating.
  • Shelf life. Manufacturers say about 30-50 years of excellent material service, but in fact, after a decade, the appearance is lost, although the characteristics remain the same.

Disadvantages of linoleum

  • Artificiality. Non-natural constituent materials significantly impair its characteristics. The quality and environmental friendliness of linoleum is much less than that of a wooden floor.
  • Mechanical damage can ruin the material. For example, there will be dents from the sofa, as well as other heavy furniture.
  • Poor quality coating is sensitive to temperature variations.
  • Appearance. Many people believe that linoleum has a cheap look, but this is not always the case. Manufacturers of this material offer such a wide range that you can choose beautiful items.



This flooring is also called laminated flooring, although this is wrong. The laminate has no relation to the parquet floor, because the first material belongs to natural (wood), and the second - to artificial.

Laminate - finishing material consisting of several layers, all components of which are of artificial origin. Multi-layer coating affects its characteristics.

Coverage Classes

Let's sort each layer in the order of their location. First comes the dense substrate, after which the base is chipboard or MDF. On top of these two layers is laid decorative paper, the pattern on which makes the material unique. This sandwich is covered with a polymer layer - laminate, which purpose is to protect the lower layers from external influences. High-quality laminated parquet may contain several components in the upper layer.

Laminate class is the main criterion for choosing a flooring for a specific room. This parameter reflects the level of wear resistance of the material. Flooring is divided into: designed for residential (apartments and houses) and public buildings.


Wear-resistant laminate laid in children's institutions, shops or cafes. It is also used in rooms where the permeability is very high. In the kitchen, you can use moisture-resistant laminate, the edges of which are impregnated with a special substance.

Laminated parquet, as well as linoleum, can imitate other materials - sand, ceramics and others. The surface of the coating can be glossy or matte, as well as have the structure of a certain material under which it is made. The range, cost and structure will not help you decide which is better: laminate or linoleum.

Benefits ламината


  • Low price. Parquet will cost much more expensive than laminate, but they are not very different in characteristics.
  • A variety of colors. Not only the range can boast material, but also a wide choice of textures. Laminate can imitate ceramic tiles or wooden floors with success.
  • Laying. If earlier installation of the laminate was carried out in an adhesive way, then its modern varieties are connected by a locking method, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the process.

The disadvantages of laminate

  • The use of non-moisture resistant laminate in rooms with high humidity reduces its service life. In general, it will serve for about 5 years.
  • Artificiality. According to the characteristics of the laminate is significantly inferior to floor coverings made from natural materials.
  • Damage. The top layer is easily spoiled by dropping a sharp object.
  • Care. Wrong or frequent washing of the laminate can ruin its appearance. Excess moisture and chemicals leave white spots on the surface.
  • Tightness. Proper installation of laminate in compliance with the requirements can not guarantee the tightness of the seams, so they will get dust and moisture.
  • Water spilled on the floor will ruin it.

What's better

These two materials have similarities, such as:

  • beautiful appearance
  • low cost,
  • both floors do not fade under the sun,
  • sustainability
  • easy installation

If you are interested in what is cheaper: laminate or linoleum, then definitely can not be said. In general, it is believed that linoleum will cost less than laminate. However, high quality linoleum or the same natural linoleum at a price can significantly exceed the laminate.

How to wash

There are laminate and linoleum and differences:

  • Linoleum легко моется водой, тогда как его конкурента мочить не рекомендуется.
  • The duration of the laminate is two times less.
  • Both materials are combustible, but linoleum is less so.
  • Mechanical damage practically does not damage the laminate, while dents will remain on the second material.
  • Flooding the premises on the linoleum will not affect, and the laminate will have to be changed.
  • Transporting linoleum is more laborious.
  • Environmentally friendly laminate much more.
  • Linoleum повышает уровень звукоизоляции, чего нельзя сказать о втором материале.
  • Linoleum is also chosen because it is warmer after all.

So, natural coating (laminate) has fewer advantages, but it has more disadvantages. Of course, the difference between them is not so significant as to firmly declare “good” and “bad” flooring, so when choosing, be guided by the characteristics of the room.

Choosing material for the floor by type of room

Laminate is more suitable for the bedroom, although in the living room it will also be appropriate. This flooring is less toxic, so feel free to lay it in the hallway. In the kitchen, it is better to lay linoleum because of its moisture resistance, but if changing the floor covering every 5 years does not scare you, then you can also use laminated flooring.

Laminate in the bedroom

For an office with a large attendance, linoleum is preferable. The snag of such a choice is not even in frequent repairs, but in the fact that the laminate will quickly begin to produce unpleasant sounds that will negatively affect the image.

Note! Laminated board is noisy and with active movement on it makes distracting sounds that can reduce the efficiency of employees.

On the loggia or balcony is better to lay linoleum. Even if you forget to close the window on a rainy day, nothing will happen to this flooring, but you will have to change the laminate. Consider that at low temperatures linoleum can crack, especially if it is of poor quality.

Linoleum на балконе

In general, if we talk about what is more practical, then it is unambiguous: all the rooms where the humidity is above the norm and there is a risk of water ingress should be covered with linoleum. In residential buildings, it is also preferable to use this coating at least because of its low thermal conductivity. Laminated flooring is less practical, as it is necessary to monitor the amount of water and the aggressiveness of chemical detergents when caring for it. And the rest of the two materials are almost identical, which simplifies the selection.

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