Laminate with or without chamfer

Доступность, разнообразие фактур и цветов, эстетичность, простота укладки и эксплуатации. Это лишь некоторые положительные характеристики ламината. Не удивительно, что многие покупатели отдают предпочтение именно этому виду напольного покрытия. Среди прочих свойств этого материала, при его выборе следует решить, приобрести ламинат с фаской или без нее. What is a chamfer? Какой лучше выбрать ламинат? В этой статье, вы узнаете ответы на эти вопросы.

What is a chamfer

The recess at the junction of the two lamellae is called the bevel on the laminate. Such recesses are made by pressing. Bevel or chamfer make the laminate very similar to a plank floor, and a narrow laminate with a chamfer mimics single-sided parquet. As for the lamellas without chamfer, when mounted, the surface is perfectly smooth.

So look boards with a facet

Note! The thickness of the laminate with a chamfer must be at least 12 mm. Only in this case it will correspond to the strength of the coating without chamfer.

Slats are made with bevels on two and four sides. If we talk about double-sided chamfer, then it runs along the length of the board. Chamfer happens:

  • U-shaped.
  • V-shaped.


When connecting the lamellae, a groove is formed at the junction, imitating a single-sided plank floor or parquet. The square laminate with a facet imitates the tile having an invoice of a tree.

Some consumers reject the laminate with a chamfer, believing that dust or dirt will accumulate at the joints, but the depth of the grooves is in fact very small, which is why these fears are unfounded. To avoid moisture accumulation at the junction of laminated panels, it is necessary to wax them.

Chamfering role

Masks joints between panels

The chamfer on the laminate not only gives it a resemblance to natural wood, it also performs other more important functions:

  • Masks the gaps between the panels when there is a weakening of the castle connection. Due to this, laminate does not lose its attractiveness even after many years.
  • Smoothes height differences between lamellas when laying a floating floor on an uneven base.
  • Cushions mechanical load on the floor.
  • Visually increases the area of ​​the room.
  • Double-sided chamfer can visually lengthen a room if you lay laminate along a long wall.
  • Four-sided chamfer expands the room.

Which to choose

Comparing laminate with and without a facet

The choice of laminate type depends on the style in which you plan to make the room. Laminate with a chamfer can hardly be distinguished from a wooden flooring. It is more suitable for decoration in classic style. To create a more modern style is better to choose laminate without chamfer.

The cost of the laminated board without chamfer is significantly lower than the lamella with the chamfer.

Note! If you decide to buy a laminate without a chamfer, then you should take into account the fact that for its laying it is necessary to level the base, which also entails financial costs. Laminate with a chamfer does not require preparation of a perfectly smooth base.

On the laminate without chamfer laid on the base with small irregularities, drops will be immediately noticeable. The laminated panel with a facet, on the contrary, visually hides the imperfections of the base surface.

Note! As for water and moisture resistance, here the laminate with a facet is in no way inferior to its counterpart without it. It is worth considering that any laminate to a certain extent, is afraid of moisture.

The look has a decorative meaning

In fact, a chamfer is a design element, a decorative technique, so there is simply no significant difference in installation technology and performance characteristics between a laminate without a chamfer and with it.

When choosing a laminate, proceed from your own aesthetic preferences, the desired result, as well as the style that is pronounced in the interior. Want to create the effect of a noble floor? Then choose a laminate with a facet. Just choose material from manufacturers that do not save on chamfering. If you want to create an ultramodern room, then you should go to the store for a laminate without a chamfer. Both decisions will be correct.


A few words about the features of laminate with a chamfer:

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