Laminate westerhof

When purchasing laminate flooring, it is very important to buy not only fashionable, but also high-quality floor covering. Today, in many ways, the brand determines the quality characteristics that each product has. Westerhof is a world-class laminate found in homes around the world.

A little about the company

Westerhof Company

The brand itself belongs to the larger holding Westerhof Hannover GMBH. The head office of the holding is located in Germany, and therefore the manufacturer’s attitude to the quality of all products is as scrupulous and reverent as any German. Today, Westerhof plants are located in different countries, which significantly reduces production costs. Not only is the transport component of the cost of laminated materials reduced, and the delivery time is reduced, because the products are brought from the nearest production warehouse.

Westerhof is eco-friendly and safe

Westerhof products are manufactured on high-tech equipment. Technology and innovation management of the company pays great attention, trying to follow all the high-quality developments in this area. Created products fully meet all European standards and requirements. Westerhof laminate is an eco-friendly and absolutely safe material that can even be used in the children's room.


Classic - Northern Oak, Walnut, Cherry

We will review the most popular product lines. All collections are divided into classes and design. The most popular are collections of 32 classes. Laminate Style Classic is for those who want to feel the fullness and warmth of wood in their home, and it does not matter that the room is located in a high-rise building. You can choose a pattern that follows the structure of such wood as beech, walnut, pine, cherry, oak, alder. Designers tried to choose shades as pleasant as possible for the human eye. There are among them both light and rich dark.

Smart - Sapelli, Amaranth, Tobacco Oak

The Style Smart collection is different from the Classic in that it was made using very high quality German paper, while the designers tried to create an imitation of wood structure as accurately as possible. Even the shades here are more natural, such as are found in nature.

Novelty - Bamboo, Vintage Oak, Canadian Pine

Style Novelty is a gourmet design. On the laminate in great detail is shown the wooden veins and rings of the log house, you can watch an amazing game of transitions from one shade to another. Every self-respecting home owner who wants to afford a high-quality designer floor is simply obliged to get acquainted with the Style Novelty collection before choosing and buying laminate flooring.

Aristocrat - Provence and Sardonix

34 class collections are notable for their increased durability. The Maestro lines (Innovation, Aristocrat, Shine, Vintage, Loretto) are carefully designed and verified lines for demanding people. Aesthetics of any room will be several levels higher.

Lounge marble sand и Green turkish

Finally, collections of 34 classes are designed for rooms with intensive load, for example, if the room is used for commercial purposes. Laminated panels have a wider format, which reduces the time for installation of this flooring. There are absolute new items in this series, for example, the Lounge line, which is radically different in design. Designers decided to move away from the usual imitation of wood and created a kind of stone covering. The buyer can only choose the type of stone, the design of which for him will seem the most preferred.

How to lay laminate

Compliance with the technology of laying laminate is very important, because even the highest quality board will show itself in the wrong way if the basic requirements are not met. In general, the features of laying laminate does not seem too complicated if the surface was pre-aligned. To do this, you can use the usual concrete screed.

Note! It is very important to dry the concrete base until completely dry. As is known, concrete gives some of the moisture into the surrounding atmosphere for a long time, but because the masters advise to wait at least 28 days after pouring the solution.

How to lay laminate Westerhof

After you need to lay the substrate. Textile bases are not recommended. The best option is a cork or polyethylene foam. Of course, in practice, the plug under the laminate is not often seen, because it costs much more, but it has excellent sound insulation properties, which is important for the owners of neighboring rooms.

Laying laminate produced without fixation to the floor. It is necessary to fix only the joints, and for this it is desirable to use a special glue. Panels should be laid in the direction of sunlight, because this way you can avoid visible joints.

Note! About 8 mm gaps are left around the walls, which is necessary for a natural change in the size of wooden boards throughout the year. This space is covered with a baseboard of a hue similar to the color of the laminate.

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