How to clean laminate floor

The most popular flooring of the last decade is laminate. Beautiful, warm, durable and durable, he settled in many homes. But in order to preserve all these qualities of coating for many years, you need to know how to clean the laminate floor properly.

How to clean laminate flooring

Laminate is a floor covering consisting of several layers. The top one is protective. It depends on its integrity how long the floor will last. Therefore, it is very important to handle it carefully in order to preserve the pristine properties as long as possible.

Avoid getting water on the floor.

The peculiarity of washing laminate is the minimum use of water. In the case of abundant wet washing, water will seep through the joints of the plates and over time will damage the lock joints. Just like any wooden flooring, laminate can swell from excessive moisture, which will affect its characteristics. No, you do not have to give up thorough cleaning of floors, you just shouldn’t do it often and in daily cleaning it’s better to restrict yourself with a slightly damp cloth. In addition, this cleaning will allow you to get the surface without streaks and droplets. Movement when washing should be along the plates, and not across.

Note! If water is poured on the floor, immediately wet the puddle with a cloth and wipe dry. When thoroughly mopping the floor, it is done in small areas and immediately wiped with a dry mop or cloth. If the floor is very dirty, then it is better to go through problem areas with a special tool and not wet the entire floor.

Of great importance for the integrity and preservation of the durability of the coating is inventory.

Choosing a careful inventory

Mop foam

It is very important to use only the correct cleaning equipment that cannot damage the top layer of the laminate. For everyday care in residential areas, mops with a soft nap are enough. Also perfect foam. You can use sponges, cloths made from soft materials that absorb water well and rub the floor to make it shine.

Particular importance should be given to the broom. For the laminate you need to choose a broom with a soft nap, perfect special brushes.

Note! Do not use hard tools for cleaning with plastic and metal inserts. Micro-scratches will spoil the protective layer of the coating, and it will not last long.

Street dirt is detrimental to cover

Another reason for scratching is street dirt. It contains a lot of solids and sand scratching the floor. Especially this problem arises in passable and crowded places, for example, offices. Therefore, vacuuming and sweeping such a litter is desirable regularly. In general, it is better for offices to purchase specially designed coatings with greater strength. And it would be good to lay a rough rug that removes excess dirt from the sole of the shoe.

What means can be used

Laminate Care Product

Gone are the days when the floor was washed with plain water. Now, no housewife does not represent cleaning without special tools. Many are accustomed to carry out daily disinfection, fill the room with the smell of purity and freshness. However, the frequent use of soap and foam solutions will make the glossy layer more dull, so for the laminate it is better to use special detergents. Most often they have a gel-like or liquid texture, as well as a neutral pH.

Since the laminate is a natural and safe for health coating, you should not use chemical cleaning agents. It is better to use environmentally friendly products consisting of organic raw materials. If their considerable cost scares, you can use the old, time-tested tool - vinegar. For the floor make 3% solution. This tool perfectly disinfects, the smell quickly disappears, and the surface shines brilliantly after cleaning.

Removing stains from laminate

Stain removal

Often there are various stains on the floor, if removing them from linoleum or ordinary wooden floor does not cause any particular difficulties, then you need to be extremely careful with the laminate and choose carefully what to wash. Do not rub with a hard or sharp object.

Now on sale there are special tools to remove stains from the laminate. You can try to remove the stain with a concentrated detergent gel for this coating. If all else fails, then the usual glass cleaner comes to the rescue. It will help get rid of stains of blood, wine, food. Spray a small amount on the stain, rub with a soft cloth and rinse with water. Wipe dry.

If traces of stains remain, then you can try to remove with alcohol or acetone. They are well remove varnish, ink, markers.

Footprints from the sole are erased with a regular eraser. To remove haze, these places are wiped with a cloth moistened in a solution of vinegar.

Note! Of course, there are many remedies for stains. The shops have stain removers specifically for each type of pollution. But! Before using them, apply a small amount on an inconspicuous area. Also, the manufacturer of the laminate may refuse to service the warranty if the improper cleaning agent has been used.

Vacuum cleaning

Is it possible to use a washing vacuum cleaner

The washing vacuum cleaner saves a lot of time and effort. But can it be used to wash the laminate? The principle of the vacuum cleaner: spraying water, and then its collection. Therefore, this technique is not suitable for laminate. Although there are proponents claiming the opposite. In addition, now produced waterproof laminate, even suitable for bathrooms. Despite this, moisture can still accumulate in the seams between the plates, which adversely affect the joints. Sometimes instructions for washing vacuum cleaners indicate that it is possible to use for washing laminate, on which this statement is based - the question is quite interesting.

Of course, you can clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner, and then wipe it thoroughly. But why complicate the cleaning process? The best option is to pass the surface with a regular vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle, and then wet cleaning with a soft mop.

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