Mix consumption for floor screed

If it came to overhaul, and it comes to it sooner or later, then there is a lot of work to be done. Preliminary preparation should be given special attention. At this stage it is necessary to make calculations of the amount of materials so that at the most crucial moment there is no situation associated with their lack. It is always necessary to follow this simple rule, but especially when preparing for such an important stage of repair as leveling the surface of the floor by making a cement-concrete screed.

Calculation of the amount of material

Kneading in a concrete mixer

It is worth mentioning that the floor surface screed can be made using mixtures of various kinds. But the most widespread use of two of them.

  • Special dry mixes for screed.
  • Self-made mixture for screed.

You can choose any of them, but in each case it is necessary to provide an approximate mix consumption per floor screed. And this can be done in the following way.

First you need to note the so-called zero level. So it is called the approximate plane, relative to which the height difference of the surface, assumed to be leveled using a screed, will be calculated. So, at a height of about a meter from the floor surface, on the wall, you need to make a mark. Further, using a laser level or a hydro level on the opposite wall, you need to make the same mark, on the same level with the first one. Thus, by analogy, it is necessary to make a number of marks around the perimeter of the room and connect them with each other for the sake of clarity with the help of a chopping cord. After that, using this line as a guideline, it is necessary to find the highest and lowest point intended to level the surface. The difference between these indicators and will be the minimum thickness of the layer of screed. Based on this data, the required amount of the finished mixture for a particular room is determined.

Note! If we talk about average indicators, then the consumption of dry mix per square meter of area, with a thickness of about a centimeter, will be approximately 20 kg.

Preparation of the mixture for screed

You can buy the mixture

After the preliminary calculations of the amount of dry mix are completed, you can proceed to its direct preparation for use. In the case when ready-made dry mixes are used for screeding the floor, they are simply diluted with water and mixed until a homogeneous consistency, which looks like a pastry cream or thick cream, is formed.

Note! Basic information about the method of preparation of the mixture is indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions for use, located on the package. In some cases, it is attached separately.

If you are interested in the question of how to prepare the mixture for the screed yourself, then it should be said that the process is not particularly complex. To do this, mix one part of the cement with three parts of sand sifted from impurities. The resulting mixture, like the finished, diluted with water until a homogeneous mass. After that, the mixture is ready for pouring.

It should also be said that no matter what mixture is used, there are certain rules that require the process of floor screeding.

  • If the surface to be leveled has excessive moisture, additional work should be done on waterproofing the screed layer, as it is sensitive to moisture.
  • If the difference in floor height is large enough, in order to save the mixture of the same waterproofing, the surface is covered with a layer of expanded clay before the screed.
  • The screed must be made only on the surface prepared for this, that is, the presence of foreign contamination is not allowed. This is necessary for better adhesion of the screed layer to the base.
  • All work on the floor screed should be carried out at room temperature not lower than + 5 ° C.
  • Use the floor can only be after complete curing of the screed.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the work on the production of floor screeds must be treated with responsibility, because the quality of the subsequent finishing of both the flooring and the whole apartment will depend on the flatness of the floor, but at the same time it is not necessary to fear this process. With a small set of knowledge and skills, all these works may well be performed independently.


This video shows the casting self-leveling screed. Its expense turns out small if filling is made on the prepared floor.

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