How to upgrade the old floor

Wood flooring can become unusable over the years. The first thing that can come to mind is to completely replace it with a concrete screed, because wood, as we know, is a very capricious material. But do not make quick decisions. Today there is a technology to update it. In this article we will look at options on how to upgrade the old floor.

The first step to floor rehabilitation: sanding

Grind the surface

For grinding, it is best to use a special grinder, which operates from 220 V. The engine power of the unit can reach 2.3 kW. For the first grinding, it is recommended to use sandpaper no higher than 40. Using the adjusting lever you can increase or weaken the pressure of the grinding drum on the floor surface. When using emery cloth 40 from the floor surface, it is necessary to eliminate all defects, dirt and excess varnish. You may need to change the paper as needed. Also, the floor should be sanded up and down.

Note! To remove scratches from the floor surface, you can use emery 60, and after 80. The result will be a smooth surface.

Next step to update: waxing

Waxed floor

At the last stage of polishing the floor surface is treated with emery 120. All the work on polishing can take about 5 hours. After that, the room must be removed. To do this, you can use a construction vacuum cleaner. You can also walk with a slightly damp cloth to completely remove any dust.

To prevent strong moisture absorption by wooden floors, it is recommended to apply a coat of primer before applying a layer of varnish. Today there are a large number of types of primers. For example, some may consist of beeswax and turpentine, paraffin and gasoline, and the like. After applying a layer of primer, the floor should dry well, preferably at a temperature of up to 20 ° C. During this period of time, the primer will penetrate into all pores and will become a good basis for the subsequent layer.

Final stage: varnishing

Varnish for wooden floor

Finally, the wooden floor must be varnished. Here it is important not to make a mistake and choose the varnish that will be most suitable. Here are the main types of varnish:

  • Priming. To create a quality coating, as well as to isolate the remains of mastic primer is used just a primer varnish.
  • Parquet lacquer on the water. This type of varnish is suitable for the floor of the boards of pine, hornbeam, beech, and the like. It dries quickly.
  • Lacquer from artificial oil resin. Varnish creates an elastic film that does not slip. It will emphasize the texture and texture of wood.
  • Polyurethane varnish. It has a sharp and unpleasant smell. In most cases, used for office space.
  • Varnish with an acid hardener. The use of this type of varnish does not require additional use of primers. Differs in its unpretentiousness.

Note! Varnish should be applied to the surface of the floor in thin layers. If you will appear strips, then this is a sign of slow varnish. Therefore, everything must be done as quickly as possible and, most importantly, continuously.

Paint the brush

Before applying the varnish, familiarize yourself with the requirements for the use of varnish from the manufacturer.

If in the process of work you find large white spots on the floor surface, then this is a sign of high humidity in the room.

The first coat of varnish can be applied with a spatula if you have parquet flooring. Drawing is made by the S-shaped movement. This will ensure a good docking of the lacquer coating. Next, the layer is applied in a U-shaped motion. After you need to use a quality brush.

Each varnish dries individually. In most cases, after one week, the furniture can be brought in again and placed in the room. This is how very simply and quickly the old wooden floor can be updated with your own hands, without the involvement of specialists.

Most importantly, do not rush to move from one stage to another. Each step must be properly performed. After all, if you polish the floor badly, then after covering it with varnish, all defects will appear.

If you have your own experience to update the old wooden or parquet floor, then leave your comments.


This video shows the repair of the wooden floor, including the filling of the floor:

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