Cottage floor itself

When the decision is made to make a country floor with their own hands without the involvement of specialists, it is necessary to show maximum attention to the process.

Selection Criteria

Before you choose a way to work, you need to decide on some criteria:

  • First of all, it should be said that the work on making the floor in the country should be as simple as possible. Far from everyone has a building education and experience, and professional tools may not be at hand.
  • The materials used for the work should be widely available and inexpensive.
  • Works should not involve the attraction of a large number of people.

One of the possible options is to install a wooden floor on the logs.

Stages of work

Works on installation of a floor on logs, as well as the majority of others, should be carried out step by step. So the percentage of the probability of making an error is reduced, and in the case of a separate study of each step, the task is greatly simplified.


Dismantling the old floor

At the initial stage, it is necessary to prepare for the main works. You need to prepare all the necessary tools and materials. In addition, you should dismantle the old coating. At the same stage, it is necessary to assess the quality of the base under the floor and, if necessary, repair it.


Expanded clay pillow

As the most optimal base for the suburban floor can be called a reinforced concrete screed. If there is an earthen base under the floor, and most often, especially in old buildings, the way it is, then you can make a floor screed with expanded clay. Thus, the base under the coupler is not only leveled, but also insulated.

Note! Under the expanded clay should be laid waterproofing layer. This should be done on a mandatory basis, as the claydite, while soaking, loses its operational properties.

Strainer поверх керамзита

On top of the claydite there is a reinforced tie at the beacons. Layer thickness must be at least 5 cm.

Installation lag

Mounting lag on screed

After the screed acquires its performance characteristics, you can proceed to the installation of bearing elements - lag. For these purposes, you can use a wooden beam section of 5? 5 cm. Set logs parallel to each other at a distance of about 50–70 cm, depending on the selected floor covering. Anchor bolts are used to install the log. It is necessary to carefully control the horizontal position of the lag. For this it is convenient to use the building level.

Note! All wooden elements must be treated with antiseptic and waterproofing solutions.

Laying insulation

Thermal insulation foam

After making the base on the logs you need to lay a layer of insulation. For specific purposes foam is most suitable. The material is available, it is easy to work with, and it has good performance in all respects. Slabs of material are placed between the lags.

Base under cover

Plywood floor

Over the top of the log the base is laid under the further floor covering. For example, a good option is a plywood floor laid on logs. The material is widely distributed and affordable.

Note! The use of plywood allows to level the irregularities of the lag to some extent.

The material is laid on the surface and attracted by screws.

Finish coat


The final stage of the work is laying the finishing floor covering. What to choose, it is worth deciding in each case individually, but linoleum can be considered the most simple and affordable. It is easy to work with this rolled material and it has quite good operational characteristics. In addition, it should be noted that the material has the property of thermal insulation, which in the conditions of giving is an additional argument in favor of its use.

This is just one of the possible options for manufacturing a floor in the country.


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