Wooden fences - an element to any landscape design

Wooden fences and fences are by far the most ideal decorative element that will fit into any landscape design. The natural beauty of the tree, the ease of construction and the ability to use a different form increases their popularity.

We add here the availability of the material, all this in a compartment makes this element of the suburban area very popular.

Wooden fence - just built

Types of wooden fences

It should be noted that the forms and designs of wooden fences are not small. And sometimes you have to “break your head” before making a final decision. But if you have decided exactly what the main function will carry this structure, the choice will be made much easier.

First, you need to decide for yourself what is more important to you in this case:

  • Protect your own home from unauthorized entry;
  • Protect yourself from the eyes of curious neighbors or passersby;
  • Create a reliable barrier against noise and dust;
  • Well, or, in the end, to create something unusual, so to speak, add another design element to the landscape of the suburban area.


When one or more options will be approved by you, you can go to the dimensional indicators. You will have to choose the height of the fence, the width of the spans, the transparency of the building and the decorative elements that will decorate it. Therefore, there is a need to consider several common species.


This is considered the most common design with a vertical arrangement of wood panels. The most surprising thing about this design is the ability to play the distance between the planks, as well as place them at different levels. You may notice that the upper edge of the panels is cut at an angle or oval. This is to ensure that precipitation does not linger on the horizontal plane and does not penetrate into the wood.

Attention! The fence can be installed along the entire length of the fence, that is, as a solid wooden fence, and can be used in the form of sections that are attached to the vertical supports.


This design is also called "American." It appeared with us not so long ago, and has not yet acquired high popularity. Its shape is quite simple - it is several (two or five) boards in a horizontal position, which are attached to massive racks. This wooden horizontal fence was used in American farms, hence the name.


This form of fencing can emphasize the rural orientation of landscape design. If you use thick boards, it is better to install it around a large manor. If you use thin, then you can protect them a small garden house. By the way, instead of wooden poles here you can use stone or brick poles for the fence.

Combined version

This is the most reliable and probably the most presentable design. In this case, instead of wooden poles install columns of stronger material. This could include brick, stone, concrete blocks and pillars. Such combined fences made of wood will perform not only purely decorative functions, but they will become real reliable protection for your home, besides, protection that will last for decades.

Combined fencing

But under this fence will have to fill the foundation for the fence, anywhere from this you can not get. So, the price of such a fence will be considerable. But in all this business there is a positive moment. The basement part of the foundation will protect the wooden intake sections from contact with wet soil, and this will extend their life.

Planning and preparation

We will not say that this enclosing element is complex in its construction. But still it needs to be planned. Small drawings and calculations still need to be done.

What should be considered in them?

  • Structural elements are a basic choice;
  • The method of processing wooden parts (the question of how to handle a wooden fence, today is very important);
  • Choose a mounting scheme;
  • To decide on the choice of a place for wickets and gates, by the way, wooden fences and gates without metal filling, it is not only beautiful, but also reliable;
  • Special attention to the locking device;
  • If your gates will open automatically, then you have to think about the power connection. It can also be used for lighting and for signaling;
  • How the gate doors will open (swing open or disperse). Installation scheme for each type of its own.

DIY installation

Attention! Installation of support pillars for the gate must be given special attention. If their installation is not carried out properly, then subsequently it will be necessary either repair, or their full replacement and reinstallation.

Installation of a wooden fence

It is not difficult to build a wooden fence with your own hands, everything depends (as mentioned above) on its construction. The easiest way is to install a picket fence. To do this, you need to take measurements that will determine the distance between the support posts. The optimal size is 1.5-2.0 meters.

Now you need to dig holes for racks, for this you can use auger or shovels (the first option is easier and faster, and the holes are even). Now do not rush to make a concrete solution, before the rack must be processed. Here the moment concerning the part that will be located underground is important. That it must be waterproofed.

The best option is to coat with hot bitumen. If it is not there, then the question of what is better to process can be answered like this - wrap the roofing felt, at worst, just paint it. Wooden racks quickly absorb moisture and begin to rot. With waterproofing, these processes, if they happen, will not be soon.

Pits are prepared for racks

Now you can do the mixing of a concrete solution in the usual recipe: 3 volumes of sand, 2 volumes of crushed stone, 1 volume of cement and water. Install the rack in the pit and fill them with a solution. Be sure to install temporary props that will hold them upright. In this state, the supports should stand for several days, so that the solution will dry out and gain its brand strength.

The next stage is the installation and fastening of horizontal rails. To do this you need wooden blocks, which are installed in two rows. Pay attention to one rather important point - the distance from the ground to the bottom row and from the top edge of the rack to the top row should be in the range of 15-20 centimeters. Fastening can be carried out as nails, and screws.

And the last stage of the installation of a wooden-filled fence is the installation of vertical panels. You have already decided for yourself how they will be installed, so go according to the plan. The only thing we note that the screws in this case will be the best fasteners.

Impregnation for a wooden fence - the perfect protection

Here is an instruction or installation scheme, how to put a wooden fence. True, this does not end there. In order for the fence to serve you for a long time, it must be treated with special protective compounds. Such solutions will protect the wood from moisture and insects.

Conclusion on the topic

Wooden fences are built everywhere with their own hands. And this is understandable, because the cost sometimes plays a fundamental role in the selection, but at the same time this design looks very presentable. So, winning is double. Especially for you on this page of the site posted a video and photos in which you will see everything that was written above.

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