Wire fence for those who respect the world

This is a wire fence, about which one can only dream - it is like a cleverly done make-up, it is, but completely unobtrusive and even, sometimes, imperceptible. Such a "fence" attracts, but does not repel.

The fence as an indicator of your ambivalence towards others

Have you noticed that everything is at home in The united states they do not often fence at all - the house stands in the middle of a green lawn, that's all. From the house through the lawn there is an asphalt road to the main pavement, on the side there is an asphalt road to the garage.

We cannot yet boast of such openness and we must put a fence around the house. If, however, in the soul still sits this desire to be closer to the world, “take a chance and leave the ignition key in the car,” then you can try to install a fence made of wire structures. And protection, and everything is visible, and elegant.

What attracts immediately is the opportunity to work not with bulky corrugated panels, but with such bays with a diameter of no more than 30 centimeters, 6 of which can fit in your travel bag

As a matter of fact, you probably shouldn’t grumble at these wire fences, they can carry a very useful function:

  • First, all the same, for the protection of personal territory.
  • Secondly, to protect the playgrounds, when you can easily see outside what is happening inside.
  • Thirdly, to protect the territory of the dog walking. This is not even for their own protection, but to protect others.
  • Fourthly, for the protection of the territory, the observation of the state of which, however, must be carried out outside. Here is a vivid example - various sports fields, first of all, football and tennis.
  • Fifth, to protect the animals already. Kilometers of such fences can be seen along the roads in the Alps of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France. In this way, access to the carriageway of wild animals is prevented, and the prevention of collisions in these situations is a mutually beneficial benefit for both humans and animals.
  • Well, and sixthly, wire barriers for a long time, aggressively and successfully used for fencing special military facilities.

Wire fences limit space, are optional for the main stone fence, they are a warning that leaves you open to the world

Such widespread use of this type of fence is due to several factors:

  • The wire is quite cheap, so the cost of erected fences can be an order of magnitude lower than that of ordinary stone or using profiled sheeting.
  • Wire construction is much lighter than any other used in the "fence art", and this leads to a significant acceleration of all work.
  • The very nature of the work on the construction of such fences is also easier, and again a significant gain in speed.

Helpful advice! If you really are limited in time and the speed of construction for you is the most important factor, you can choose a very simple technology - metal or concrete pillars driven into the ground and the chain-link stretched between them. In this situation, select special poles for wire, already having the necessary mounting holes. In the case of the choice of wooden poles mounting brackets will have to mount their own hands.

Possible options

In addition to the above option - hammered poles and a grid between them, there are others:

  • Similar to the above simple, all the same pillars, but the grid that opens down, stretches on the cable, going about 10-15 above the top of the top edge of the pillars.
  • You can use ready-made grid structures, worn on the external metal frame. Very often, such constructions on the left and on the right are welded to the posts, otherwise the installation of the grid will be preceded by the installation of the posts for it.
  • You can also build a fence of barbed wire. Maybe you do not want to liken your living area to a barracks and such a fence is not for you. But for guaranteed protection against unwanted penetration into the protected area of ​​special purpose barbed wire in the bays will be good. It cannot even be said that it will take a day to create such a fence - it will take no more than 2-3 hours if the bars are prepared in advance.

You can, of course, see such wire fences, more suitable for the areas of Vorkuta and Magadan. You will not build something like this on your site, but for special production purposes they may be useful.


We give the progress of all work on the creation, perhaps the most time-consuming fence using wire - tension between the pillars:

  • First install the pillars. Here, keep in mind a few circumstances:
  • If you have metal pillars at your disposal, then you free yourself from having to dig a pit under the post and perform concrete work. Otherwise, this work comes to the fore.
  • The distance between the posts for the wire is no more than 2.5 meters.
  • If you have chosen columns for the fence specifically for wire tension, then correctly orient them to hold the upper cable. This cable will be the mounting base of the upper edge of the grid. The correct orientation should give you instructions on the installation of such pillars.

Schematic representation of the installation of wire fencing

  • Usually such fences are not equipped with a concrete parapet from below, but if you make a fence “for yourself”, the parapet will be an additional advantage in the opinion of those around you. For a concrete parapet it is necessary to lay between the pillars and pave and ditch.
  • The depth of the pit for the pillars under the wire - 70-80 cm, under the ditch between them - up to 40 cm. But here it is necessary to take into account your region. In the northern areas it is necessary to take into account the depth of soil freezing. If the freezing depth is 1 meter, then you will have to make pits 20-30 cm deeper.

A fence with barbed wire does not even require special capital accessories, at least the design side of the issue fades into the background

  • The mesh will stretch between the pillars, so the two outermost pillars will experience perceived tension inwards. Therefore, it is very desirable to equip these two pillars below with retaining pillars from the side of the fence line.
  • When the metal fence posts are installed, lags are screwed into the extreme posts and the lugs of the upper cable are threaded into them. The cable tension is regulated by the correct selection of its length and by the twisted lags themselves - the deeper the lag enters the pole, the stronger the tension.
  • As a final chord, the upper edge of the unfolded wire mesh is attached to the cable. There can not do without pliers.

Helpful advice ! Working with wire requires great care. Always wear it with good gloves. Be extremely careful when working with barbed wire. The seemingly insignificant damages resulting from accidental contact with the ends of the wire are very painful, unlike other trifling cuts, they heal for a long time, and most importantly, they can become a source of much more serious trouble as a result of rotting.

Electricity and wire fence design

Mankind has long ago solved this problem - how to ensure a complete overview of the territory from all sides and in no case prevent penetration of it. The solution was the use of electricity.

How to make a fence under voltage, and even independently - is quite simple. A battery securely weatherproof and a long wire stretched from one battery terminal to the other, but across the entire perimeter of the fence, back and forth. The solution is simple, but in the style of the hero Yevgeny Mironov from “Beware of the car”, who set a trap for the thief.

Think carefully, and how much do you not respect the world around you, to protect yourself from it by electric current. In any case, it is necessary to strictly observe safety precautions. Be sure on both sides of such "personal protection" hang warning signs that the fence is energized, and the more often the better.

Be sure to monitor the voltage level from time to time. You must understand that you are legally liable for the harm that such an electric fence can bring to those around you.

The most reasonable fencing under tension is pasture!

Podberezovikov was right, you should not put "traps" on people. But for animals, perhaps electricity will be useful. A very popular type of fence is an electronic fence for dogs. There are several options for such equipment fences, which even include the installation of warning zones of the approach to the fence, the impact zone and its level.

The use of such fences requires the careful and patient training of dogs and the mandatory equipment of the fence around the perimeter of warning signs.

What can attract fences, so it is light construction and quick installation. Only the question of the legal and moral plan remains - what was the reason for this speed, not the desire to “stake out” the plot, then to have a conversation from a position of strength, hiding behind a fence

Before making a decision

Before you decide to use wire for the protection of your territory, carefully read all the photos available to you, instead of a capital stone fence. Carefully watch the video in this article. Among the many offers, you will certainly be able to choose the option that allows you to combine the useful and the necessary - to use a lightweight, quickly erected structure that has maximum reliability and excellent protective properties.

Here is the perfect combination - a private house, house territory and the territory behind it. The owner is open to the world and emphasizes his respect for him. Here only in this case the barbed wire on top is already superfluous.

Do not proceed to work until you are firmly confident that the decisions made are correct. It cannot be said that the price of a mistake will be high, and that wire is famous. But hopes will be spent a lot.

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