We build a temporary fence. tips for developers

Temporary fence at the construction site

There are things for which you don’t want to spend a lot of money, and there’s no need for it, because the arrangement is a temporary phenomenon, namely, temporary structures are simply necessary. Such buildings are just a temporary fence for construction, which is necessary so that no strangers enter the site, this is required by safety measures and such a fence will at least to some extent protect the site from those who want to take something alien.

Types of temporary fencing

All pre-fabricated fences can, perhaps, be divided into two types - those that you acquire at any outlet and assemble, as a designer, and those that you have to install yourself. If we talk about the difference, then in the foreground, of course, will be the speed of installation, although the price will also play an important role in choosing one or another method.

Making a fence from scratch

Fence marking

  • Despite the fact that the fence is made for a short time, it should still have some kind of resiliencein any case, at least for the period of construction of this object. And if you decide to do everything with your own hands, then first of all, it will depend on you.
  • Installation of temporary fences on the local area and the dacha should begin with marking, that is, you will need to drive pegs around the perimeter of the construction site and stretch a thread between them, which will serve as a guide for the future fence. In addition, you immediately need to decide whether there will be a closing gate and gate in this temporary structure, or you will simply leave an opening for the hike and import of building materials. When marking, you should take care that the entrance is obtained from the convenient side and, what is very important, there was no power line, which can be oversized for a crane.

Drilling of a pole for a pillar

  • For the supports under the fence you need to make pits, but for this it is best to use not a shovel, but a manual drill, as in the photo above and go 40-60 cm, depending on the hardness of the soil. But it is also possible that, because of the powerful root system of nearby trees, drilling will be impossible - then you will have to use a shovel, and possibly an ax.

Temporary fence posts

  • Considering the fact that the fence is made for a short time, the posts can be buried directly in the ground, without using a pouring cement mortar or adding rubble (building materials waste). But, nevertheless, the supports should be well rammed, so that they do not twist under load and do not pull the entire structure behind them.

Wooden beam

Council As a log, use a wooden bar 40 × 40 mm, and even better - 50 x 50 mm to give the structure the necessary strength. Keep in mind that even a picket fence has a sail, not to mention a solid fence, and a strong wind can simply knock a weak barrier.

Gate for temporary fence

  • Since any temporary fences and fences need passage, it is possible to arrange for this purpose opening and closing gates on wooden pillars. Their design is quite simple, as seen in the top photo and they are easy to make yourself. In this work, the most difficult thing is to correctly hang the doors, so that they do not overlap each other and converge at the place of constipation.

Finished fence designs

Shield for temporary fencing

  • But it is not necessary to construct temporary fences and fences independently, for this you can use finished wooden shields, which can be purchased at some outlets and sawmills. The advantages of such a solution are that you do not have to make a frame, but this includes drilling of holes, and digging up columns, and installing lag (jumpers). It turns out that preferring shields, you save your time.

Temporary fence is easy to dismantle.

  • Shields are mounted on triangular props., in the direction of the construction site, so that from the side of the street a flat plane is obtained. Since each of these sections is easy to move, the gate, as such, loses its meaning and you can do without them on the object.

Shields should not be placed directly on the ground

Council Even if you took rental shields, they should not be installed directly on the ground to protect against premature decay. This is best done on the bars, which can be part of a triangle to support.

Metal temporary fence

  • Very comfortable metal fencing (sectional welded fences) - they are light, as they are made of a profile, so there is no difficulty in installing them. But such structures have a significant drawback, which is acutely noticeable on construction sites - they need a flat surface for installation, which practically does not happen on such objects.

Metal fence can be used as a gate

  • If construction is carried out at an industrial enterprise, the instruction provides for an equipped road for the supply of building materials, but perhaps there is such a road for you. Then metal fencing of this type can be used as a gate.

Temporary fencing of corrugated

  • You can also purchase temporary movable fences made of corrugated flooring. Such shields are not transparent, in contrast to the above-described tubular structures, but a flat plane is also required for their installation.


Even if there is nothing to steal on the construction site or you are sure that this will not happen, you still need to protect it according to the existing building codes and rules of elementary safety. If you watch the video in this article, you can get more information on this topic (also learn about the features of installing the fence from the chain-link mesh).

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