The real owner knows from what to make a fence, first-hand

Photo of the original fence, wood and wild stone

Virtually every owner of a piece of land outside the city calls his possession the simple word “summer cottage”. Every weekend, these gardeners go to rest in his abode.

But do they remember how they once came to their site and decided to protect it first thing? And immediately the question became obvious, what to make a fence at the cottage? It is now, when so much time has passed and the fence separates you from the rest, you rest easy. And at the very beginning you just did not know what to choose.

Here are some practical tips, just about the site's fencing systems. So that you do not have such questions if you plan to get a country house.

What can we build

Today, the abundance of building materials allows you to build almost any fence. As a rule, it's all about cost. Various options and designs allow to build capital and temporary fence designs.

And in order to understand this mass of sentences, let's answer the question what kind of fences are, although there are not a few of them.

The photo concrete panels, a great option for a private house

  1. Brick buildings, as a rule, is a capital structure, mainly built from the front of the building. Such designs have an aesthetic appearance and beautiful design.
  2. The wooden fence is completely made of wood, with the exception of the bearing pillars on which it rests. Such a design can also be capitalized, beautifully designed, but it can also be temporary; in the future, this structure is easy to dismantle.
  3. Concrete construction, can be as a whole panel, and typesetting. Usually used as a capital fence. Solid panels are mainly used for fencing the production area. Composite designs are specially created for those who have not yet decided what kind of fence to put in the country. Typesetting design is distinguished by its ease of installation and speed of construction.
  4. The fence from a professional flooring, can also be integral, continuous. But you can compose with the foundation of the brick. This refers to brick pillars. In this version has a pretty decent look and serves as a capital structure.
  5. The grid the chain-link, is widely applied to a protection of sites, both in property, and from front part of the building. A distinctive feature is the price of this design. Cheap, reliable and practical, it is just about such a fence.
  6. Forged fence designs, this is perhaps the most original of all types of fencing. Accordingly, these products have a high cost and not every summer resident can afford them. Usually decorated with live plantings and complemented by landscape design.

This, of course, is not a complete list of the structures that are, but the main ones that are now widely used for fencing the house. You can talk for a long time about what fences and fences are, but perhaps they will not interest you. Believe it is the most optimal designs today.

The grid the chain-link, is always actual

Demand and supply

Today, there are quite a number of companies that are directly involved in the installation of fences for private households. If you decide to apply to such a company, then it is possible that you will even benefit from such cooperation.

Here is what performers can offer you as a firm's customer:

  • Design and design of a future fencing system. You do not have to think about what kind of fences are, how to install it and the like.
  • Fabrication and installation. You just come and install the product, plus you will get a guarantee of quality.
  • Purchase and delivery of material.
  • Solving legal issues regarding the structure of the fence system.

The most important thing in such cooperation with the company is that you save your precious time and do not do things that you do not need.

My cottage is the best

As a rule, after you become the full owner of such a site, of course, you plan to build a good, solid house. This is the natural desire of every person.

And if your plans are far-reaching, then we advise you to think first of all, and from what can you make a fence around your house? Yes, exactly now it is worth thinking about it.

Solid brick fence made of decorative brick

We would advise you to build a brick fence; this is a universal material that will decorate almost any building. And if instead of brick walls of inserts to use forged elements, then your fence will be the envy of all neighbors.

Information! Practice shows that firms engaged in the construction of fences, have a fairly large arsenal of ready-made solutions. They know perfectly well what the fences are made of and will select the structure for almost any project at home. This is very convenient for those who are faced with the solution of such issues for the first time.

Build yourself, protect the plot from neighbors

Of course, not every site owner is willing to cooperate with a company that will help build a house fence. Someone can not afford it, but someone just wants to build a fence for himself.

And of course, this is the right decision, just for such purposes you have an internal territory that needs to be separated from its neighbors. This we will do. For the installation of such a fence, we recommend using a netting net, or sheets of corrugated board.

Both of these materials are perfect for you in terms of price and quality. Only here the fence from the grid will be viewed, and from the corrugated board - you can hide your site from prying eyes.

Decking - inexpensive and good material

First of all, we need to decide what to make up for the fence posts, which will enclose our inner section.

  • Metal pipes are perfect for the manufacture of racks for the design of the fence.
  • Concrete posts, as a rule, are sold in finished form, various modifications.
  • Wooden carriers, you can do it yourself, but with high-quality additional processing of the part that will be in the ground.

Tip! You should know that a tree becomes unusable due to dampness. But if we treat the parts that we will bury in the soil with special compounds, the service life will increase significantly. It is also recommended to carry out the treatment with bitumen, it will protect the wooden bar from moisture penetration as much as possible.

As for the metal pillars, today they can be bought in stores for summer residents already in finished form. They are calculated on installation of a professional flooring and a grid of the chain-link. But what kind of alloy make the fence, we have not learned.

Although all components of materials for fencing, consist of anti-corrosion metals, which are least susceptible to corrosion. Additionally, they are applied a protective coating that saves them from premature damage.

Maintenance and care of the construction of fencing

Whatever the quality material for the construction of fencing, time and atmospheric phenomena are ruthless to him. Therefore, they require additional maintenance during operation.

Painting the concrete structure will not only decorate, but also protect

Instructions for the care of the material strongly recommends that additional processing of the structures of the fence annually. If this tree, then it should be protected from moisture, it can be done with the help of varnish, varnish or paint.

Metal also needs to be processed, for this there are special primers and paints. The stone, most likely, will have to be cleaned, because the weather and the wind will simply stain it and it will lose its original graceful appearance.

In conclusion of our article, we offer you to watch a video where you can see how to build a simple, but tasteful, wooden fence. Enough good and original solution.

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