Sheet piling: general characteristics

When carrying out construction work in the city, it is often necessary to ensure the safety of the surrounding buildings. To solve this problem, fences are used from the grooves. They are also used to protect against the penetration of groundwater into the construction site.

In this case, the sheet piling Larsen is used.

Here is the railing of the grooves

For this pit, Larsen type piles were used.

The fence of grooves provides soil reinforcement. This is especially important when there is a real threat of land collapse during construction.

Tongue - what is it

First, let's look at what a sheet pile is. It's just a pile driven into the ground. Many of these pillars, installed next to each other, form a fence.

Make them from metal, reinforced concrete or wood. The use of such structures allows you to create a safe space at the construction site. And this, in turn, allows you to speed up construction.

Such a fence may be temporary or permanent. It is used for different types of buildings. Such a structure can be built using various types of fasteners.

And buy it is not necessary. After all, currently renting fences for construction sites is often practiced.

Types of grooves


They can only be scored once. It is explained simply. When removing from the ground wooden poles are always badly damaged. Therefore, the dismantling of the sheet piling of wood is one-time.

In this regard, their reusable use is impossible. But their price is much lower than that of more resistant metal and reinforced concrete counterparts.

On the photo - wooden piles

Wooden sheet piles are made from beams or boards. In the first case, the product is solid, in the second - composite, knocked out of the boards.


For their manufacture used pipes of different diameters or other metal. Their main advantage is repeated use.

You can hammer in the ground and retrieve them back many times. Due to this, the sheet piling of pipes is quite successfully rented and brings income to its owners.

Reinforced concrete

Use them once. But the reason for this is different than in the case of wooden piles. Reinforced concrete pillars for fencing are usually part of the foundation. And first of all, it is for this purpose that they are slaughtered in the ground.

The length of these piles does not exceed 15 meters. This is done for practical purposes. Longer poles are difficult to transport and may crack.

To achieve high stability, the piles are driven into the ground rather deep. Moreover, to achieve the desired effect requires an accurate calculation of sheet piling.

Anchor and non-anchor

The first type is used when the excavation is digging a full section. The second is used if it is impossible to install anchors due to nearby communications.

To keep the non-dowel piles applied raskrepitelnaya system. It consists of struts abutting against the break-down belt.

The project of production work (CPD)

One of the main documents necessary for the organization of construction work. In essence, this is an instruction where a list of technological rules is established, as well as requirements for environmental safety and labor protection. Also, it fixes the optimal timing of the production of works and the necessary resources for this.

An example of the calculation of sheet piling of PPR

As a rule, CPD is developed by general contractors, which are construction and assembly firms. Projects for certain types of installation and construction works can be developed by companies performing these works.

List of installation work

In order to build a fence of tongues, you need to carry out the following series of works:

  1. Design - at this stage, the conditions of the existing construction site and possible geotechnical risks are assessed. Also developed PPR on the device of this design;

This is what a sheet piling device looks like.

  1. Design calculation - after the excavation scheme was selected at the first stage, a large number of numerical and analytical calculations are carried out. The calculation of sheet piling by SNiP number 3.02.01-87 allows you to determine how strong and sustainable will be the future design;
  2. Dive piles - the way in which this will be implemented is determined even during the production of design work. This may be vibro, indentation or shock method;
  3. Installation of additional elements - fixation of fasteners, etc.

Tip! Installing a fence of grooves - this is a very serious event. Any violations in the course of its conduct can lead to tragic consequences. Therefore, these actions should be carried out by a company that has state licenses for these types of work. In addition, its staff should be only qualified staff.


To strengthen the walls of the pits used grooved sheet piling. It is made of boards or sheets of metal. Subsequently, it is usually used as a formwork for concreting the underground structures of the constructed structure.

Construction zabirki

It should be borne in mind that the zabirka is not waterproof. Therefore, if the groundwater is located higher than the bottom of the pit, then it will be necessary to perform a construction water lowering.


Installing a fence of grooves is not the kind of work that you can do with your own hands. This process requires a large amount of knowledge and special skills.

To assemble such a building envelope, it is first necessary to carry out a considerable amount of analytical work. Need accurate calculations based on reliable data. And only after the development of the CPD and other related documents, it is possible to proceed to the installation of the entire structure.

As mentioned above, the railing of the dowels is a rather complicated thing. These are not plastic nets for sports field fencing that can be installed manually. (See also the article Mesh fence - not only a cheap alternative, but also the main method of fencing) Dowels - complex products, which require special construction equipment to be installed.

In the presented video in this article you will find additional information on this topic.

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