Railing and fencing stairs - parse the main points


Luxury wrought iron fence

Perhaps, any staircase is impossible without reliable, functional and beautiful fencing. Thanks to his presence, the usual steps acquire an attractive aesthetic appearance and blend harmoniously into one or another interior.

Almost as many requirements are placed on such important details as stair railings and railings than on the stairs themselves. After all, here a thoughtful design should be combined with durability and reliability. But let's get everything in order.

Useful information

It is considered that the railing of the stairs is mandatory if the construction has more than three steps. It is necessary for comfortable movement and safety. If the ladder is made close to the wall, then so-called wall handrails can be used.

Please note! Wall railings should be located 5-7 cm from the wall for free hand movement.

Important rules for installing railing by SNiP

Steel chrome railing

We will not consider all the rules currently in force for regulated SNiPs, but we give only the most basic ones.

So, here is a brief instruction that must be followed when erecting stairs and staircase fencing:

  • According to the regulations, any staircase fence must withstand a minimum load. 0,3 kN / m
  • If the width of the stairs exceeds 1200 cm, the presence of a railing on both sides is mandatory. And if the width of the structure is more than 2500 cm, then an additional dividing railing must be installed in the center.
  • It is better to do handrails continuous, without protrusions and gaps. The beginning and end of the handrail would be desirable to have a rounded shape, protruding steps of 30 cm.
  • The height of the stair railing according to SNiP for various categories of people varies from 700 to 900 cm. But for children, the railing should be no more than 50 cm in height.

What is the staircase fence

In this photo you can see what the fence consists of, and the stair structure itself as a whole.

Such structures, regardless of the material from which they are made, have the main components:

  • frame racks;
  • filling (balusters), performing protective and decorative functions;
  • handrails needed to provide handholds.

For each type of staircase construction, it is necessary to carefully and rationally select fencing railings and fencing stairs. Therefore, let's consider the currently popular types of ladders themselves and railings for them.

Types of stairs

  • Traditional marching. In this case, railings and stair railings consist mainly of straight structural sections corresponding to the length of one span. Marching buildings are usually made where there is enough free space.

Traditional construction

  • With curved marches. It should be noted that the fashion for such stairs is growing and growing every year due to their exclusive characteristics. True, the complexity of manufacturing and, accordingly, the high price prevents their wide distribution.

Staircase with a curved march

  • Screw. They allow to significantly save space, and at the same time become the original component of the overall interior. The main load here lies on a special central rack and railings.

Screw construction is a very interesting solution.

Attention! The manufacture of railings for screw constructions is associated with certain technological difficulties. And truly high-quality railings can be performed only in the conditions of a specialized workshop or a well-equipped workshop.

Varieties of stair railings

In the cross section of the stair railings and fences are:

  • round;
  • rectangular;
  • square.

And if we talk about the materials used for the manufacture of fences for the stairs (including for children), then there are many more types and their features:

  1. Leading position without a doubt takes stainless steel. It has excellent performance and aesthetic characteristics:

Unusual stainless steel and glass staircase design

  • With all the visual lightness and elegance, stainless steel stair railings are very durable and long-lasting (their average service life is 30 years - all these years they will retain their original appearance and functionality).
  • High strength steel railing achieved by a unique alloy: it consists of iron, chromium, nickel, molybdenum and nitrogen. Due to this combination, steel products acquire amazing resistance to the effects of time, temperature, precipitation and mechanical damage.
  • Steel railings do not need to be periodically cleaned and painted. It is enough only occasionally to wipe them with a damp cloth.
  • In addition, the surface of stainless steel fences is covered with a special film, which gives it anti-corrosion properties.
  • In case of fire, explosion or attempts to break it, the steel fence will continue to stand firmly in its place.
  • The cost of these structures is low and will appeal to even the most economical people.
  • Steel fences open a wide scope for the implementation of design ideas! With their help, you can create absolutely any style both outside and inside the building. They are in perfect harmony with all building materials, from wood to granite, and with any decorative elements.

Stainless steel outdoor railing

  • The areas of application of these products are endless: entrance and internal stairs, pools, ramps, balconies, terraces ...
  1. Glass fences can rightly be considered one of the most beautiful design options for stairs! There are two interesting solutions:
  • Order stair railing with a metal frame and decorative glass inserts.

The fence of the metal frame, wooden handrails and glass decorative inserts

  • Or make a choice in favor of self-supporting glass fencing, made of solid, tempered glass of increased strength, without balusters. It is mounted with the help of point stainless fastenings at the end of a concrete or wooden floor.

Solid glass railing

Tip! Experts recommend choosing a self-supporting glass fence with a thickness of 17 mm, which consists of two tempered triplex glass (each 8 mm thick), glued together with a polymer plastic mass or film.

Self-supporting glass tinted fencing

  1. Staircase wooden fence. Wood itself is a noble material. And therefore products from it always come out as if “alive”! Especially if it is handmade (that is, the craftsman carved out and processed every detail). True, this beauty is quite expensive.

Wood fencing

Wooden fences are most often used for stairs inside buildings, as this natural material in poor conditions quickly loses its strength and decorative properties. However, for the interior of the room, wood is one of the most suitable, reliable and durable materials.

Beautiful! Master tried to glory!

But intricate handicraft

Conifers (larch, pine, cedar), as well as walnut, cherry, oak and mahogany are most often used to create stair railings. The palette of wood materials is very extensive and impresses with its natural shades.

  1. Fascinating wrought iron fence - the perfect solution for buildings decorated in the aristocratic classic style! And, it should be noted, this is not only a tribute to fashion and aesthetics, but also reliability, proven over centuries. A protective coating against corrosion and a special blacksmith's paint will protect the forged fence from its only enemy - moisture.

Ornate wrought iron fence

The forged product is perfectly combined with the stairs made of concrete, wood, marble, on a metal frame, as well as with any other structures, finished with modern materials.

Wrought iron fence for outdoor stairs

Among the range of wrought iron railings, you can find both low-end models from standard sections and exclusive hand-forged models. But no matter what your choice falls on, in any case, you will receive a product of excellent quality that will serve you for a very, very long time!

True luxury!

Most budget option

  1. Combined stair railings. If the standard products made of any one material (steel, wood, glass, forging) you do not like or do not fit your interior, then there is always the possibility to order an individual fence. In this case, you can combine several materials at once in one product (for example, glass with metal, or forging with wood) and achieve the desired effect.

Metal + frosted glass combination

Wood + metal

For information! Today in the shops you can find everything your heart desires. In particular, fences for stairs with light. The LED elements built into the railing are very stylish and unusual.

LED lighting ladder fences

Unusual LED lights!


We considered only some types of stair railings. In fact, there are many more, and you can talk about them a lot and interesting! In the presented video in this article you will find additional information on this topic. Also, if you are interested in other questions, for example, plastic nets for fencing sports fields or renting fences for construction sites, then you will certainly find answers to them in our other articles (read also about the features of the fencing of the roof).

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