Po 2 fence - the best option for fencing large areas

Today, construction is on the rise, its pace and scale are growing every day. Therefore, one very important question arises before construction firms and companies, how and how to protect construction sites.

Types of reinforced concrete fence elements

But the enclosing elements are quite serious requirements:

  • First, security.
  • Secondly, the safety of building materials, mechanisms and other values.
  • Thirdly, the speed and ease of construction.
  • Fourth, accessibility in the acquisition.
  • Fifth, practicality.
  • Sixth, strength.

If we consider all modern enclosing elements, we can distinguish two that exactly fit these requirements. These are fences from reinforced concrete products and a professional flooring. The choice of one or the other depends on how much money is allocated according to the estimate for the construction of construction site fences. But let's not forget that the degree of reliability in this case will play a significant role.

Reinforced concrete fences

In this article, the conversation will focus on concrete fences. Therefore it is necessary to consider several models that are now offered by manufacturers. But first we note that the issue price often rests precisely on the speed of erection. The thing is that the faster the fence is erected, the sooner it will be possible to proceed to the construction of the building itself.

PO 3 fence - standard size

Therefore, concrete cups are placed under each fence panel, which are placed at a certain distance from each other. The distance is determined by the size of the fence plates themselves. For example, a fence panel of 2 each has a length of 2.5 meters, and a p6b panel has a length of 4.0 meters. Accordingly, the second model reduces the availability of glasses, which can reduce the cost of erecting a fencing structure.

But it should be noted that this model is more expensive than the first, so you have to decide what is more beneficial in the first place - to reduce labor costs or financial. However, very often these two indicators are dependent on each other, and this dependence is direct.

Consider some models separately.


Dimensional values ​​of PO 2 fence plate:

  • length 2.5 meters
  • height 3.0 meters
  • width 0.15 meters.

This is the most, so to speak, “small” precast fence element made of reinforced concrete. Accordingly, its cost is lower than all other models.

Software Intake Plate 2 - Correct Installation

But, as practice shows, this design is very often used not only as a barrier to construction sites. She encloses industrial facilities, suburban areas of large sizes (especially the rear edges), military units, warehouses for various purposes and so on.

I would like to add a subspecies of this model for a 2m software intake plate, which has an apron in its design. Accordingly, the source material is spent on this type more, and therefore, the cost of this product is higher, as is the specific weight.


Плита забора ПО 3 отличается от модели PO-2 размером длины, который составляет три метра. Конечно, отличаться будет и цена, и вес конструкции, но во всем остальном это все та же заборная плита. Это высокая прочность и надежность, практически бесконечная эксплуатация, такое изделие выдержит любые нагрузки, как механические, так и природные.

2m fence with apron

Здесь также необходимо отметить подвид – это PO-3м с фартуком. Кстати, о фартуке, чем отличается этот вариант от стандартного. Как показано на фото сверху, это очень хорошо видно, данная конструкция увеличивает показатель безопасности, к тому же снижаются трудозатраты, связанные с подсыпкой грунта под плиты ограждения или заделкой пространства с помощью кирпича.

Currently, this model is very popular (meaning with an apron), it is with its help that you can increase the safety indicator and reduce the financial costs of installation and installation.

How to carry out the installation of RC fence - professional advice

To begin with, it will not be possible to install reinforced concrete fence plates, so to speak, with your own hands.

It is not only difficult, but also difficult.

  • Firstly, the smallest weight of the PO-2 slab is one and a half tons. Even if you are ten people, it will be impossible to lift it, and even more so to install it in glasses.
  • Secondly, it is very important to precisely place the glasses in place, to align them in planes. Very often, they are leveling the soil and tamping with sanding pillows.
  • Thirdly, you definitely need special equipment in the form of a crane for this business.

Manipulator for transportation and installation of reinforced concrete fences

Attention! The best option for delivery and installation (for example, such a design as the fence PO2m) will be a special vehicle with a manipulator. It will not only deliver the panels to their destination, but also install them. Two in one, so to speak.

If a machine with a manipulator could not be reached, one would have to use a double action: bring the plates on one machine and unload them with a crane. By the way, all the products will have to be stored, so prepare wooden linings that will separate each element separately. Installation instructions are quite simple, but it is best to transfer this process to specialists.

Conclusion on the topic

Reinforced concrete products have always been distinguished by high strength properties. It is because of this that they are chosen.

It is important to understand the model range, which is mainly responsible for the dimensional performance of each product. Therefore, to help you video in this article. See, understand and apply in practice.

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