Plastic mesh for the fence - an alternative to the usual


And we protect the garden.

Fenced plot says that he has a master. In another way, unfortunately, we can not. As the enclosing structures, the inquisitive mind of our man has adapted almost all the materials. From which only there are no fences, from boards and logs, from metal sheets and flat slate (by the way, and wavy is also used), from stone and brick. Not the last role in this series is occupied by the grid. Until recently, the most popular material for fences was a netting chain-link, which fit beautifully in a metal corner, or stretched onto posts from pipes or fittings. But lately, competitors have also appeared for this product, who have declared themselves quite loudly, and one can say that they have seriously pushed the rabbit out of its niche. Plastic mesh for fences and fences, it is about her will be discussed.

Plastic mesh is ...

Colors and sizes may be different.

Facing a new material, I want to know more about it, because this is how often a query is filled into a search engine. Plastic intake net is a new word in fence engineering, sort of fencing of the 21st century. It can be used for:

  1. Enclose the land. At the same time, the net itself can be either just a barrier or a support for plants. For lovers of hedges, plastic mesh fence will be the best solution to the problem. As long as a shrub or creeper grows up, the net will perfectly cope with its purpose, and later it will support them. Low products perfectly protect the bark of young trees from winter rodents;
  2. On construction sites. Due to the ease of installation of this product can easily protect large areas without much effort. In addition, it can be used as an obstacle in the performance of repair or emergency works of a significant scale;
  3. Plastic mesh fence is very popular with farmers. The fact is that one of the types of agricultural work of the transition period winter-spring is the need to keep snow on the fields. In the farms, land is calculated in hectares, and you cannot save enough for it for the purposes, but the grids, which run in rolls of 100 m, are quite capable of this task;
  4. Plastic nets for the fence have been used in sports and leisure. They are very convenient to enclose children's playgrounds, or sports fields, children in them will be in complete safety;
  5. PVC fences are no less in demand among breeders, especially for poultry houses. They are not traumatic, even if you scare the bird, you will be absolutely sure that it is not injured on the fence. But of course, for cattle, horses, this product will not work.

A very revealing photo, even chickens can be released into the territory fenced by such a net.

Product worthy of use

And the colors are comfortable.

And has its merits. Plastic mesh for fences and fences, really interesting and useful invention. Judge for yourself:

  • The product is durable and reliable. It has already been said about the possibilities of application, it remains to add that the product is produced in several sizes from 1.2 m to 2 m, while the length of the grid can be from 10 to 30 m or more;
  • The service life of such a fence is tens of years. By and large, the service life of the chain-link net will be rather big, but it is necessary to take care of it, arrange anticorrosive preventive treatment for it, and paint it (by the way, it is very inconvenient). Plastic is devoid of these shortcomings, set, and will stand to the end. The only thing you can do is to wash it in the summer with a hose with a garden nozzle;
  • Plastic mesh fences are very easy to install. with your own hands, while you do not need a brigade of support for the installation, or cargo transport to take this purchase home;
  • These products are not sensitive to ultraviolet, do not fade, and, therefore, do not need to be updated colors or tint;
  • Plastic doesn't rot like wood, does not overgrown with mold and is not afraid of fungal infections, does not require mandatory or preventive treatments with special primers or impregnations;
  • The net itself is very soft upon contact with it, the skin of a person, and especially a child, will not be injured and will not receive a burn, which is very possible upon contact with the metal of the chain-link, heated in the sun;
  • The price of the product is very attractive. It will be lower than the metal counterparts.

How to assemble

Set and open the roll.

Assembling the fence is easy and you can even say lazy. The grid itself has a small weight, so stationary pillars, buried in the ground at one third of its height, concreted, etc., you will not need anything else.

In this case, the instruction is very simple:

  • You select the columns you dig into the ground. Support can be any: and wood, and metal pipes, and asbestos pipes, and fittings. Manufacturers and sellers will be able to offer you ready-made plastic posts. Of course, they will financially burden the acquisition, but if you really want to do everything in the same style, you can take them;

Tip! Using natural materials such as wood or iron, do not forget to subject them to appropriate processing before installation: wood from rotting, metal from corrosion.

  • Next, attaching the grid to the extreme support, we lead it along the row, slightly pulling it towards us, and fixing it to the posts. Directly clamps can be anything: wire, nails for wood, cable clamps, if the support is of small diameter;
  • Having fixed the net at the extreme support, we enjoy our work, the benefit is all gone quickly, and the favorite drink did not have time to cool down (or warm up).


It would be something to protect, and what - has already been produced.

As they say, why pay more when the result is the same. If you can take a cheap plastic mesh, why take a heavy metal. For more convincing, we have prepared a video plot, which will also tell about these interesting cellular products (read also about how to build a fence from a besser).

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