Metal fence fence: reliability and aesthetics

If you have a need to build a fence for your summer cottage or cottage - there is an option to do it cheaply and very quickly. This is an original and very practical idea, this is a metal fence fence with your own hands!

Such a “protective redoubt” is very quickly built, will cost you a small amount and protect your site for many years from unwelcome guests, delighting with its unpretentious and aesthetic appearance. Metal fence for the fence have all the necessary advantages of other protective materials, almost without their disadvantages.

Gaps between the elements serve as an excellent connection with the external environment, without affecting the protective functions

Features and benefits of picket fences

Similar constructions of fencing consist of:

  • pillars (carrying part);
  • metal shtaketnika (enclosing part).

Carrier part

The bearing part is the pillars holding the fence between itself - its enclosing part. Poles for the fence can be made of metal, brick or concrete.

However, the most suitable material in this case is the first of the proposed, namely, pipes 60 x 60, but it can be higher.

Using similar pipes for support, you will achieve:

  • maximum durability, unlike wooden pillars for the fence;
  • much lower cost;
  • significantly less labor during installation.

Tip! When choosing a specific brand of pipes for bearing supports, you must rely on the design features of the enclosing part. The greater the weight of the enclosing part - the more powerful should be the support!

For example, when a fence is assembled from a single-sided metal fence, one should use pipes 60 x 60.

Metal pipes - the most suitable and least time-consuming material for support columns

Sections of the enclosing part - this is the direct filling of the interfacial gap. Metal picket fences are connected to the supporting pillars with the help of supporting bridges from a shaped tube (recommended) 20 x 40.

The weight of a single unit of meter length is 700 grams - and it is just a small weight that allows to use shaped pipes of small section as supports.

One of the options of the rolling column for the supports in the factory

Enclosing part

What is a metal fence for the fence? This profile, which is made of galvanized, is then covered with a protective-decorative polymer.

The profile is made mainly of steel, the thickness of which is 0.5 mm:

  • high quality (275 g per square meter of zinc);
  • with primer;
  • with a polymer coating on one or two sides (25 microns).

Know A similar profile is produced by rolling. Durability is ensured for at least 30 years, with a 10-year warranty on the polymer coating (its uniform fading).

A fence fence made of corrugated board or wood, now has an excellent alternative in the “face” of a lightweight metal counterpart, surpassing them in aesthetic and high-quality properties.

Iron fence for the fence, V-shaped rental

U-shaped picket profile

Standards for metal fence fences

Varieties and features

If you decide to build a fence with your own hands, then you have the opportunity to choose the color of color at your discretion. In addition, you can combine colors.

Due to the fact that high-quality steel is used in production, your fence will retain its factory appearance for many years, during which no efforts will be needed to prevent the appearance of your fence.

Color solutions for fence fences - there is a choice

Altitude profiles can vary from:

  • 1.5 m
  • 1.8 m
  • 2.0 m
  • up to 2.2 m - these are standard sizes used in most cases. However, thanks to the unique equipment, the size can be made any - at the request of the customer.

Another of the features:

  • Due to the fact that the metal fence for the fences has in its profile a number of special fractures, it has a significant mechanical strength, far superior to other barrier systems.
  • The fastening elements are made on special screws or using rivets. This makes the design reliable, so that no plunderers and vandals will not be afraid of your defensive line.

This photo clearly shows the options for hidden and open fasteners of products using rivets.

The advantages of metal shtaketnikov

  • The protective properties of a high level will not give you cause for concern during the absence of the house;
  • Numerous color solutions will allow you to harmoniously “tie” the fence to the roof of the house and the overall design of the entire territory;
  • Durability of operation: you will forget about painting for many years;
  • Aesthetic appearance, thanks to the gaps between the shtaetinami - does not violate the harmony with the external design;
  • Pretty low price: with a full calculation, your calculator will show quite acceptable indicators for you.

Metal wall fence fences - lightness and complete harmony with the overall design


As you can see, fence fences are very organic and unpretentious in operation. In addition, they are quite realistic to establish on their own - on our portal there is a competent instruction from the masters - and not one.

Option "Classic"

Option "Gothic"

Variation «Neptune»

In addition, in the presented video in this article you will find additional information on this topic. Try it - and you will definitely succeed!

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