Installing the fence of corrugated: tips and tricks

Metal profile fences are considered one of the most practical and reliable fencing systems. Their cost is quite comparable with the quality and at the same time the appearance of such a product is far ahead of the beauty of its competitors from a different type of material. Therefore, the installation of metal profile fences is in great demand among all segments of the population.

Photo of installed metal profile fence with indication of main dimensions


Installing a professional sheet fence does not cause much difficulty and, with the right approach, does not require special tools such as a welding machine or a circular saw. It is worth noting that they make such a fence using various columns, ranging from brick-lined to concrete. However, in this embodiment, we will consider how to install a corrugated fence on supports from a profile pipe.

Draft of the wall of the fence indicating the required dimensions and materials


  • First of all, you need to create a drawing of the whole structure, which will display the columns and spans with their fastening to each other.
  • The height of the profile pipe for each support is taken from the calculation of the height of the fence. However, experts recommend that it does not exceed 3200 mm.
  • In the spans, a double-sided decking will be installed for the fence, therefore the distance between the columns is laid in 2500 mm.
  • The height of the whole structure is ideally 2000 mm.

Tip! The project must be made very carefully, because it is necessary to make a purchase. It is better to immediately acquire the pipe and profile, cut to the desired size. So you can get rid of the hard work that requires a special tool.

Concreting the intake fence in the pit

Landscape and Land Works

Typically, the manufacture and installation of fences of corrugated flooring does not require leveling. With a large length it is better to slightly lift the sheets of metal, cutting off the excess from above, but if the distance to which the construction is set is no more than 20 - 30 meters, then it is worth planning this section, making a small ramp to the street.

After the construction site for the construction of the corrugated fence is prepared, they begin to dig holes with depth on 1200 mmwith a diameter of at least 200 mm. To do this, it is best to use a special auger or brace. It should be noted that the distance between the centers of the pit should be 2500 mm.

The appearance of the columns of the profile pipe in conjunction with each other

Bars and a bunch

  • A profile pipe is installed in the pit so that they remain above the ground 2000 mm of its length.
  • After that, it must be fixed with several bricks.
  • Further, the installation of the fence of metal profiles with their own hands involves filling the cavity with a solution of concrete. Then you need to wait for it to freeze.
  • Then it is necessary to connect the posts between each other with two pieces of a shaped pipe. Usually they use a welding machine, but you can also use metal corners, which will be used for fastening. However, you will need a drill and special screws. Some builders use bolts.
  • After the entire structure is assembled, the installation technology of a corrugated fence involves the processing of metal with an anti-corrosion solution followed by paint coating. It is assumed that the profile pipes have their own layer of primer.

Tip! It is best to apply several layers of dye to the metal. This is due to the fact that after the installation of profile sheets, some places will no longer be accessible, and additional protection will not harm.

Making holes in a metal profile for subsequent fixing with a self-tapping screw

Metallic profile

As you can see on the proposed photo, there are various modifications and types of this building material. They differ from each other in metal thickness, in types of profiling and in the distance between the waves. However, there are those types of this material, which are specially made for fences.

Different types of metal profile

For them use metal of a certain thickness and special texture of profiling. Therefore, in the manufacture of the fence with your own hands, you should use it to avoid problems with further installation.

Separately, it is worth noting such types of profiled sheeting, which are coated with a special coating in the form of a pattern. At the same time, the instruction on such material claims that the top layer of paint can withstand minor mechanical damage and is resistant to direct sunlight. Such properties prevent fading of the dye and make it possible to periodically wash the fence, even with the use of active agents and a coarse brush.

Special profile with shaped trim edges

Fix the profile sheets on the structure with the help of special screws. Some of their species have a special cap under the color of the coating and the design, which does not allow them to be unscrewed back. The first is made from aesthetic considerations, and the second to improve reliability and safety.

The applied drawing can hardly be distinguished from a real wall of stone.


After reviewing the attached video, we can conclude that the installation of the fence on metal posts using a profiled sheet is quite simple and does not require the use of force and special skills. However, in fact, it turns out that such installation is associated with a whole mass of labor-intensive processes, ranging from working with a shovel and ending with the drilling of holes. Therefore it is necessary to approach the device of a fence from a professional flooring responsibly and with skill.

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