Installing a fence from the netting chain net


Mesh fence

The fence from the chain-link - one of the most often found types of protections at summer residents. And for this there are good reasons. After all, its characteristics such as low price, transparency, durability make this fence the best option for the country.

In addition, this fence is not difficult to install. How to do this, as well as some interesting facts regarding the material itself, you will learn from this article.

What is a chain-link


Она представляет собой оцинкованную металлическую проволоку, состоящую из сплетенных между собой проволочных спиралей. Эту конструкцию придумал в XIX в. германский инженер Карл Rabbit. Полученное изделие было названо в его честь.

For its manufacture applies low carbon steel wire. Special machines at the factories knit it as needed and then twist it into such rolls. (see photo).


How to choose the right material

Here you need to take into account one very important pattern. The thicker the wire and the smaller the cell, the stronger the built fence will be. Also important is the percentage of zinc coating. The higher it is, the longer the product will last.

Tip! The quality of the mesh is easiest to determine by weight. The heavier the roll, the better the material itself. If it is easy, then this is a reason to think seriously. Buy this is not worth it.

Types of fences created

Sectional type

Tension type

The device of a fence from a grid of the chain-link happens two types: section and tension. The second type is more simple to manufacture. We will consider it.

Tension fence consists of the following elements:

  • Pillars - can be wooden, concrete or metal. The latter type is preferred. Metal supports are usually trimming metal pipes;
  • Rabitz - most often use its type with a size of 50x50 millimeters. It can be galvanized, painted or coated. It is better to buy galvanized. It does not have to maintain: tint, etc .;
  • Metal plugs, hooks or plates  - installation of fences from the chain-link does not do without them. After all, they are needed for a more dense mesh mounting;
  • Lags from a narrow metal profile or wire rolled wire about 6 mm thick. - You can use another thick wire, the main thing is that it is suitable for strength;
  • Concrete  - if you are going to concrete poles;
  • Welding machine - its presence is not necessary, but with its help it is easier to assemble the fence.

How to make a fence from the netting chain-link on your own? Read about it below.

Preparatory stage of work

Before installation of a fence from the chain-link will be begun, it is necessary to define precisely how many meters of a grid are required to us. This will avoid unnecessary expenses.

Installing a netting fence will also require the purchase of pillars. Their length is usually 2.5m. They are usually installed at a distance of 2.5 m. from each other.

Next you will need to buy metal lags or wire rod. If you buy a wire, you will need more plates for fixing the grid. The recommended size is 140x40 millimeters. The metal should be 4 mm thick.

Tip! Before installation we recommend to paint the pillars and logs with special paint on metal (primer-enamel 3 in 1). This is easier to do before installation. And besides, such a measure will protect the metal surface from rust.

Installation of fencing

Now let's talk directly about how to install a fence from a chain-link mesh. Installation of such fencing does not require the availability of professional skills or a high level of construction skills.

The installation process consists of the following items:

  1. installation of pillars;
  2. assembly lag;
  3. mesh fixing.

Pillar installation

First, you need to install poles along the entire perimeter of the land plot at a distance of 2.5 m. Installing the fence with your hands begins with extreme supports.

To do this, we take sections of metal pipes or metal profiles 2.5 meters long. We dig in the necessary places of the land plot of a hole with a depth of 0.5 meters and insert columns into them.

At the same time, we make sure that they stand strictly vertically, otherwise they will warp over time. The correctness of the position is checked using the level (read also about the features of mounting the fence from the cinder block).

Check the correct position of the post

Putting supports in the pits, we hammer them in 0.5 meters into the ground. The remaining distance to the borders of the pit we fall asleep with rubble and we tamp. If desired, you can and concreted.

Pulling the cord between the extreme supports, install other pillars. Their height is checked using a hydro level.

Mounting lag

Our instruction on the installation of fencing following its point sets the installation log. For this, we drill holes in pillars and logs.

Lag mounting methods

Then we fix our metal profiles with bolts and nuts. If you have a welding machine, you can simply weld them to the supports. When installing do not forget to check the horizontal with the help of construction level.

Mesh mount

The final stage, which ends the installation of fences from the mesh netting, is mounting the net. First of all, we unpack and gently unwind a roll of about one meter.


The free end is leaned against the first pole and fixed with aluminum wire. Steel can also be used, but it will be more difficult. In work we use passatizhi or nippers.

We continue to unwind the roll further. In this case, the assistant keeps the roll, and in the meantime, you fasten the chain-link with wire to the upper lag. You can skip the aluminum rod from above, as in the following photo:

Then we fix the bottom. We use wire or special brackets. You can also use plastic clips, which are usually used to secure electrical wires.

The most important thing in the process of fastening is to make the chain-link firmly hold and at the same time be well stretched. Do not forget to check it at work.

If something remains incomprehensible to you, we recommend to watch the corresponding video on this page. This will help you avoid possible mistakes when installing the fence. After all, only a properly installed fence will be able to serve you for many years (also learn about the advantages of a chess fence).

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