How to make a fence out of corrugated board: instructions

Remember how the words of the old song sound: “that we should build a house, just dig a pit ...”. Similarly, any capital construction can be described. For the construction of a house, a barn and even a serious fence, a foundation is needed, a support on which the whole structure will stand not for ten or twenty, but for much more years. And it does not matter how light the material itself. How to make a fence from corrugated flooring with your own hands, we answer - with the foundation.

In this case, you can say that you are building a capital structure. Decking - a modern and multifunctional material, it has found application in the construction of many architectural forms and structures, but all in its own turn.

The fence of corrugated board is very presentable.

Why exactly professional sheet

And in the form of no restrictions.

And really, why? After all, for the construction of fences there is full of materials that are relatively inexpensive and easy to assemble and the resulting structures can be rightly considered original. Everything is clear with profiling, he gathered in himself qualities that are so necessary for protection from environmental influences, and also embodied the eternal dream of all the lazy, sorry, economical owners who want to save on painting.


  • The material has a ready-made and fairly rich color gamut., there is plenty to choose from;
  • Professional sheet is absolutely calm to precipitation.It is not susceptible to corrosion, like metal, does not blister like a painted tree in the sun and does not fade when exposed to ultraviolet rays. All this is possible due to the layered structure of the sheet itself using polymeric materials;
  • Making a fence out of corrugated DIY is pretty easy, for this, the usual set of tools and metal cutting skills are sufficient;
  • Material can easily fit into any opening., its thickness from 0.4 to 0.8 mm makes it possible to process it not only with a grinder, but also with scissors for metal. At the same time, the sheet itself is cut easily and effortlessly, which allows you to safely stick to the intended cutting line;
  • Due to its low weight from just over 4 kg to just over 8 kg per linear meter, the sheet can be attached by one person., maximum two people. The assembly of this design is done by hand, with minimal time.

With such a fence, the chances of the owners are equalized.

Note! The calculations presented in this chapter just concern the given parameters of the sheet, thickness of 0.4 and 0.8 mm and weight from 4 to 8 kg, with a small addition. This was done intentionally, as the most popular and purchased products were taken into account. Of course, there are sheets with a thickness of 1 mm, weighing more than 17 kg, but they are intended more for the construction of hangars, storages and storage rooms, and are not considered at the household level. And the price of such professional sheets will be higher, because buildings from such material fall under the definition for commercial use.

The foundation will start your structure

The option, however, is not the best.

The name in the style of the ode, however, eloquently suggests that we are aimed at capital construction. The solution of the problem of how to make a fence of corrugated board, let's start with the foundation.

And to fix the supports, you need to choose from two options:

  • Point foundation for the fence, the most economical and easiest;
  • Tape analog. There are much more options here, and they will be considered separately.

For now we will consider how to make fences from a professional flooring at economy of forces and means.

In this case, the following events are being held consistently:

  • On the ground we carry out the marking of the future fence, for this you need to stock up on two pegs and a rope;
  • From the angle of the planned fence in increments of 2.5 to 3 meters, we dig holes up to one third the depth of the buried support. It should be noted that the height of the sheet can be from 1.5 m to 2 m, respectively, the length of the support pipe from 2.25 to 3 meters;

Tip! For fence supports, it is better to choose square shaped pipes 60x60 mm, it is easier to weld lags for them, and by and large, the same shaped pipes, only 40x20 mm in diameter, to which the sheets will be fixed directly.

  • Then we dig the holes directly, for which you will need either a shovel or a drill, which is a more suitable tool in digging holes;
  • Then we expose the pillars and burst them with stones and bricks, adhering to the level;
  • The exposed columns are filled with a mixture of water, sand, cement and gravel.

The pillars are ready, but they have to warn you against solving the problem, when you have to fully understand the meaning of the proverb, the miser pays twice.

The fact is that the profiled sheet is a very dense and light material, it has excellent windage, and the nested method of pouring the foundation has one, but very significant drawback - insufficient reliability. When the wind strengthens, especially in the off-season, such supports with a significant sheet winding can simply be turned out; Therefore, we offer you another way.

Mean tape

Filling the foundation with a monolith has its advantages.

So yes, how to make a fence of corrugated board - on a strip foundation. Here we will answer the questions whether it is possible and how to make a fence from corrugated flooring itself on a strip foundation. Let's start with useful information.

It is important to know! There are such places, especially in the floodplains of rivers, lakes and other bodies of water, which are submerged in the spring, in addition there are places of very close location of groundwater. All these factors are direct enemies of the strip foundation and, in general, of the structures on the foundation. In this case, you have to make a decision about the feasibility of construction in general in this area.

In all other cases we do the following:

  • According to the principle described earlier, we mark the perimeter of the future fence, and we dig a moat 40 cm deep and not less than 20 cm wide by this marking. bayonet - the depth of the pit;
  • Then, for each fence post, with the step already announced, the wells are dug out another 40 cm of depth, after which the metal posts are driven into the ground by 20 cm;
  • Further, hammered in this way, the support columns are interconnected by reinforcement along the entire length of the pit. In this case, you will need a welding machine. Of course, you can tie up the reinforcement and soft metal wire, it does not require a welding machine, or skills to work with it;
  • Next, a reinforcement system is formed, where, apart from the reinforcement, old scrapings of pipes, angles and other metal products that are more suitable for scrap metal can be involved;
  • After the formation of the system, formwork is set up, which is represented by two rows of planks (you can even not cut), for reliability connected by cross-sticks like in the photo;

Formwork is required, the level of the foundation must be raised.

  • Now pour the solution into the prepared strip, distribute it evenly and wait until it is settled.

Note! During the construction of complex structures, metal posts can be lined with brick, for this purpose the foundation of 20 cm wide is not enough. These little things need to think through and count in advance.

And build

And the assembly will make one.

And now you can cover the answer to the question of how to make a fence out of corrugated flooring itself, or rather how to assemble it.

This stage is identical for different types of poured foundations:

  • It is necessary to weld the upper and lower lags to the supports, for fixing the sheets, the distance from the edges of the sheet to the lag is about 20 cm from the bottom and 10-15 cm from the top;
  • Next, we establish a sheet directly, so that at least one self-tapping screw roofing with a hat of the corresponding color is necessary for fastening one sheet;

Tip! When assembling the structure, the sheets of metal profiles overlap and are fixed by the same roofing screws. Masters advise not to save screws when fastening, the design should be rigidly attached.

Roofing screws already with a drill.

  • After assembling the whole structure, the top of the sheets is closed with an end plate. It can also be used for edging sheets when approaching brick columns.


You have already understood how to make a fence from the profile, the details that you can visualize you will see in the traditional video material.

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