How to make a fence from the netting chain-link on their own


Fence options from a grid the chain-link

The chain-link is a good option for arranging the fence, moreover in a short time and without using any special tools. The end result will not disappoint the owner of the site, since such a fence is simple, practical, and fairly reliable. In specialized stores, the net is offered to consumers in rolls, which are not difficult to deliver to the work site.

How to make and where demand?

Undoubtedly, before any summer resident and owner of a private residence, the question arose: how to make a fence from the chain-link with your own hands? This material is in demand in each subsidiary farm.

Photo of the fence of the grid on the site

Such fences are most appropriate to arrange in the suburban areas, the grid can be fenced ponds, poultry houses, pens for livestock and other small areas that require the presence of fencing.

For example, if a plot with plantings is fenced, then a fence from a chain-link grid will not become an obstacle for light to reach the plants (also read about the main points of building a fence from a cinder block).

Fable of the bird

Tip: In order to extend the life of the grid, try to get its galvanized version.

Types of rabbits fence

Fence of such a grid can be of 2 types:

  • Tension;
  • Section.

Tension fence

The device of the first variant does not present any difficulty, since complex tools are not needed here or welding work is not required, the possibility of using wooden supports (pipes) is not excluded.

Enough to dig into the ground pipe, and what they will be, round or square does not matter.

Section fence

In this case, the situation is different, since the grid is supposed to be installed in metal frames, after which sectional installation of the fence is performed.

If you need to build a fence in a short time, then use the first option.

Installation of a tension fence

To begin with, we will tell you what steps need to be taken to construct a tension fence from the netting of the chain-link.

Materials for work

  • At the initial stage it is necessary to determine the amount of material that will be required for the work;
  • It is necessary to measure the perimeter of the enclosed area, and for this purpose it is necessary to install four corner posts and pass a cord through them, the length of which will provide the necessary data.

Tension fence device

Knowing the required number of the grid, it is easier to calculate how to make a fence from the chain-link grid, how many support columns and other auxiliary materials are needed, such as:

  • Wood or metal poles;
  • Fastening materials (cable, strong wire);
  • The net itself is a chain-link.

In the construction market, such a grid is presented in several varieties.

It is distinguished by its cell shape and size. But, if the first parameter does not play a special role, then in the second case, the large size of the cells will not work, for example, in the case when the yard enclosing the poultry is enclosed. Since the chicks will be able to crawl through such mesh.

The height of the future fence from the grid of the chain-link is equal to the width of the roll.

Install the columns

As already mentioned, the posts can be wooden or metal, the second material is more durable to use due to its high strength.

But the wooden posts are also quite good material, because the netting of the chain-link does not differ in windage, only one end of the wooden post (which will be dug into the ground) will need to be pre-treated with special mastic, which has waterproofing properties.

If, however, steel bars are used, then it does not matter whether they are round or square (also learn about the advantages of a chess fence).

Drilling of holes for the posts

A brief instruction will allow to describe all the steps:

  • To make the grooves for the installation of columns, it is optimal to use a special drill, which can be both mechanical and gasoline.
  • The height of the pillar depends on the width of the netting roll of the chain-link, that is, if this parameter is 2 m, then the pillar must be at least 2.95 m.
  • It is necessary to install the pillars at a distance of no more than 2.5 m, with the depth of their dropping into the soil from 70 cm to 1 m, so that the submerged part is 10-15 cm below its freezing point.
  • As soon as the pits are prepared, their bottom should be covered with small stones and rubble to prevent subsidence of the pillars.

Installation of columns

Tip: If we are talking about metal pillars, then concreting is also permissible. For these purposes, you can prepare a mixture of concrete yourself. The standard version requires the combination of ingredients such as cement, sand, crushed stone, taken in a ratio of 1: 3: 5, or use the ready-made brand name mixture No. 150.

If concreting is carried out, then it takes time for the mixture to dry out - it takes 2-3 days.

Installation of a grid the chain-link

After the posts have taken their place, you can safely proceed to the installation of the chain-link mesh.

If it is intended to be fastened to wooden posts, then in this case nails or special brackets are used.

And to the pillars of metal mesh is fixed with hooks, wire and welding.

It is necessary to tighten the chain-link so that it does not sag afterwards, that is, as tight as possible.

All the details, if desired, can be viewed on the video.

Tip: Net tension should be started from any corner pillar. To prevent it from sagging, you can skip solid wire or reinforcement through the upper meshes of the mesh and fasten them over the pillars.

Sectional fence

In this case, practically the same materials are required as for the first option. You need to add corners for the manufacture of sections of the fence and equipment such as a welding machine. In this connection, both the complexity of the installation work and the total cost of the fence increase.

Sectional fence design

Manufacturing technology

  • A frame is welded from the steel corner;
  • Inside the frame, the mesh is tightened and secured;
  • The prepared sections are attached to metal pillars, since there is no talk of wooden versions here, which requires welding.

The section fence from a grid of the chain-link in the parameters is more strong, reliable and durable in comparison with tension.

General provisions and recommendations

In order to eliminate the possibility of water and excessive moisture getting inside the pillars, they are recommended to be closed from above with special plugs. This can be done using self-made elements, or use industrial designs that, in addition to protection, also play a decorative role.

If a chain-link with a corrosion-resistant coating is chosen for the fence, then its service life can reach 20 years. A regular net without a protective coating can become unusable after five years, but this is one of the ways to save money if you need to perform a temporary fence.


The grid the chain-link as a fence allows to fence quickly and reliably a site with the minimum expenses of means and time. The price of such a fence is small, it protects the site well from foreign penetration, perfectly transmits light without limiting the view, and is excellent for enclosing adjacent borders between neighbors.

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