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To date, the construction of fences of corrugated board is the best ratio in price and quality. Inexpensive and high-quality material is becoming increasingly popular for the construction of the fence. The professional leaf is a galvanized sheet of metal with a polymer coating, which was given a certain wave height to impart rigidity.

The thickness of the profiled sheet is also important. For the construction of fences used professional sheet from 0.45 mm. There is a simple rule: the thicker the leaf, the higher its price, but the stronger the fence.

The profile sheet itself can be of different types: for the construction of fences use a profiled sheet with a profile C8, C10 and C20. The number in the name of the professional sheet means the height of its profile in millimeters. The higher the profile, the greater the stiffness of the sheet.

In practice, the majority of fences are built from a professional type C8 sheet. The fence from a professional leaf belongs to continuous type of fences. Fencing such a plan fits perfectly into any landscape design.

Characteristics and material

Available in three types of professional sheet:

  • Galvanized;
  • Aluminum sheet of chromium-nickel steel;
  • With double sided coating.

What decking is better for a fence? Let's look at each option on the suitability of the building, and decide which is better to build.

The first version of the galvanized sheet has weak anti-corrosion characteristics, as it does not have a protective coating. In the second example is too expensive for the price, the third does not have these disadvantages, and is suitable for the construction of the fence.

The advantages of this material include:

  • Long service life (the manufacturer gives a guarantee of 20 years for its products);
  • Relatively low price;
  • The color palette, which gives the consumer a great choice when buying a material;
  • Easy installation during work;
  • Resistance to fading from sunlight and weathering.

Here is how it looks at the individual processing sites:

As you can see, the sheet goes through several processing steps before it goes on sale.

Installation and installation

So, you have decided on the height of the professional sheet for your fence, now the question arises: “How to build a fence from corrugated flooring?” If you do not have time and desire, then entrust the work to contractors, if you build it yourself, this article will help you. Installing a fence from a profiled sheet requires certain knowledge, without which construction will give you frustration from the work done.

We will try to explain in detail how this is done, in other words, this is the installation manual. So how is the installation of fences from the professional sheet? First you need to measure the entire perimeter of the site or the distance where your fence will stand. It is better to do it yourself, without relying on the documents obtained in the cadastral service, because there are errors in the papers.

Calculate as needed:

  • Professional sheet for the fence;
  • Pipe racks 60 × 60;
  • Also consider how much 40 × 20 pipe horizontal lags will be required;
  • Also note that when installing the sheets are attached with overlapping on one another on the same wave, somewhere from 3 to 10 cm;
  • Think over where you will have the gate and the gate with the material on them.

If you do not have pillars, then install them first. To install a fence from a professional sheet will require certain skills. For the construction of fences use two types, they are tape and local foundations. If you want to make a fence from the strip foundation, and then build brick pillars - everything is in your hands. But, this will lead to higher construction costs.

We will consider the option of local installation of columns by pouring each one separately.

  • To do this, we dig or drill holes under them, with a depth of 1.20 cm (more depth of soil freezing), to avoid the negative impact on them of frozen soil in winter;
  • Then we put the extreme pillars around the perimeter, the vertical is adjusted by level;
  • Fill them with concrete with ramming and let them harden;
  • Then we stretch two threads, from one pillar to another, one along the top, and the second one 15-20 cm from the ground.

It is necessary to set the rest in the same plane. Simply put, pipes must be level with respect to the extreme posts. Here's what it looks like in the photo:

all racks are exposed in the same plane with the help of laces, the vertical is also corrected by level.

The pipes are placed at a distance of two and a half three meters, then horizontal logs are welded to the posts. This will give the structure greater rigidity.

Tip! If your fence is above two meters, you need to put three lags for structural rigidity.

Before attaching the sheets, we treat all metal parts with primer or paint and let them dry. You can handle before you put the pillars in the wells. As shown in the picture:

now the fence posts are protected from the effects of precipitation.

Do not rush to immediately screw the professional sheet, for a start, simply attach the sheets to the lags, as shown in the photo:

This is how it looks in practice.

Decide how they will go, how many waves overlap will be attached. Do not have to cut, because the distance between the racks is not always a multiple of the sheets.

Tip! Do the work with gloves so as not to cut yourself, since the edges of the sheets are sharp enough. It is better to work together this will facilitate the process.

It is best to begin to attach the professional sheet from the far corner of the site, covering each next sheet in front of it. With this method of mounting the joints of the sheets will be less noticeable to the outsider. When screwing, make sure that they are fastened vertically. To do this, use the building level.

Calculate, through how many waves of a professional sheet, you will twist the screws, taking into account that at least one meter of log should have at least four screws, and at least eight pieces on a sheet.

Themselves as self-tapping screws for fixing the fence from a professional sheet with their own hands should be roofing, with a drill length of 19 mm and a hex head. If you install a fence from a colored professional sheet, then self-tapping screws painted in leaf color look best. As it shown on the picture:

As you can see, the color scale is large, there is plenty to choose from.

For screwing the screws into the metal of the profiled sheet and crossbars, it is recommended to use a powerful screwdriver with an attachment for hexagon heads of the screws. The figure shows these nozzles:

better to buy two nozzles at once in reserve.

Instead of conclusion

In this article we tried to describe in detail the steps of installing a fence. We will be very happy if you could learn something interesting and useful. Let the fence, which will be built with your own hands, will last for many years and will constantly delight you and your neighbors. If someone has any questions, you can watch a video on this topic. We wish you success in the country building, see you soon.

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