Forged gates and gates - respectability of a country site

A massive beautiful door to an apartment or gate on the site can often say a lot about those who live here. They can be called a business card that warns visitors in advance about the preferences of the owners. The sketches of forged gates, gates and fences, which are an indispensable attribute of respectability, always evoke special delight.

Forged fence and gate - a solid look

Blacksmithing is well known from ancient times and real masters are still valued, despite technological innovations. The work is hard and painstaking, requiring knowledge and special skills. The price of finished products can reach hundreds of thousands of rubles, so many do not decide on their order.

Forging methods

At the same time, there is a real opportunity to create a unique masterpiece with your own hands (see also the article How to make a gate: simple solutions to the problem). Most likely, from the first time you will not succeed in that form, as you intended, but "not the gods burned the pots" and there will be a holiday in your street.

You will be able to proudly show everyone your product, which will distinguish your suburban area from others. And by adding a sectional garage door with a gate in the yard, you can claim to be the most interesting house in the village.

There are two main methods of forging - cold and hot. Each of them is interesting in its own way and has its own characteristics. Having looked below the video in this article, you can be sure that the artistic forging of the gate is a laborious process, but it is worthwhile to do it.

Cold forging

Do you want your gate and wrought iron gate to stand out from the rest? Want to demonstrate your skill and perseverance? Working with metal is one of those occupations that has long been considered one of the most noble ones.

Cold forging

Blacksmithing can be your hobby or even your main profession. Until now, such craftsmen are valued "worth its weight in gold," since they can make a real work of art out of an ordinary piece of metal.

You do not dare to start, because there are not enough tools and knowledge? Then remember that the main working equipment of the blacksmith was a hammer and a flaming horn.

Today to acquire the necessary tools is not difficult. But do not rush, because creating on your site forged fences and gates using the method of cold forging, you will need a minimum set.


  1. Cutting machine (angle grinder) with a circle for cutting metal ("Bulgarian");
  2. A welding inverter or a conventional electric arc welding machine with a mask for eye protection;
  3. Device for twisting metal blanks in the transverse and longitudinal plane;

Artistic forging tool

  1. Vice;
  1. Small tool.

It is advisable that you have the skills of welding. But, if there is no experience, in the process of work you yourself will learn how to do ordinary tacks, since you will not have to do complicated and responsible seams. You can master cold forging yourself.

Art forging of gate and gates

Before starting the main process, it is worthwhile to understand how the above tools and fixtures will participate in it.

For example:

  • LBM allows you to make even sections of metal, which is almost impossible to achieve by welding. It will also be used to work on grinding of welds, as well as cleaning the metal before painting (replacing the circle with a metal brush).
  • The welding inverter will work as a “glue”, which will allow to put the construction together. There will be a lot of seams, so it is better to practice before working with it.

It is possible that you will not immediately understand how the metal will mix with each other in the process, then it will not be superfluous to take a few lessons from the masters or see detailed photos of this process.

Wrought iron gate

Your gate with forging elements will look better if you add various spiral details to it. In this case, one cannot do without the transverse and longitudinal twisting of metal strips and rods. You do not have to buy a brand item, you can use handicrafts, do it yourself or ask for a rental.


Despite the advantages of cold forging, it has significant limitations. For example, you can not make intricate patterns, flowers and shapes (see also the article Beautiful patterns on the fences). It is available only during hot forging and only blacksmiths.

But, do not be upset, because, for example, forged handles for the gate can be purchased at special outlets and then you can weld them yourself to the right place on the gate or gate. If you do not do forging all the time, the difference in the cost of the hearth and its heating between finished products will be insignificant.

Instructions suitable for gates and wickets:

  1. Make sketches. Apply anything you like on it. If fantasy is not enough, use the tips by watching the video in this article;
  2. Mount the frame. Use a shaped metal pipe with a cross section of 30 x 30 mm. LBM cut the required length. Lay the pipe on a flat surface and grip the frame with electric welding. Measure the corners with a building square;
  3. Decorate the gate and gate with wrought iron elements. Weld them to the frame by electric welding. Try to make seams from the back side. Install the latest purchase details;
  4. Strip the seams and irregularities of the grinder. Brush off rust;
  5. Coat the gate and gate with a primer. After drying, paint the metallic elements with paint in two layers;
  6. Reinstall the products.

Forged gates and wicket

Hot forging

Unlike the previous method, here in addition are used:

  • blacksmith, better gas;
  • eccentric for rolling out the ends of elements;
  • crimper to hide welding seams and give the product a beautiful look;
  • Volumetric to create the same curls.

The last two can be used in the previous method. The advantage of hot forging is obvious - you can make virtually any forged items with sufficient craftsmanship.

Note! I would like to say a few words about painting gates and gates. You should not save on this process, otherwise they will constantly find you a job.

Cleaning of the metal should be carried out carefully, and before applying the primer, remove all dust and degrease the surfaces.

Paint should be bought only by a well-known manufacturer in order to be sure of it. To make the product plaque antiquity, you can cover it with a patina.


From the foregoing, it is possible to make an unequivocal conclusion that the forged gate with its own hands is not a myth, but a very real action (See also the article Forged gates and wickets: samples and doing it yourself) Approach the process responsibly and prepare the necessary tools and materials in advance.

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